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About Linda Helms – 

Linda Helms is a gifted energy intuitive and certified practitioner of an advanced energy-healing technique called SimplyALIGN TM .

For each radio program, she will pick a topic and do a mini-energy-healing session for the listening
audience. As you listen to the show, you have the opportunity for healing by accepting the work as it
feels right for you and your spirit.

SimplyALIGN TM clears blocks in the of the body’s aura, chakras, and other energy systems, as well as
ancestral aspects of an issue and threads from a client’s past that continue to limit their way forward. As
the blocks are dissolved and the healing energy and positive affirmations accepted, clients experience
shifts, both subtle and pronounced. Changes can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. The healing
works on all levels.

Linda first worked as a registered nurse at Johns Hopkins in the critical care unit. This gave her a great
background in understanding the body from a physiological standpoint. She changed careers and
combined her clinical background with computer science training to design and create computer
systems for doctors and nurses. This opportunity allowed Linda to experience the business world and all
its rewards and challenges.

After a diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue, Linda turned to alternative medicine solutions and had great
success. Each healing modality was an opportunity for her to learn about energy, its power, and how we
can heal our bodies.

Two especially empowering energy healing modalities for Linda were NAET (Nambudripad Allergy
Elimination Techniques) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). NAET first identifies items that our
body is allergic to. Through a series of treatments, allergies are reversed so the body can accept the item
without having a negative response. I was able to reverse my allergy to Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and
various substances that I had been exposed to. EFT is the tapping technique that works with the energy
meridians to release blocks and place positive affirmations on the energy pathways. It is very powerful
and very effective.

A fun modality that Linda still practices to this day is Dressing Your Truth, using the energy of color,
fabrication, and clothing design, to heal. The final game changer for Linda was experiencing
SimplyHealed (now called SimplyALIGN) as a client and having several significant positive changes take
place in her life.

She specializes in clients that want to be free of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Through the work,
clients can experience peace, calm, and a renewed sense of wellness.

Linda lives on the East Coast with her husband and son. Along with sailing, she can be found doing yoga,
walking, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.





Invite Peace and Wellness into Your Life

We all have struggles.

Imagine living life with ease and being able to easily create the life you want.
So much is possible when we let go of past traumas, beliefs, and negative

As we release the old, there is more room for the new and for our bodies to
hold more light.

As we hold more positive energy and positive beliefs, our health improves,
relationships improve, and our life improves.

You deserve the best possible life.

To learn more, please go to www.LindaHelms.com


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11 Things About Linda Helms

1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3-D normal awakening’?
I was in yoga class doing a Vinyasa flow. I sensed something popping open in my body just below my
heart chakra. It felt bright and beautiful. Turns out that it was the opening of my lower heart chakra, part
of the 5th-Dimensional chakra system.

2. Who is your favorite teacher, book, and movie?
One of my first favorite teachers was Wayne Dwyer. With him, I learned how to do a simple meditation
to heal the body. I did the meditation consistently for 60 days and healed a cavity in a tooth. With the
healing, the tooth no longer needed a filling, and it is healthy to this day.
One of my favorite books is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. She does such an awesome job
of explaining how what we think becomes our reality. We can choose to think and feel differently. With
care and attention, we can create the reality we want for health, relationships, and just about anything.
My favorite movie is an old classic, The Sound of Music. As a young girl I memorized all the songs, and
they gave me great joy when I sang them.

3. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?
One of my strangest experiences was meeting my personal angel team. I was doing a guided
meditation for exactly that purpose, to meet my angels. I remember the love I felt was so totally
profound that it brought me to tears. The colors of the angels were exquisite, pulsating, vibrant, and
iridescent, all at the same time.

4. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?
I am an avid sailor. I live near the Chesapeake Bay and one of my favorite ways to spend the day is
either cruising or sailboat racing. On the water, I feel close to nature and close to God.

5. What do you feel your true-life purpose to be?
My life purpose has changed over time. For a season, it was being the best possible mother to my son.
Now, it is supporting people on their healing journeys. As we heal, we can hold more light allowing us to
raise the vibrational frequency of the planet.

6. What’s your favorite animal?
I love dogs. I especially love doing energy work with dogs and supporting their humans in having a
better life experience. Dogs have such a great love for their owners and a great understanding of life.

7. What’s your favorite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and
‘tuned in’ in a good way?

My favorite energy “exercise” is breath in through the top of my head. On the inhale, I visualize the
breath entering the top of my head and moving down through my body. On the exhale, I picture that
whatever doesn’t serve me is released as the breath flows out through the top of my head.
I find this simple breath is very powerful to open the connection with the divine and to open the third
eye to see possibilities.

8. What’s your favorite music / song / musical artist?
My favorite music is classic rock.

One of my favorite songs is “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I lived in Alabama during my
college years and this song was often played at parties and has special place in my heart.

Here are a few more of my favorite songs:
“Calling all Angels” by Train
 “No Salt on Her Tail” by the Mamas and Papas
 “Days of Elijah” by Mark Robin

One of my favorite musical artists is Steve Halpren. I love that he harnesses the power of musical
frequencies to create beautiful music that balances and heals.

9. What’s your favorite food?

10. What excites your creative juices?
I love working with clients and groups of people to shift energy and create healing for themselves, their
bodies, their relationships, and the world.

11. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self-promote” here today?
I am now offering energy session packages from my website. It’s a great opportunity to commit to
working consistently on an issue and to receive a discount for the bundle of appointments.
Energy Session Bundle link: Appointments — Linda Helms Energy Healing


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