Honoring Grief with Kimberly Robbie


Honoring Grief with Kimberly on the 1ST Friday of the Month at 11am pacific starting September 2, 2022



About Kimberly and her journey to NFTS! :

Kimberly grew up always believing that life was supposed to be more joyful, loving and
connected than she experienced in her life and in her relationships. She was told directly or
indirectly by people and by the World to contain her Joy and light, to not stand out or be “too
much”, and to not get “too excited” for things because life and people will just let you down.
Deep down she felt and knew this was CRAP, and she carried much grief and longing for
what she knew was the Truth. Who knew that just 1 month after turning 40, she’d be divorced,
lost, and completely broken apart…. AND that THIS despair would be the hidden light that
would lead her into that life she always dreamt of!

Through a courageous, bumpy, and even magical experience of deeply grieving her marriage
and the grief she’d held in her body for nearly 40 years, and fully allowing herself to feel it all,
she has now transformed her life from one of doubt, fear, anxiety and longing into one of
more Joy, love, creativity, purpose, and passion greater than she ever believed was possible!
In learning how to love herself fully through devastating loss and grief, she ultimately has
learned what true self-love and unbridled joy truly is! One of the powerful tools in her journey
through grief has been using what she likes to call the ‘superpower tool’ of EFT (Emotional
Freedom Technique) Tapping! – see below for more on EFT!

From this journey, Kimberly now emanates a contagious, bright passion to share powerful
messages about grief and loss, and this tool of EFT Tapping with the World; she reminds us
that recognizing, honouring and choosing to allow our grief with a full, open heart to ourselves
can transform our lives by transforming the way we love ourselves (and others)! Come join
Kimberly on her show ‘Honoring Grief with Kimberly’ to begin this magnificent transformation
for yourself!

Kimberly is an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ‘Tapping’) Practitioner, Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and a certified ‘Happiness for No Reason’ Trainer who shines
compassionate, loving, wise and playful energy! She has also recently been a part of a
Clowning and Care project in Costa Rica with the one and only Dr. Patch Adams! She has
also been passionately creating a Youtube series on grief and loss called ‘A Brief on Grief’,
which is what her NFTS show ‘Honouring Grief’ is inspired by! Also on Youtube, you will find
co-creation Tapping videos with her and the ‘EFT Wizard’ Brad Yates! Last but not least, she
is excitedly creating her first TED talk and Edmonton International Fringe Theatre solo show!
Kimberly enjoys guiding people through their own transformations through 1 on 1 in- person
and online coaching sessions, through online EFT Tapping groups, and through lectures and
workshops for community groups and businesses.


“We are all magnificent children of this Universe! When we truly ground into this and love ourselves as this, especially through emotional loss and grief, I believe anything is possible!”

– Kimberly Robbie




Who Knew?! – A tid bit about Grief and Loss:

As human beings, we experience emotional loss and grief on a near daily basis, BUT we are
not taught to recognize these losses, how prevalent they are, and how to process what we
feel in healthy ways. Grief is an experience, NOT just one emotion, and grief can be felt and
expressed by emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, overwhelm, numbness,
fatigue, shame, guilt etc; nearly any uncomfortable emotion can be a part of grief. We can
experience losses of hopes, dreams, expectations, losses of connection, losses of health,
losses of safety, and losses of trust in self, others and the world. There are actually over 40
different kinds of emotional loss, and with each one of these losses we experience grief – who


“Not enough of us know how to sit in pain with others. Worse, our discomfort shows up in ways that can hurt people and reinforce their own isolation. I have started to believe that crying in person with strangers could save the world. “ – Dr, Brene Brown




EFT ‘Tapping ‘ – it’s kinda a superpower!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ‘Tapping’) is a powerful, somatic psychotherapy energy
tool based off the Chinese Acupuncture meridian system. Tapping with our fingers on the same
acupressure points of the face and torso where acupuncture needles would go stimulates the
natural energy flow along the body’s meridians; this helps to re-balance energy flow and shift stuck
energy that can be a result of unprocessed, trapped emotional energy. EFT helps to shift us out of
our ‘fight, flight, freeze’ stress brain into a calmer state where we can think, plan and take action
from a calmer place. While we are tapping these points, we also speak about what emotions,
sensations, thoughts, or memories are present for us; the talking part of EFT exposes and
processes issues, feelings, memories, and even physical discomfort while the tapping allows
the body and mind to stay calm during the process.



“In as little as an hour of Tapping, you can literally change your gene expression!” – Dr.

Peta Stapleton.




Kimberly’s Grief Recovery Method site”


What services does Kimberly offer?!


NOTE: all services below are offered both on-line or in-person (in Edmonton), unless otherwise specified.

 1 on 1 EFT coaching sessions
 1 on 1 Grief and Loss- specific coaching sessions
 ‘Introduction to EFT Tapping Workshops’ for your business, community group, podcast etc!
 ‘Normalizing and Honoring Grief and Loss’ lectures for your business, community group, podcast
1 on 1 and group Grief Recovery Method (GRM) grief/loss recovery programs, including a special 11 week ‘Starting Fresh After Loss’ program combining the GRM and EFT Tapping

 COMING SOON!- more online EFT Tapping groups, Live online Q n A webinars on EFT, grief and
loss, shame resilience and self-love, local Edmonton EFT workshops, and more!


Kimberly is currently working on her website and other ‘techie’ stuff 🙂


In the meantime, you can connect and book services with her via her EFT Member page or email below:







Email:  krobbie17@gmail.com


And check out her Youtube series ‘A Brief on Grief’, as well as a sample Tapping video for Grief and Loss!



What people are saying about working with Kimberly:

“ Her ICAN model with EFT Tapping was so much more than I could ever have expected! Right from
the start, it was as if Kimberly knew exactly the healing I needed, and her curiosity and
openness easily drew this out of me. 5 years after losing my amazing husband, I was still so overcome with grief, particularly when it came to speaking about it. Within the 1 hour session with Kimberly, Ibwas able to shift the grief within my body through the tapping process, and experience self-love andbcompassion. AND to top it all off, I now have a technique I know works that I can continue to use and grow. What an absolute gift! I honestly cannot thank you enough Kimberly!”

– Sharon H.


“The experience was incredible! I felt comfortable from the moment we started. When I started
tapping with Kimberly using the topic I chose, she was able to get into it at a deeper level. The
sentences she used brought up some pretty intense emotions that I didn’t really know was there!! I felt lighter, more free, open, and had a ton of energy after! I have tapped a bit in the past, but this session showed me just how awesome this tool is!

– Gina C.



“Kimberly presented to our group and normalized grief and loss as a daily part of our lives. She
delivered in a way that was both engaging AND relatable, bringing a lot of peace to our members and their own experiences with grief & loss. She also offered a lot of practical tools and great resources for our audience to continue to refer to and lean into. It was over delivery in every way, and she was overall a pleasure to work with!”

– Empowered Healers Academy


Kimberly’s Grief Recovery Method site”



Kimberly on Facebook:  click here

11 Things About Kimberly ….





Kimberly’s Grief Recovery Method site”


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