The Not Too Late Show with Miché Meizner

The Not Too Late Show - The Not Too Late Show with Miché Sept 15/21 – Sound Healer Lucinda Curran

September 15, 2021
with Miché Meizner

1pm pacific:


The Not Too Late Show with Miché Meizner Wednesdays at 1pm Pacific

May be an image of 2 people, including Miche Meizner and text that says 'The Not Too Late! Show On News For the Soul Radio your host, Miché Meizner Grab your headphones! Lucinda does a Sound Bath just for us in this episode Sound Healing for thriving through the stress of change Wednesday, September 15 Listen live each Wednesday 1pm PST use link Lucinda Curran Sound Healing Pracitioner'
Bring headphones or earbuds if you can.
Lucinda Curran did a wonderful, live soundbath for us. It slowed me down and quieted my mind almost immediately (even without headphones) you can hear that clearly as I talk. Experience it for yourself and let us know what changes for you.

Featuring the latest wisdom and woo…

Introducing Miché.

Miché Meizner is an Inspirational Humorist, an Alchemical Wizard and a Healer’s Healer. She has been bringing light to the planet through multiple healing modalities, her own signature energy work and coaching designed to activate the expression of one’s True Self. At the tender age of 5, this “old soul” knew she was here on a mission to save the world.  She got the message but no instruction booklet.  Ultimately, she discovered that the way to make the most impact in the world starts with self-love and self-acceptance.  Gifted with psychic abilities, sharp insight, loving nature, and lots of study, Miché figures she’s earned a masters degree in Wisdom & Woo.   Her purpose ultimately is to help you uncover your purpose and step into your genius.   SEE PROFILE  >

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