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LIMITLESS with Celine on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 11am PST / 2pm EST starting March 17th, 2021.



Céline is from a French background from the south of Québec, neighbor of Ottawa. At the age of 2 she witnessed a horrific scene which would set limiting beliefs in place and affect all her relationships with men. At the age of 3, she discovered that her appearance was different from other children, which caused her to live in near constant humiliation. Her quest for answers on why life was so unfair started very young. Much later, she would find answers… to resolve her physical and emotional hardship.


   As early as age 16, Céline took her first personal growth seminar to quench her thirst of learning and understanding the deeper story behind the scene of life, of what they don’t teach in school. Fascinated by this kind of knowledge, she would never stop seeking more answers to find inner peace and resolve with her life experiences, which were getting harder as she grew older. Her academic interests were for foreign languages and Graphic Arts, which she took in Montreal. Life took her away from that career because of health issues. She continued her passion to learn the meaning of life through personal growth courses with schools such as Écoute ton corps (Listen to Your Body) and went all the way. Despite a life full of obstacles, of not being seen for whom she was, a rape and a gang aggression, two major toxic relationships and major losses, she has healed her uncommon past and is now a model of victory. She has been using her experience to assist people get free of their own negative past with different valuable tools and techniques.


Since 1998, Celine works as an Emotional Health Consultant and does not intend to stop. Making a difference and improving people’s lives is her top objective, which will ultimately fulfill her dream of living in a balanced, compassionate world, where everybody can shine and thrive.


Nowadays, Céline spends most of her time promoting elite education to show people how to increase their vocabulary, which is the key to emotional stability, and financial stability. She uses a tool that can reactivate the Natural Learning Ability that is innate in children.


From time to time, she teaches workshops and online Coaching Programs where participants dive in the practice of techniques that have proven effective for some years; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  She also uses and recommends Canadian Vibrational Tree Essences to her clients and businesses to promote emotional wellbeing. The Polaraid DiskTM is also one that she highly recommends for physical issues.  (Available on her website in the near future.)


Céline has obtained diplomas in Graphic Arts, completed certification with the International school Listen to your body (therapist and speaker). Taken many personal growth trainings, studied with Bach Flowers and has been working and distributing Vibrational Tree Essences for many years.


She is best known for her joyful and gregarious personality.  She does her best to be the change she wants to see in the world by increasing collective consciousness, one person – or many – at a time.  She aims to create a world of solidarity, compassion and respect for all life and to elevate people to their highest potential.



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Celine has two favorite quotes:

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” by Mahatma Gandhi


“Know Thyself and You Shall Possess the Secrets of the Gods and the Keys to the Universe” By Henry David Thoreau


Every cell of her body resonates with those frequencies every day. They are the drive that keeps her aligned to her soul calling; be a model that everyone can follow; remove all polarities, be self-honest, and do what is best for all, every single day. 


She is already living in the new paradigm, and shares her vision of it by educating as many people as possible, through a revolutionary tool that reopens the Natural Learning Ability all over again, making learning practically unlimited… and so much more. 

The world is in great needs of beauty, love frequencies, and self-governance.  Celine uses her digital art* to spread the vibrations of this new paradigm around the world.


** To be announced when available for sale on the website.


11 Things About Celine ….




  1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?


I can recall a time as a child where I saw myself floating above the house; I was getting scared of being so high above and outside my house.  As soon as that thought registered, I started falling back – at super speed – from the sky, through the roof, the attic, and into my bed – or rather bouncing back into my body – and feeling it jump from the impact, therefore waking me up.  It was a fast ride for the kid I was! First out of body experience.



  1. Who is your favorite teacher, book and movie?


Favorite teacher: Lise Bourbeau was my best teacher, because she helped me overcome a portion of the domineering ego.


Favorite book: Marianne Williamson’s Enchanted Love – The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships


Favorite movie: Too many to mention but I always appreciate movies showing inner powers to save the world from parasites, time travel or time related, and love conquering themes.  I would say the 4th Matrix movie (The Matrix Resurrections) where Neo and Trinity find their optimal strength and power when they are together.  Making love real by uniting the feminine and masculine and working with the same vision/mission is an essential key for the salvation of our future.


