TRUE QUANTUM with Vanessa & Andrew

TRUE QUANTUM - TRUE QUANTUM with Vanessa & Andrew – Nov 10/23 Today: Spiritual & energetic healing with Nora

Nov 10/23
with Vanessa & Andrew

2pm pacific:


TRUE QUANTUM with Vanessa & Andrew on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month at 2PM PACIFIC starting October Friday the 13th, 2023.

  We are intuitive True Quantum Healing practitioners, Andrew and Vanessa and we utilize the True Quantum Healing modality. We take a blended approach of intuitive psychic healing techniques and utilization of an advanced dowsing system to precisely determine the root cause for any physical health issue, spiritual crisis or energetic manifestation in a short amount of time. The root cause of the issue could be energetic, spiritual, metaphysical, quantum or physical in nature. We determine the problem, locate the problem, provide source-guided intentions to appropriately heal the problem. We utilize quantum healing tools such as; krystaline rings, krystaline pyramids, handmade orgone and orgone pendulums. These tools work as “broadcasters” to amplify our intent or as dowsing tools to accurately communicate with True Source. We connect directly with Source energies for our source-guided sessions and do not channel or connect with dieties, aliens, entities, gods, angels, the occult, or ascended masters of any kind. This helps keep our sessions and our clients as clean and as clear as possible, so as to eliminate all unnecessary interference and generate a more effective healing outcome. We also provide an exclusive version of True Quantum Healing which focuses on soul retrieval. In these healing sessions, we utilize the same techniques as a tradition TQH session but the focus is retrieving authentic parts of the self and bringing them back in. This method can be considered a “cleaner” version of soul defragmentation, shadow work, parts work, or any other form of trauma integration work. Think – a shadow healing session in which any and all possibility of integration/attachment with lower energies is eliminated. TQH can be used for the clearing of houses, businesses, any other physical space as well as for the healing of plants and animals. All healing sessions are performed in person, on skype or via telephone session. All sessions are 50 min long with much healing being done during that time!

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