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“Inspiration to Creation” with Nina Amir at 11am PST on the 2nd & 4th Mondays starting April 10, 2023


Nina Amir is known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach. She is an intuitive transformational catalyst who elevates consciousness by reminding you of who you are—a spiritual being having a physical experience. Additionally, she inspires you to rethink your limiting beliefs, rise to your potential, and become a powerful creator who can live a human life that feed your soul.

As one of about 900 elite Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world, she combines personal and spiritual growth strategies to help her clients Achieve More Inspired Results. She works with people who want to get unstuck, realize their dreams, achieve their potential, fulfill their purpose, and live fully. She helps her clients create change from the inside out and be people who can do things that allow them to create what they desire.  

She founded the Inspired Creator Community, which is where seekers gather to learn how to live lives that feed their souls.

Nina is also the Amazon bestselling author of three traditionally published books for writers and a host of ebook writing guides. Additionally, she is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, certified rebirther, trained voice dialogue facilitator, and ordained minister.

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From the outside, I looked successful—at least by other people’s standards.

I’d landed three traditional-publishing deals and self-published 18 eBooks, and almost all of my books had become Amazon bestsellers. I’d spoken on numerous stages, sometimes sharing the mic with leading industry experts. I was considered a thought leader and had a sizeable following on social networks.

Yet, after 15 years of striving for success by publishing industry standards, I found myself empty. I had little passion for my work. I felt uninspired and lost… And nothing I did was enough.

I was trying to meet my literary agent’s expectations for who I should be or needed to be. I was attempting to be patient and write what I was supposed to write and do what I was told to do so that someday I might get to write the books I wanted to write.

And there were other external pressures. For instance, my husband really wanted me to contribute to the family’s income. And so, I built a business around my books and attempted to make more money doing things I never planned to do.

While I waited and continued to do what was expected, I hardly wrote at all. That fact alone, caused me to feel guilty, inauthentic, off-purpose, and unworthy of another traditional publishing deal.

I lost sight of my dream for my life’s work. Even worse, I lost my connection to the person who was supposed to do that work—me. I stopped thinking about or moving toward aspirations I had for myself—ones that came from my sense of spiritual calling.

One day I was having lunch with a friend who has known me since I began my journey to authorship. About halfway through the meal, she looked at me and said, “What happened to Nina—the Nina I used to know? Where did she go?”

I put my fork down and stared at her. I was no longer hungry; my heart now lay like a stone in my stomach, and tears fell onto my napkin. She was right…and I knew it.

That Nina was gone…long gone.

I was no longer the same person who set out to become an author. Nor had I written the books I set out to write or made the difference I planned to make. And, I’d given up my power to create the life and career I wanted as I allowed others to make decisions for me or influence my own.

My friend no longer saw “me” because I had lost that version of myself along with the passion for my dreams and commitment to fulfilling my purpose.

I considered the price I’d paid for allowing myself and my life to be measured by external expectations, dictated by my fear of disappointing others, and guided by my need for security.

Not only had I lost myself, forgotten my dream, given away my power, and gotten off-purpose, my marriage was failing. My books weren’t selling, and a new book contract seemed an impossibility. I was 20 pounds overweight and struggling with an autoimmune disease. I felt disconnected from one of my children, both my sisters, my spiritual community, and the Divine Creator. And I could not figure out how to find my way back to my authentic self, to align with my calling, or to turn my career toward my life’s work.

I’d paid a high price for the emptiness, worthlessness, and powerlessness I received in return for my efforts…a price that left me filled with a profound sadness and inability to enjoy my life or success.

At that moment, I realized I had to choose myself. And I had to decide to live into…not up to…my soul purpose…rather than external expectations.

I had to become the creator of my life—a life full of meaning, purpose, and connection with spirit. That type of life would make me happy and fulfilled, and it would never leave me searching for that elusive “something more.”

So I hired a Certified High Performance Coach®. She lovingly challenged and helped me realize the huge disconnect between where I was and where I ultimately wanted to go (and had always wanted to end up). This personal development program increased my awareness of the disharmony and dissatisfaction I felt while giving me the tools to create harmony and fulfillment. It also helped me remember and redefine my purpose. In fact, the process was so powerful that I decided to also become a Certified High Performance Coach®!

While I wanted to continue writing, albeit on very different topics, I also had the desire to feel spiritually guided toward fulfilling my soul purpose. And I wanted my work as a writer, speaker, and coach to flow out of that connection and guidance.

For that to happen, though, I had to remove my internal blocks to connecting with the Creator—just like I had to remove inner blocks to a deeper relationship with my husband, my family members, and myself.

In fact, I had another big aha moment when I realized my personal and spiritual growth were integrally tied together. When I worked on myself, I increased my ability to feel connected to and guided by the Creator. And when I focused on spirituality, I made huge strides toward self-realization. Only if I took actions that led to both personal and spiritual growth could I realize my potential and create the life I was meant to live.

And so I gave myself the permission, time, and space to develop a better relationship with God. I began to meditate, pray, and journal consistently as I dove deeper into more Certified High Performance Coaching sessions.

As I focused on my personal and spiritual development, I began to create what I truly desired—a life full of meaning, purpose, and spirituality. I created a life that feeds my soul.


