Robyn Welch May 7/15 with Robyn Welch May 7/15

Robyn Welch May 7/15 - Robyn Welch May 7/15

May 7/15

1ST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH 5PM PST / 8PM EST: Conversations With The Body with Robyn Elizabeth Welch - Robyn Welch is a diagnostic medical intuitive with the rare ability to see inside the human body and diagnose from its energy field, restoring her client’s health and wellbeing. Her extraordinary insight and access to the quantum field enables her to actually communicate with individual body parts, understand their response and direct the body to participate in its own healing process. Robyn first became aware of her energy healing ability in 1979, when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumour. For four days she concentrated white light as a directed ray to the affected area. When admitted to hospital, tests showed it had disappeared. Robyn’s website >  

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