Gifts for the Soul ’23 with Gifts for the Soul 2023

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Here are the 2023 Gifts for the Soul!


Get out of the mall and into the heart.


Gifts for the Soul has been a long standing holiday tradition here on NFTS. Absent for the past couple of years, it returns for 2023 & beyond! Each gift is unique and hand selected as potentially life changing for the recipient. Instead of mindless obligatory stressed out spending sprees, here are soulfull alternatives that stand to make a difference.



                          Valentines Day


                                                                 Any Reason.

                                                                                 No Reason.



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Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Suzana – Of Two Minds!

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Your 2 Minds

About the book:

If you knew your life was coming to an end, would you be happy with who you are and the life you’ve lived?This confronting question is at the heart of the inspiring, myth busting book, Your2Minds: Using Your Mind to Transform You Life. Inspired by the Law of Attraction, Mihajlovic’s book includes practical but life-changing lessons that Mihajlovic discovered as a protege of today’s master of new thought and human potential, Bob Proctor. In this book, Mihajlovic goes beyond the basic Law of Attraction principles and draws on her own transformational experiences, and skills as an elite level mindset and success coach, to dive into the core of shifting paradigms. She asks you to think about the kind of life you REALLY want to live and the person you REALLY want to be, and then shows you how you can DO and BE exactly that.Forget the myth that people are born smart, good-looking, or rich, and only the lucky ones can live a charmed life. YOU CAN TOO! Whether your dream is to escape the rat race, pursue your passion, write a best-seller, or just be a more confident and authentic version of YOU, this book is your blueprint for getting what you want, every time, no matter what it is.Make no mistake, manifesting the life of your dreams is simple but not easy. It takes knowledge, guidance, and discipline. And with her warm, encouraging but no-holds-barred truth telling, Mihajlovic provides everything you need to realise YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL.   FREE COPY OF FIRST CHAPTER of YOUR@MINDS CAN BE FOUND AT BOTTOM of my WEBSITE:

Buy the book here:




Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Conscious Parenting!

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The Books: Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid and 21 Lessons to Empower the New Age Kid by Sandra Jones-Keller

Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid by Sandra Jones-Keller Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Ageis a distinctive guide for conscious parenting! This book offers parents and caretakers a new perspective on raising the amazing old souls that are being born today through real life essays, illustrations, and pictures spanning 15 years.   Benefits include: ·       More peace, fewer power-struggles, more laughter, less anxiety, and a balanced, grounded child. ·       Creative solutions to common problems like tantrums and bedtime. ·       Gives you permission to not be perfect, to laugh at yourself, and to apologize if necessary. ·       Adds humor and creativity to parenting. ·       Helps to bring the joy back into parenting. Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid hit #10 on the Amazon Hot New Releases Parenting and Family References List in its first week of being released!   This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is getthegift.png BUY THE BOOK HERE:   21 Lessons to Empower the New Age Kid by Sandra Jones-Keller 21 Lessons to Empower the New Age Kid isa cutting-edge, must have workbook for today’s kids, parents, innovative educators, and anyone interested in constructively dealing with human emotions. The workbook comprises 21 short, and easy to use mindfulness and life skills concepts lessons such as: Grounding (anchoring), Affirmations, Beliefs, Blame vs. Responsibility, Intuition, Mindfulness, and Meditation. Benefits include: ·       Tweens and teens gain tools to help them regulate and ease stress and anxiety. ·       Topics will help children recognize and manage their emotions, and teach the power of their thoughts. ·       Provides tools to navigate and succeed in the world ·       Novices and experts can easily use it. Each lesson has facilitator notes at the beginning of the section to assist you. ·       Shows kids how powerful they are through their thoughts and words. ·       Fosters thinking outside of the box and encourages kids to think through ideas until they make sense to them.



Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Nina & The Inspired Creator Community!


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Inspired Creator Community Membership:

The Inspired Creator Community is a unique monthly group spiritual and personal group coaching and training program focused on helping you access your powerful creative nature. It takes a holistic approach, creating transformation by addressing both aspects of who you are: spiritual and physical/human. Learn to get “IN SPIRIT,” and chose to BE someone who can CREATE what you desire. Get out of your own way and unstuck. Change from the inside out. Tap into spiritual guidance. Express your authentic self, and create a life that feeds your soul. If you know there is something more for you but have been unable to realize that vision, this program is for you. Each month includes live coaching calls, recorded trainings, and transformational homework.

Join the Inspired Creator Community here:



Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Michaela’s Free Energy Health Scan!

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Free Health Scan!

In order to have true health and wellness you have to have a balance between body, mind and soul. You cannot affect one without affecting the others. Physical issues can affect the emotions like sadness, anxiety and fear, but emotions and mindset can also affect the physical body. The body will go where the mind leads. It’s all connected. So, wouldn’t it be beneficial to understand where these connections are within you? Find out YOUR emotion-mind-body connections with a bio-resonance scan that uses your voice to measure your frequency to give you all sorts of information that may be used to help you achieve better health. Anything going on inside of you comes out in your voice. Have you ever wondered why your voice changes when you are upset or ill? It’s all frequency, energy and bio-resonance. My Gift for the Soul incudes the scan, plus a mini energy and emotion release session, in addition to a customized sound therapy file, for further balance, that will be emailed to you after the session. Give yourself the gift of knowledge to achieve better health.


