Upleveling You with JessieV

Upleveling You - Upleveling You with JessieV July 10/23 TODAY: How a mediumship session changes lives.

July 11, 2023
with JessieV

5pm pacific:


Upleveling You with JessieV on the 2nd Monday of the Month at 5pm Pacific

TODAY: How a mediumship session changes their lives.

Todays guests:  Kristy Jean, author of the book Decision Permission: Five States of Support for Every Level of Decision Making and to her beautiful mother, Tammie Radspinner, one of the founders of Senior Moments Performance Group. 

Jessie Vyvyan, lovingly known as JessieV, owns and operates Chi, Trees and Oils, her energy healing business inside her beautiful space in Rochester, Wisconsin called Riverside Studio – A Crystal Apothecary & Wellness Center.

JessieV created the space with her community in mind. She believes we all need a place of solace that is free of judgement and competition, where groups can gather to uplevel in health, Mind, Body & Soul. JessieV offers Yoga, Reiki, Soul Coaching, Mediumship and her own personal line of healing tools such as CBD, bath salts and meditation candles.

She began her course of work decades ago when she assisted many chiropractors with therapeutic healing modalities. She quickly climbed the corporate ladder only to escape the stress when she moved her family to the middle of the woods in Tennessee. After years of living sustainably, learning how to homestead, and spending quiet time in nature, JessieV realized the gifts she possessed and her deep need and want to help people live a more healthy, purposeful life. Most of all, she yearned to help people heal their deep rooted emotional wounds.


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