Transformational Healing with Jania Aebi

Transformational Healing - Transformational Healing with Jania Aebi on NFTS-March1-2017

Feb 28, 2017
with Jania Aebi

Transformational Healing with Jania Aebi on Alternate Wednesdays at 10AM Pacific Time on News for the Soul  – BASED IN SWITZERLAND – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE NOVEMBER 2016 – Jania is known as a very powerful and intuitive energy healing practitioner. She is gifted at helping people to better handle their lives and to get a deeper understanding of their connection with spirit. Her experience is based on decades of study of many true teachings of the world as well as her own search and practice of ancient wisdom, mystical traditions and quantum physics. As a Certified Emotion Code, Quantum Healing & Quick Pulse Practitioner, Jania is now dedicated to assist her clients in solving problems through emotional healing, so they can live a more abundant, healthy, fulfilled and happy life.   TODAY:   “Whatever your challenges, look under the surface”, which is looking at the reasons for our challenges.  And how to deal with a situation when it seems you have no power to change anything.  How even physical conditions can be transformed by our compassion and acknowledgement.  How important it is to find the real meaning of a problem, and surrender the outcome to the wisdom of divinity.  

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