The Not Too Late Show with Miché Meizner

The Not Too Late Show - The Not Too Late Show with Miché Meizner – TODAYS GUEST:  Veronica Torres

December 2, 2020
with Miché Meizner

1pm pacific:


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Introducing Miché.

TODAY:  What if the talents that come easily are exactly the gifts you are here to share?

TODAYS GUEST:  Veronica Torres 

Veronica Torres is my guest today.  She is a longtime channel of Eloheim and the Council and a lifetime entrepreneur. In this episode we talk about the skills and genius that each of us possess. How to recognize it, value it and turn it into a profitable online course.
Veronica Torres has created the Everyday Expertise Program. It is a step by step course that will help you figure out what to and then hold your hand (figuratively speaking) as you set up your page, upload your course, everything you need to get an evergreen class up and running. And it's on sale now. I've taken the course and loved it and this is my affiliate link to the program.
Miché Meizner is an Inspirational Humorist, an Alchemical Wizard and a Healer’s Healer. She has been bringing light to the planet through multiple healing modalities, her own signature energy work and coaching designed to activate the expression of one’s True Self. At the tender age of 5, this “old soul” knew she was here on a mission to save the world.  She got the message but no instruction booklet.  Ultimately, she discovered that the way to make the most impact in the world starts with self-love and self-acceptance.  Gifted with psychic abilities, sharp insight, loving nature, and lots of study, Miché figures she’s earned a masters degree in Wisdom & Woo.   Her purpose ultimately is to help you uncover your purpose and step into your genius.

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