Sparkles of Love with Ana-La-Rai

Sparkles of Love - Sparkles of Love with Ana-La-Rai = September 7/23

September 7 2023
with Ana La Rai

2pm pacific:

Sparkles of Love with Ana-La-Rai on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 2pm pacific

  I am Universal, direct-Source channel, Ana-La-Rai. I’ll be your divine guide to the other side and host for this hour together.  Sparkles of Love is an energetic platform bringing new information and ground-breaking programs for conscious Early-adopters and Love-based leaders dedicated to shifting the consciousness of humanity. Our unprecedented energetic advancements activate your highest states of being and pure Source connections for your greatest potentials.  I am  a Universal Channel, Divine Planetary Liaison, Energy Worker, and your guide to the newest opportunities to advance your Awakening.

It is only through the highest vibrations of Love, Pure Source Light, Integrity, Clarity, and Group Consciousness that I work in co-creation with my clients, the Guides, and Source.  Enrich your life by deepening your connection to Self. Experience more of your divinity and align to your unlimited potential with the newest energies, processes, and activations available now!   SEE PROFILE >>

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