Mountain Medium with Jaime Breeze

Mountain Medium - The Mountain Medium – Jaime Breeze – Sept. 6/23

September 7, 2023
with Jaimie Breeze

2pm pacific

The Mountain Medium (for people & pets in this life & the next…) on the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 2pm PST starting June 7, 2023.


Jaime Breeze

‘Energy speaks louder than words’


Born with an inner sense of ‘knowing’, Jaime was aware of the Spirit World from a very young age. At 3 years old, she began speaking openly about her past lives and about ‘others’ around her that nobody else could see. By the age of 16, Jaime had begun working with Spiritual Healers that taught her how to develop her natural gifts, harness her insights, and learn different healing modalities. Over the years, Jaime’s fascination with Heaven, reincarnation, and with those who have crossed over, along with her training, has allowed her skills to flourish.  READ FULL PROFILE HERE >>

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