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Transforming Relationships - Transforming Relationships with Prem Glidden – NFTS Feb2-18. TODAY: “The Miracle of Forgiveness.”

February 2, 2018
with Prem Glidden

noon pacific:

TODAY: “The Miracle of Forgiveness.”

Transforming Relationships with Prem Glidden – Alternate Mondays at 10AM PACIFIC on NFTS Starting January 8, 2018 – Prem Glidden is a healer, transformative coach and teacher deeply committed to “being the change she wants to see in the world.” She is a powerful guide in supporting you to achieve your greatest possibilities in life and in love. Originally trained as a registered nurse, Prem is a Certified LifeLine Practitioner and a Sr. Calling in “the One” and Conscious Uncoupling Transformational Coach. Her work brings together her many years of experience as a healer and teacher of transformation. Combining practical ability with intuition and deep love and compassion, Prem will assist you in letting go of the painful patterns of the past, while offering the skills and capacities you need to create the loving and deeply caring relationships you have been yearning for.   TODAYS NOTES:  


This is a powerful exercise developed my Dr. Ted Morter, a pioneer in the field of mind-body health, and the developer of the  Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.  The exercise I will share is part of this system and is called the M-Power March and comes from Marci Shimoff’s best selling book Happy for No Reason.   This exercise resets the central nervous system to clear subconscious blocks and activate forgiveness.   It involves simultaneous movements of the upper and lower body and left and right sides, puts the central nervous system into a more balanced state so it can process emotions more efficiently and effectively.  It literally clears the computer so we can reprogram the way we process subconscious information such as old hurts and regrets.  It is a great tool for shifting the victim and judgments patterns that we have been working on.  
  1. Stand up straight, alert but comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Take an extended step with your left foot, keeping your right foot firmly on the floor and both feet facing forward. Bend the left knee slightly, just enough so that you can still keep the heel of your back foot on the floor.
  3. Raise your right arm to a 45-degree angle, moving your left arm back at a 45 degree angle to help you keep your balance. Your position should now be, left leg and right arm stretched forward, right leg and left arm stretch back.
  4. Now, turn your head toward the side of the extended right arm, looking up towards the right hand and then close your eyes and stretch.
  5. While in this position, think of anything that you might still feel any shame, guilt or regret. Take a deep breath, hold for 5-10 seconds and focus on the feeling of forgiveness.
  6. Exhale and change arms and legs.
  7. Repeat sequence 3 times
  Deep breath, shake it out and come to a comfortable seated position.      


  This meditation is designed to heal and open your heart to love.

Part 1

POSTURE: Sit in easy pose (cross legged position) with spine straight in a chair. Rest hands on the knees. EYES: Closed, focused at the third eye point. MANTRA: Repeat in silence: “I forgive everyone for everything they have ever done to harm me.” TIME: Practice for 3 minutes TO END: Inhale and hold breath for a few seconds. Exhale and relax. By extending forgiveness to another, anger and resentment are released.

Part 2

POSTURE: Keep the same posture. MANTRA: Mentally repeat: “I ask for and receive forgiveness for everything I have ever done to harm others.” TIME: Practice for 3 minutes. TO END: Inhale and hold breath for a few seconds. Exhale and relax. By asking for and receiving forgiveness, all my guilt and shame are dissolved.

Part 3

POSTURE: Lie on your back. MANTRA: Mentally repeat: “I forgive myself; I dwell in love and light; I dwell in God.” TIME: Practice for 3 minutes TO END: Inhale and hold breath for a few seconds. Exhale and relax

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