Inspired Creator Community (2023)




Nina has a personal/spiritual growth coaching program, called The Inspired Creator Community. In this ongoing monthly membership program, She combinez her Certified High Performance with her unique brand of spiritual/transformational coaching and training.
“we are spiritual beings having a human/physical experience”.
Thus, the way to transformation is by addressing the entirety of who we are. This process allows us to achieve our human and spiritual potential, which includes stepping into our powerful ability to create.







11 Things About Nina ….



  • What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?
    I want to say that it was in high school when a teacher brought in a psychic who held my great-grandmother’s ring and told me things about her. That was my first experience with someone having a psychic ability.
    In middle school, I dreamt about a boy in my class. The next day he showed up wearing the same shirt I saw him in the night before.

    My first real awakening, however, was probably when I began reading Tarot cards for people. I had learned to read them intuitively—letting the pictures speak to me. I didn’t know the cards’ meanings. And my clients raved and said my readings were on point.

    As an adult, I took a psychic development class during which I had to do a reading based on holding a folded piece of paper on which a woman had written something. I felt pain in my knee and mentioned it. Turned out, she was concerned about her husband, a pro soccer player, who had injured his knee.

    These experiences that validated my ability to tap into some sort of knowledge beyond my physical mind/body definitely were awakenings.

  • Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

    Teacher: I loved learning from Stewart Wilde when I had the chance to do his Warrior’s Wisdom event. I even interviewed him, and he was one of my first spiritual teachers.

    But I’ve had many teachers, including Gary Bonnell, Sondra Ray, and, most recently, Jim Fortin. I’ve also learned from Abraham-Hicks, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Shakti Gawain, Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman, and just about every author whose spiritual and personal growth books I’ve read.

    Book: Oh my. As a lifelong reader and writer, this is hard.

    I love all of Wayne Dyer’s books, many books on Kabbalah, Gabby Bernstein’s books, and all the books by Richard Bach…just to name a few. However, Bach’s Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah rocked my world. I think that was my first introduction to metaphysics, esoteric topics, and all things woo-woo.
    Movie: Ack…so many. I adore movies. I can watch The Big Chill or Pretty Woman over and over again. I love movies that make me think, delve into relationships, or offer inspiration and hope…or make me laugh or cry.
  • What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?
    The night after my daughter’s best friend committed suicide, he came to me in a dream. I could tell his throat was restricted and later found out he had hung himself.
    I also had a friend’s husband visit me while in the shower to tell me that this murder was the only way he could get out of the circumstances he had created. And he asked me to tell his wife as much.

    Along the same vein, my mother died in January 2023. I went for an energy session with a very good psychic and medium. My mom “showed up” and asked about some gloves. I had found a box of very old evening gloves when cleaning out her dresser. That was not as much strange as another confirmation of access to other worlds.

    Also, during that session, my mom told the energy healer she was “in my office” and behind me to my left. That day my dog twice barked at the wall behind me as I worked at my desk. She even moved behind me and barked and nosed at the portion of my desk to my right.

  • What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

    I used to ride horses competitively. I competed in English equitation and hunters/jumpers.

    And, for good measure, I’m a 19X Amazon bestselling author of three traditionally published books and a host of self-published ebook writing guides (and a few spiritual books, too).
  • What do you feel your true life purpose to be?
    Creating transformation by gathering personal and spiritual growth information and disseminating it primarily via writing but also through coaching and speaking.
  • What’s your favourite animal?
    I am in love with all animals. Horses were my first love, and I believe horse is my power animal. But I cannot stay away from dogs. I talk to or pet every dog I see.

    A psychic told me that I could be an animal communicator if I wanted…

    I rode horses from the time I was seven until I was 50. At age 60, I began riding again but stopped when Covid hit. I plan to go back to riding this year.

    When our Golden Retriever died, we decided not to get a dog. That was 16 years ago as I write this. But in 2022, I decided that a dog would make me happy—and raise my vibration. So, we adopted a puppy that had been rescued with her litter along the side of the road on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico.
  • What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?
    Walking meditation in nature. Rebbe Nachman of Brezlov said to go out in the fields and pray…this is my way of following that advice. I also find guided/channeled writing very helpful. And if I need to raise my energy big time, I exercise or play and sing along with positive and uplifting songs very loudly.
  • What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?
    I don’t have a favorite one anymore. I like songs with uplifting messages and upbeat melodies, like F*ckin Perfect by Pink, Fight Song by Rachel Platten, New Soul by Yael Naim, Best Day of My Life by American Authors, Verge by Owl City, Rise by Katy Perry, Rise Up by Andra Day, I Lived by OneRepupolic, and Roar by Katy perry. Those are a few songs on my “Inspiring Music” playlist.
  • What’s your favourite food?

    Mud pie (or any coffee or chocolate flavored) ice cream followed by most types of Mexican dishes. Oh…and pasta.
  • What excites your creative juices?
    Learning…meaningful conversations with spiritual, growth-oriented people…nature…animals…new experiences.
  • What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?
    I’d like to promote my personal/spiritual growth coaching program, called The Inspired Creator Community. In this ongoing monthly membership program, I combine my Certified High Performance Coaching with my unique brand of spiritual/transformational coaching and training. I firmly believe we are spiritual beings having a human/physical experience. Thus, the way to transformation is by addressing the entirety of who we are. This process allows us to achieve our human and spiritual potential, which includes stepping into our powerful ability to create.

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