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The Spirit Doctor - The Spirit Doctor Dr Daniel Houtman – Nov 19/15

Nov 19/15
with Dr Daniel Houtman

Alternate Thursdays at 3PM PST - The Spirit Doctor Dr Daniel Houtman - BASED IN AUSTRALIA - AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE FEBRUARY 2015  – Known national and internationally as ‘the Spirit Doctor’, Daniel is a Healer with unusual and beautiful gifts. Dr Houtman has worked and studied with Native American healers, traditional healers in Africa, Taoist and Buddhist Qi Gong Masters in China, Baliyans in Indonesia, Buddhist priests and Tenrikyo priests in Japan and Indigenous Australian healers (Nungkaris). He coupled his spiritual learnings with academic learnings, has a Masters degree in Counselling and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and specializes in Qi Gong, a 5000 year old method of preventative techniques for health and healing.

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