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11am pacific:

Change Your Compass with Stacia & Daniel on the 2nd Friday of the month at 11 am pacific starting June 10th


About Stacia:

Stacia Zadra is the founder of Compass Rose Healing Arts. Stacia’s Reiki training is extensive and ongoing. She began her Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher training in 2000. Her intuitive healer path led Stacia to Angelic Reiki training in 2014. Stacia gained her Angelic Reiki Master Teacher certification in August of 2014. Stacia is also a Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring Practitioner and a Magnified Healing® Practitioner and Teacher.

Stacia continues to teach Reiki, providing Angelic Reiki training to everyday people leading every day lives in search of traditional, hands-on Reiki skills and renewed life purpose. Stacia enjoys mentoring professional health care providers whose interest is in combining energy therapies with their allopathic training. Stacia’s students are in search of personal and spiritual meaning, and a way to share their gifts with the world.

Magnified Healing® came to Compass Rose as an additional modality in November of 2019 and has profoundly enhanced her clients healing sessions. Compass Rose provides training of this sacred modality to people in search of additional means for self-care. On a personal level this modality enhanced Stacia’s awareness, intuitive skills, and healing abilities benefitting her students and clients on their individual ascension journey.

Stacia is both a student of life and a teacher. Her journey as an Empathic Intuitive Healer is one that includes personal healing and Self discovery. Stacia became a student of Caroline Myss at CMED in 2004 where she began the two year Sacred Contract series and is entering into her 18th year as an Archetypal Consultant providing Sacred Contracts sessions on an individual basis. The Sacred Contracts journey in an ever-changing one as the student evolves and matures archetypally. Her students will often integrate healing sessions with a continued Sacred Contracts journey from shadow to light.

Stacia’s relationship with her teacher and one of her mentors, Caroline Myss, continued with Master Class: On The Path To Becoming a Congruent Human Being, June of 2010, Medical Intuition: An Exploration into the Science of the Soul in June of 2011 and Addiction: Explored as an Archetypal Journey Toward Personal Empowerment, August, 2011.

With a professional background including management consulting and public speaking, teaching Sacred Contracts became a natural transition from profession to vocation. Each client interaction provides a supportive environment to allow her students to begin their own journey towards conscious living and personal empowerment.

Her connection to her clients is both intuitive and empathic, allowing her to tap into the emotions and physical symptoms present for healing. Stacia finds joy in affecting the lives of her students and her clients every day.



About Daniel:

Daniel Naccarato is a gifted healer, teacher and mentor at Compass Rose Healing
Arts. Dan brought decades of intuitive gifts and empathic healing skills gained
through of Intuitive Massage therapies. Once on board at Compass Rose, Dan
embraced the teaching of healing modalities including Angelic Reiki, Magnified
Healing, and Sacred Contracts. He combines his skills as a spiritual mentor and life
coach with intuitive massage and the practice of energy healing modalities.
Dan teaches healing modality courses with Stacia to healers, providers and
everyday people leading every day lives in search of traditional, hands-on energy
healing skills and renewed life purpose. He enjoys mentoring professional health
care providers whose interest is in combining energy therapies with their allopathic
Daniel began his own massage practice 2003 with a mission to go beyond caring for
the physical needs, to include the emotional and spiritual needs, and to follow his
calling. As his path continued, he would be led to Compass Rose as a client and
quickly knew he was to be an integral part of the practice. His contributions to the
future of the mystery school of light that is Compass Rose makes the practice a
perfect blend of skills to match Stacia’s practice style.
Dan’s long-term massage clients followed him to Compass Rose Healing Arts. The
distance wasn’t an issue as Dan’s healing gifts result in an intuitive massage that
goes beyond the physical healing and includes guidance given to them through
Daniel. He is a unique healer and complements the mission at Compass Rose with
compassionate integrity.


About our Practitioners ~


Traveling separate paths towards a same goal, Stacia and Daniel led a spiritual journey inspired by service to others and a desire to help heal humanity. They work together at Compass Healing Arts in Spokane Valley, Washington. As healers, mentors, and coaches, Daniel and Stacia are intuitive empathic holistic practitioners who channel Source energy to awaken, heal and empower their clients and their students. People of all ages and backgrounds, of all cultures and lifestyles benefit from working with Daniel and Stacia.

Both Stacia and Daniel are practitioners of Source Healing. Through many years of client care and patient service, Daniel and Stacia have refined their skills and intuitive natures to be attuned to the high
vibrational frequency of Source energy. Compass Rose Healing Arts is a center for awakening where
clients can receive transformative healing as they navigate their life’s journey and ascension path.
Our mission statement is to help elevate the consciousness of humanity. Through self empowerment and a sense of purpose we know that each awakened and healed individual can contribute to a loving collective consciousness. Ultimately, each of us is to learn the alchemy of non-duality existence expressing individualism as Source. It really is a co-creative journey. Source is us and we are Source.
Compass Rose Healing Arts came into this world in 2010 in Spokane Valley, Washington. The center is a
mystery school of light where students can learn healing modalities, spiritual teachings, and personal
ascension guidance. Clients can be served individually on site in our sacred space healing rooms. For
those who prefer or who can not be with us on site, remote sessions are individualized and provided with
a set intention for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. The remote sessions provided by
Stacia and Daniel are powerful and effective through the Source Healing method. The frequency and
vibration of Source can heal beyond time and space.