Register for your free scan here

Register for your free gift at




Gifts for the Soul 2023 –The Cosmic Brilliance Channel with Merrily!


Welcome to Merrily Milmoe’s ‘Cosmic Brilliance’ channel!

I have been called by several, a ‘Cosmic Brilliance Advisor & Interpreter’ – offering ‘Big Picture’ news to expand your mind & uplift your spirit. Knowledge leads to freedom & fun. ‘Ignor-ance’ leads to greater fear & confusion. I invite vetted, cosmically brilliant guests w/ unique expertises’ both on & off world to serve as informed co-pilots for you, guiding humanity from ignorance to sovereignty – discovering the Truth of your Being & Awareness Without Fear. You can’t play the ‘Earth Experiment Game’ well if you don’t know the ‘Game Rules’. You’ll learn those ‘rules’ by listening to my show videos & podcasts w/ pics. I am both diligent & passionate as a Researcher for 45 years in over 12 Key Topics, not learned in school! I host with both a professional & playful style – somewhat interactive.

Thanks for your curiosity & for joining in! ~








Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Miche and the Cosmic Attunement!

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, take your evolution to the next level with a Cosmic Attunement This is my (divinely downloaded) system for clearing your energetic field, upgrading  communications with your Higher Self and activating greater connection to your Soul. Special discount for News For The Soul Listeners:


Get Miche’s gift here:




Gifts for the Soul ’23 – Kathie with Spirit Crossings & More…

My Gift for the Souls of Humanity is to assist people in raising their vibrational frequencies to realize their unlimited powerful abilities.  The most important is Spirit Crossing that addresses addictions, chronic pain, and mental & physical illnesses.  Also, DNA Reactivations are vital to expand and raise vibrational frequencies in the body’s 30 trillion cells bringing one into a life-long state of balance, alignment, and harmony.  All sessions are done remotely, including Comprehensive Shamanic Reiki that brings healing to the body.  Go to for details.


Psychic Love Doctor Holiday Gifts for the Soul

Let’s get in touch livevia Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Skype or over the phone for your Personal Prophesy reading!  Together we will focus on your love life, your career, family, friends – you name it!  Anything we share between us during your reading is kept strictly confidential.

Arrange this live one-on-one reading with me and you will receive a free 30-minute phone reading to use in the future OR to give as a gift during the holidays! I will contact you to set up a time to connect.. Let’s talk. There isn’t anything we can’t handle together.

Please indicate how many 30-minute readings you would like to purchase by putting the number 1 in the box when ordering. That will include 1 free 30 minute readings.

Putting number 2 in the box means you are arranging 2 30-minute readings, receiving 2 additional free 30-minute readings. We can mail gift certificates to your recipients within the United States or notify them with a special holiday email.

PLUS – each buyer will receive my free Personal Prophesy Mini Card Reading Course simply for the asking!







Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Connected Living with Brenda Davis-Matz

During the season of giving, enjoy the gift of Connected Living with Brenda Davis-Matz at! Through the modalities of Reiki, Light Language, Essential Oils and other insights you can gain clarity, healing and a deeper understanding of your own unique gifts and abilities of manifesting abundance, health, path and purpose! Here’s how to take advantage of these special offers! Join the Members Gateway and receive a personalized Light Language message, book a 1 hour session with coupon code GFTS (applied at checkout) to get your session for $111 from the regular $199 rate. Get 20% off Gift Certificates to enjoy yourself or if you know someone who could benefit (please reach out to me privately for them.) Wishing you a beautiful season of Giving and I look forward to working with you and those to whom you Give!

Contact Brenda Davis-Matz at





Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Lila with Emotion Body & Belief Code Healing


My gift to your Soul is to share the Emotion Code, Body Code and soon the Belief Code healing modalities. These modalities were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson of Discover Healing (

We can heal our bodies, hearts, and minds!   Releasing trapped emotions and other types of energies can help you become your true authentic self. You can show up and be who you are meant to be in this Life.

To learn about the benefits of the Emotion Code and opening your heart, listen to my show every second Friday at 12:00pm PT here on News For The Soul radio.

To learn about the Body Code and coming soon, the Belief Code, visit my website at You can schedule a free 15-minute chat to learn more about me and what I offer.




Gifts for the Soul 2023 – Psych K with Mary!

Mary Mazur is an Igniter of Love and Light who assists those ready for the changes within them and in their lives to Ignite Heaven on Earth within them so they may experience this new way in their world! Through her experiences as a Holistic RN and a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and Facilitator, Mary runs a private ministry of Love called Ignite and Heal Ministries SSM where she offers private sessions via Zoom and teaches Online and In-Person Workshops using and offering the tool of PSYCH-K® to assist in making empowered, positive changes at the subconscious level of the mind connecting with your Wisdom.


You may reach Mary at







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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Because the News for the Soul platform is all about self empowerment and responsibility, please note that the opinions expressed on any of these programs are those of the hosts and participants and are not intended to and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of News for the Soul or Enlightened Enterprises or any of its owners and agents. All listeners are advised that neither News for the Soul, nor its owners and agents shall be held liable for the content of programs, including any readings or advice that is given. All listeners are advised to make their own good choices that are right for them and take full responsibility for those choices and decisions.