Dreamlife Mastery with Anik J. Malenfant

Dreamlife Mastery with Anik on the 4th tuesday of the month at 10am pst on NFTS beginning April 24, 2018


Anik J. Malenfant

Transformational Coach, Educator and Speaker


Anik has the uncanny ability to hone in and hit the delete button on what’s holding you back in your life. She will guide you to your own joy, passion and purpose, reminding that you deserve to feel the freedom of living life on your terms.

Having overcome a number of challenges, Anik has discovered a new way of life without suffering and fighting. She took back her life. This is now the gift she shares with the world. She enjoys guiding driven entrepreneurs and all around go-getters to create a supportive, productive, fulfilling and abundant life, both personally and professionally.

Drawing on the lessons learned through her corporate career and real world experience, Anik also has notable training in many aspects of energy psychology. She is a ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced and Manifesting & Abundance Instructor and a Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, SoulMates, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Rhythm and Game of Life ThetaHealing® Practitioner. In addition to Reiki Master Teacher, Chios® Master Teacher & former council member.


Anik can help you release the suffering of “shoulding” and the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome, to transforming your dreams into reality!

Are you ready to set sail for your Dream Life?  https://masteringascension.com/about/



2021 Empowerment Reboot

Are you ready?
I mean REALLY ready to stop beating around the bush, to show up, step out, and own your life?
The Empowerment reboot, is a laser focused approach so that you can cut to the chase and get to the good stuff. Your Empowered Life!

This class is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Take charge of your life
  • Get into the flow and stop fighting with yourself
  • Breakthrough the BS and own your truth, and unleashing your authentic expression self
  • Take charge of Conquer your inner dialogue and show those mental gremlins who’s boss!
  • Own your worth, and recognize your value
  • Create your life on purposefully instead of by default

What we’ll cover over during our three 3, 1-hour sessions:

  • Understand why some things are easy to manifest and while others seem challenging or even impossible for you.
  • Reconnect you to your deepest truth and purpose.
  • Personal Empowerment through loving, supportive boundaries
  • Letting go of your old story so that you can write a new one
  • Tapping into the abundance of the infinite Universe.
  • Understand heart-based vs. Fear-Based choices and motivators (thriving vs. surviving)
  • Claim your empowered life with simple, powerful, and effective tools
  • Release limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks to freeing yourself from the past.
  • Break free from fear paralysis, and toxic cycles that keep you trapped.

Event Details

Date/Time(s): March 22, 24th & 26th, 2021 – (3 1-hour sessions) from: 7-8PM AST
Where: The comfort of your home (Zoom)
Time Commitment:  class 3hrs +  30 mins a day for assignments – 2% of your week
Self-investment: $75
Abundant Blessings,
Anik J. Malenfant
Transformational Healer, Educator & Speaker
ThetaHealing® Instructor
Syndicated Radio Show Host – News for the Soul Broadcasting Network

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