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Soul Biz Startup - Soul Biz Start Up With Janis Underwood ON NFTS January 21/16

January 21/16
with Janis Underwood

Soul Biz Start Up With Janis Underwood ON NFTS ALTERNATE THURSDAYS AT NOON PST / 3PM EST BEGINNING JANUARY 21/16! – Janis Underwood has always had a passion for systems, business, and helping people succeed. Her background in engineering has blended nicely with various modalities including NLP, Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis. After 20 years of owning and coaching technical organizations and small businesses on productivity and profitability, she’s learned what works and what doesn’t work for holistic, healing and spiritual arts practitioners. When she moved from a technical career to holistic based business she struggled to find a system to help her own healing-based practices flourish. After seeing the business struggles of her clients, she was more determined than ever to create a program specifically made for holistic practitioners, especially, soul startups, businesses that feature spiritual, or “soul-based” work.  

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