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The Psychic Medium - The Psychic Medium with Tracy Edwards On NFTS on june-8-2018 Today: All About Spirit Energy..

June 8, 2018
with Tracy Edwards

11am pst:


Today:  All About Spirit Energy...

The Psychic Medium with Tracy Edwards On NFTS on the 2nd Friday of the Month at 11AM PST beginning Friday April 13th, 2018 – Ever since Tracy Edwards around 5 years old she remembers feeling other people’s emotions and intuitively understanding things. Always felt “slightly different from the social norm”, she had psychic experiences and was affected by other people’s energy. “Whenever I walked into a room I knew who liked my energy who didn’t even though I knew no one in the room.” Tracy went on to train with teachers including Glyn Edwards & Eileen Davies and now demonstrates Mediumship to centres and churches throughout the UK and loves her work. “We have no limits; only the limits we create for ourselves and that which society governs us by.” Tracy now offers training and development in all levels of Mediumship, Trance and Psychic Development. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher/Trainer of Spiritual Healing and a Member of the Guild of Energist’s and an energy in Motion Master Practitioner.

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