The Great Pursuit of Life with The Great Pursuit of Life

The Great Pursuit of Life - “The Great Pursuit of Life” with Scott Moore – Jorge Luis Delgado, Peruvian Shaman Bridge …

August 21, 2018
with Scott Moore

4pm pacific:

TODAY:  Scott interviews Jorge Luis Delgado, Peruvian Shaman Bridge …

“The Great Pursuit of Life” with Scott Moore on Tuesdays at 4pm pacific time starting August 14, 2018 … He has lived a life full of heavy experiences. One parent of mental illness and the other of addiction. Yet, both doing what they could with what they knew how to do. They both did just perfect, at that! He learned to escape reality at a very young age. Living in and out of homeless shelters and having attended 5 different elementary schools and 2 high schools, he was gifted with many different perspectives on life. Not understanding the different perspectives and how to incorporate them into his life at the time, he joined the US Navy to find out who he was. After 4.5 years of service, the understanding of self was developed around a band of brothers from all walks of life. When his end of service time came, the community that was built, sense of self understood, and stability with clear focus of goals vanished in one day. He turned to drugs and other high adrenaline activities to numb loss and escape reality, yet again. This is where the story stops. The story is created so there is a sense of validation in the victim we feel, AND subconsciously embrace. Stories are unique to the experiences, but the role we seek to validate. Through many different perspectives, and a lot of self work that is not done, my healing as manifested through many opportunities to help others with my words, perspectives, understandings, and evolving my traumatic experiences into medicine for the world.

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