Healing yourself first heals the world.

Stacia Zadra & Daniel Naccarato
Compass Rose Healing Arts, Inc
Established 2010 ~ Spokane Valley, Washington

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11 Things About Stacia…



What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

I recall a very significant “first moment” of awakening in 1998 when I was drawn to a book
by Caroline Myss. “Sacred Contracts, Discovering Your Divine Potential” captured my
attention. I “floated” across the store to the end-cap and took a copy and holding it very
close to my heart, I knew my life was changing. My awakening is an ongoing process for
which I am grateful.



Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

My favorite teacher is Spirit. I am guided every day as I was in 1998 to choose a book, a
teacher, to take another direction, and to follow my intuition. DaVinci Code is a favorite
book and also a favorite movie for me, as they inspired my search for truth and led me to
my path as an channel for the Divine Feminine.


What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

My “strangest experience” occurred late December, 2007 just before the years end when
I was awakened by a Light Being at the end of my bed, and soon next to me. I received
codes to begin a new journey on my life which led to to build Compass Rose.


What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

An interesting thing about me that you don’t know as yet is that I am a Soul Conscious
Rebel. I am inspired to take what appears to others to be risks, but what I know is an
aspect of my Sacred Contract that isn’t to be denied. I hear guidance and I follow
through. Not many people will do that.


What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

My true life purpose is in service to humanity as an intuitive and empathic healer and
community leader in spiritual growth and ascension for those who are guided to me. I am
a Healer.


What’s your favourite animal?

My favorite animals are my spirit animals including our Compass Rose cats, Titus,
Russell and Amara and my dog, Milo. Can anyone have just one favorite animal?


What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

My favorite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps me stay connected, grounded
and ‘tuned in’ in a good way is the daily practice of Magnified Healing. This modality is
one I was guided to by Ascended Master Kuan Yin in May 2019. Magnified Healing is an
energy I can immerse myself in and feel completely connected to and loved by Sacred
Feminine energy. This practice sets my day and gives me guidance and inspiration.



What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?


My favorite music is that which is heart felt, the artist that is gifted and gives humanity this
gift is Josh Groban, and my favorite song is Impossible Dream and is beautifully sung by
Josh Groban.


What’s your favourite food?

My favorite food is definitely Italian.


What excites your creative juices?

My creative juices are inspired by my commitment to refine my abilities as a healer, to
continue my personal ascension journey, and to build an integrity driven and professional
healing center and mystery school of light.


What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

The one thing I will “shamelessly self promote” today is the practice I began 17 years ago
and continue to build upon today. Compass Rose Healing Arts represents my passion to
provide a means to complement a healing journey for seekers, for people seeking
mental, emotional, and physical wellness, a mystery school, and a place for spiritual
growth and ascension that is unique in that it meets every individual where they are when
they arrive and allows us to hold the space needed for healing and happiness. Compass
Rose is leveling up again, so the bar is raised once again and the practice and myself are
work in progress, I am very proud of this accomplishment – it’s my Sacred Contract and, therefore, it had to be.


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11 Things About Daniel …


What was your first moment of beyond 3D awakening:
As an adult and seeking to understand my abilities as a healer, I realized I asked
that my gifts to be “dialed back” as a young child. I knew then that I was always
awake and aware, and that I saw the world through the lens of an old soul.

Who is your favorite book, teacher and movie?
My connection to my Creator and my Higher Self will always be my favorite teacher.
I refer to books of wisdom and learn from movies on a symbolic level, and always
find my way to truth through my spiritual connection to Source.

What is the strangest experience you have ever had?
At a time of my growth and ascension, and with free will and free choice at my
feet, Archangel Michael came to me and gave me insight on who I was and my life’s
purpose. I was asked to be an emissary of the archangel and ascended master
realm. Of course, I accepted this calling with an open heart.

What is one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?
I experienced life in the 3D fast lane, taking risks and expressing a rebellious side
of me. I was always protected, and never alone. I had experiences that would
prepare me for the purpose-filled life I live now in service to people healing from
their own human path.

What do you feel your true life purpose to be?
To be an emissary for Unconditional Love representing the Angelic and Ascended
Masters Realm to raise collective consciousness during our current time of New
Earth evolution.

What is your favorite animal?
I love dogs, and I relate to Unicorns.

What is your favorite consciousness or energy exercise that helps you stay
connected, grounded and tuned in in a good way.
My favorite energy exercise is Magnified Healing and the daily sacred practice to
guide me on my path of ascension.

What is your favorite music, song or musical artist?
I love all genres of music, all music is vibration and frequency and all is a gift from
my Creator.

What is your favorite food?

What excites your creative juices?
My constant growth and ascension allows me to upgrade my DNA, my Lightbody to
a more perfect form is exciting and inspirational.

What is the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

How wonderful this time and this space in my life is to help heal and uplift humanity
through our Remote Healings, our Spiritual Retreats, the workshops taught at
Compass Rose, and the personal healing sessions that I provide through Compass
Rose Healing Arts.


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