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Santego Gifts - Santego Gifts with Constance on NFTS July-3-2018 TODAY: The 1st gift from Spirit… Wisdom

July 3, 2018
with Constance Santego

10am pacific:

TODAY:  The 1st gift from Spirit… Wisdom

Santego Gifts on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 10am PST beginning June 5 th , 2018. Constance Santego is a Canadian Author, Intuitive, Holistic & Life Coach / Instructor and a Grand Reiki Master. Connie has practiced holistic healing since 1986 and has taught Educational, Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational workshops since 1999, she has published many self-help books : Intuitive Life, Fairy tales, Dreams and Reality, Your Persona Series, Angelic Lifestyles and the Secrets of a Healer Series. Her passion is teaching self-empowerment through the many ways to improve oneself; Emotional, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Constance Santego inspires you with many of her step-by-step workshops, books and seminars, taking you on a journey to manifest your Dreams, Wishes and Desires and turning them into Reality.  
A Message from Constance: I would love to find a book store that would love to carry my book ‘ Secrets Of A Healer – Magic of the Gifts’. I will mail out ten copies for free to give to their clients and my wish is to have a place for my books to sell out of that I can refer to my listening audience to go to and purchase their copy. Thank you, Constance

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