Meet Bill


Ann here because Bill does not like to talk about himself. This is the man behind the craziness that opened me up for life. When you meet him or hear him you will understand that his whole life has been about unconditional love but his passion was and is still to this day technology. Not just from this life but many lives and many systems where he has had a chance to assist in creating technologies that assist and support, not devalue the human form.

Why? Because he loves. Why? Because he cares. He wants each of us (including himself) to live the life we only dreamed of. The one that lies in our hearts and he KNOWS technology is here to help.

So along the way he has worked with and assisted in creating technologies. Technologies used for good. Used to help support the human form in its evolution of consciousness on this planet.

There has been a few and there will be more including Quantum Sound Therapy, the Quantum Alignment Service, the Gizmo, and now the Infinity Series of 9 designed to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul into the human form by helping to help release patterns, energetic blockages and pain that is stopping us from embodying who truly are. LOVE. Yes, love. In the human form. Cause that’s all we are when we let it.

Yes, I can hear you all now in my head. Technology for consciousness? You are kidding me, right? I don’t like technology. Technology can be used for bad how can that be? That makes no sense. And yet here we are using skype, zoom, and god knows what else in our homes without question. Why not this too?

So come and explore what is possible through love, supported by technology, connected in a community-based in love.