Empath’s Wellness Hour with Empath’s Wellness Hour

Empath’s Wellness Hour - The Empath’s Wellness Hour June 11/15

June 11/15
with Heidi Jane

Heidi on News for the Soul RadioThe Empath’s Wellness Hour – Thursdays at 4PM PST / 7PM EST – Heidi Jane (nee Hanley) BASED IN AUSTRALIA – AN NFTS GLOBAL LUMINARY SINCE OCTOBER 2013  – Intuitive Dynamix™Creator, Practitioner, Teacher and Director – Heidi’s Vision is built on the foundation of Facilitating Transformation One Heart at a Time, reflective of the way HV Director Heidi Jane leads with her heart centered intuition and compassion for humanity. Heidi’s passion is to help clients and students through coaching, training and mentorship, to achieve their personal and professional goals, no matter how high they have their sights set. She teaches how to master your own intuition, giving you the power to make successful, congruent and authentic choices. She also helps Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to live exceptional lives, free from overwhelm and anxiety.

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