Conversations with Plants with Gloria Terry

Conversations with Plants with Gloria Terry on Alternate Thursdays at noon pst starting October 22nd, 2020


Gloria is a certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner and Reiki master, a Quantum healing modalities she has used for self-healing from pains and emotional attachment to people and the environment. She uses it now to assist in the healing process of clients, animals and plants.


I am here to help you heal, reconnect with your authentic self, and expand your awareness

Since I was a child I have suffered from migraines, which increased in my adult life. That pain in my head was like a second nature. I remember my grandma wondering and asking herself, ‘what’s with this child, why does she always have head pain?’ A direct translation from my native language. Neither medication nor various therapies brought any relief. I tried many of them until I gave up in 2010/2011, ‘Migraine doesn’t kill,’ I thought. I lived with it and called it, ‘my migraine’.

I stumbled upon an  interview on YouTube in 2019 with Richard Gordon, who talked about Quantum Touch®. It was exactly what I had always imagined healing to feel like – it was THE answer I was waiting for! Shortly afterwards I attended my first Quantum Touch seminar. I could immediately feel the Life-Force energy. All the exercise sequences with other participants worked extremely well. I had finally found my therapy! In a few months I was able to heal myself from my lifelong migraine and also from fears, stress symptoms, severe back pain and stomach problems.

As I deepened my practice with Quantum-Touch and continued to blossom, I was drawn to Reiki. With Reiki, my healing journey continued into a deeper awareness of my being, rebirthing and balancing my physical and emotional reality. I looked forward to synchronism as I started to trust my intuition instead of being bogged down by doubt and anxiety.

I am grateful for having had that challenging experience because it has brought me to this moment. Now I am here to apply this wonderful methods of healing to others with great enthusiasm.

Pain and discomfort that we experience physically and emotionally are the result of an imbalance in the energetic bodies. “Health problems are imperceptible sensations that are trapped in the body. They hardened and strengthened there.”

Give your energy body a chance. In Quantum Touch® treatment, the Life-Force energy is intended in such a way that you feel refreshed, charged and rejuvenated. Your self-healing power is noticeably supported. In a short time I align your statics (vertebrae, joints), work, for example, on organs, body systems, pain, emotions, stress responses by lightly laying on my hands or remotely, use certain breathing techniques, focusing and holding the space for healing to take place. You will quickly feel the pleasant relaxation, healing warmth and significant relief from the symptoms.

Quantum Touch® as well as Reiki, is a powerful quantum healing method that works with the body’s Life-force energy to reduce pain and promote optimal well-being. Life-force energy, also known as “Chi” in Chinese and “Prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all life.

A session helps you to speed up your healing process, to understand yourself better and to feel the effects of vitality immediately. You understand the root cause of your illness through your Inner Healer – physically, emotionally and spiritually. You increase your own vibration, significantly strengthen your self-healing powers, and feel much more powerful and lighter. There is no limit to energy healing except the limits of your own imagination.

At you will find many international case studies that have been collected over 30 years, as well as videos that describe the method and the experience with it.

My purpose in this world and in this lifetime is to be of service to the planet through healing, inspiring and helping to move humanity into a space of oneness, and pure love.

Energy healing has to be experienced to be understood and I would be delighted to share this with you.




You are a magnificent creature. You are a spirit being living in a physical human body, a body made of earth’s intelligence. You are a compassionate being of light. Your capability is beyond your imagination. You are bigger than you think. You are a cocreator with the Creator. There are no limits to what your mind can do. You are multidimensional. You are more than what you think. You are magnificent. You are the MAGICK.

11 things about Gloria…

1.      What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

First when I was 7 or 8 years old. I was sleeping in the same room with my grand ma but on a different bed. Something woke me up. I don’t remember stand up but I was suddenly standing next to my bed. I was visited by a very tall black ‘Shadow being’, it was so tall I couldn’t see the head. I call it shadow because it was blacker than the darkness around. I was, naturally, scared but we telepathically communicated, it was gentle, calm and loving but spoke with authorityNext thing I knew, I was back in my bed, sweating. Since that night, I realise that I sweat most nights, regardless of the season.



2.      Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?


Favourite TeacherDuring my training as an Energy Healer, I have met wonderful teachers who helped me to be where I am today. Some of which are: Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum Touch, Bianca Telle, Roy Sunley, Sharon Lawson, Jennifer Noel Talor, Ewelina Bubanja and Liza Powers Reiki Masters.


Books: Too many to mention but the book that brought me out of the closet was, The convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon, before reading her books I never spoke about my experience with the ‘shadow being’ nor how I remember my conceptionSupercharging by Alain Herriott and The New Human by Richard Gordon


Movie: I love movies that make me laugh and think. Recent movies like Aquaman, Gods of Egypt, movies with historical background. I relate to those stories in a way.


3.      What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had? 

Telepathically speaking with plants. It was so wired in the beginning; I didn’t even know that plants talk. Many life experiences with meeting people and sensing their energies, it took me time to figure that out. This is the major reason I do what I do now, helping people heal themselves and getting informations from plants.


4.      What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?


I was nick named ‘Parrot’ in Junior secondary school (college) because I talked a lot and fast. 


5.      What do you feel your true life purpose to be?


Helping people get healed physically and from emotional trauma and helping people to understand that we are far more than we have been made to believe.


6.      What’s your favourite animal?

I love Birds. Once I had a dog, Morfet and another time I had a parrot, Juno. Both are dead.


7.      What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?


Healing sessions with Quantum-Touch and Reiki.


8.      What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?


I love instrumentalsclassic crossover and classical music. They help me relax and travel out of this reality. 




9.      What’s your favourite food?


Once when I was 8 I loved to eat food, now I eat becasue I have to.


10.  What excites your creative juices?

–      Writing

–      Adventure (traveling)

–      Nature



11.  What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?


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