  1. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?


One of the strangest has to be when I came face to face with a tornado in 2019. It was my third close encounter with these forces of nature.  What was strange about this particular one was that we actually had a conversation.  While I thought accessing my mailbox was going to be my last living moment, I asked the powerful windy Presence to spare my neighborhood.  At the same time, I was apologizing for all the unconscious human beings that were neglecting and destroying our beautiful planet, and admitting to “her” (the tornado):  “I understand why you have to do it; you are here to cleanse the negative effects of human foolishness and to spark an awakening.” I remember reaching out about 200 feet – with my consciousness and cannot be explained in words – with a tender gesture to touch the tornado with all the love and reverence my heart felt for its immense power.  It then spoke back to me: I will spare your area but will leave you a small souvenir of what my passage could have done.  True enough. It spared every neighbor, except my balcony which had been the theater of a mini tornado.  Crazy, isn’t it?



  1. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?


Joy and laughter are my cross to bear.  Even if people see me as weird, joy and laughter have to flow freely despite the fear of being judged.  I love to laugh; like my mom.  Can’t remember a single joke I heard in my life but I have laughed every single one of them with all my wits!



  1. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?


I believe my true life purpose is to rise above the perceived reality; to get out of the labyrinth of lies and break out of the matrix. I work to restore balance, peace, harmony, and equilibrium in the world. The process consists in increasing certainty and to neutralize my inner shadow.  To elevate my frequency above the shame, fear, limiting beliefs, and judgments to reach a high frequency. I believe we can resonate like a god and live an illuminated life without ego.  It has to be done through conscious awareness and self-forgiveness in order to become a model that can be replicated for all humankind. I am certain that we are here to rediscover the greatness that was hidden from us and live it fully by sharing our unique gifts and talents with the world.


  1. What’s your favorite animal?


Cats! They communicate so well without words. They are very connected beings that teach us unconditional love. We learn a lot from being in their company.  I always had many cats until a few years ago.  Now, Miss Fanny is the queen of the household, and brings a lot of joy with her pleasant and playful personality.


  1. What’s your favorite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

I love to sit still, in consciousness and let the physical body breathe itself; it fades and connects to its real form; a great golden sphere made of pure consciousness. It helps me see that we are so much more than what we were programmed to believe.  When I embody this, everything else is “small stuff”.


  1. What’s your favorite music / song / musical artist?


Silence is a beautiful music to my ears.  However, when I do listen to music, I choose songs that move me physically and emotionally.  Too many to mention…



  1. What’s your favorite food?


Love raspberries.  What a blissful fruit.



  1. What excites your creative juices?


Learning! As well as creating and making a positive imprint on the world!  The more I learn, the more I want to learn!  Creating is a must!  The creation of digital art (Dhammapada) to bring more beauty and meaning to the world is a soul calling request (for sale on my website:  Dhammapada is a vortex of words, set on beautiful backgrounds, that resonates with the theme chosen, to end mind-made suffering and increase the connection and frequency between all things and beings.


  1. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self-promote” here today?


I would say without shame that the knowledge and expertise I have acquired in my entire life made me an expert advisor in assisting people heal their deepest wounds:

With ease and simplicity

Faster than any therapy

By neutralizing fears and limiting programs

To affect your relationships in the best way

To crush your goals

To bring you emotional stability

To increase your income

To acquire certainty and confidence

And to access the greatness we all aspire to live

With a tool that a child can use


With this, you get my support to guide you through your healing process for life



This tool changed my life in so many outstanding ways and could change yours as well.

Contact me to allow yourself to become limitless.”



Other tools for your wellbeing:


Tree Essences: Subtle liquid extracts that nurture emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They nourish the energy field of people and animals via the resonance of trees. For stress, rejection, fears, abandonment, injustice, confidence, abuse, feeling blah, etc.


Dhammapada Digital Paintings: For beauty and connection. Each Dhammapada forms a vortex to end mind-made suffering.  Themes: Powerful, Healthy, Immune, Sovran, worthy, etc.  Bring beauty and peace to your environment. (Available for purchase on website)

To access the Square store /website:

Please reach out by email:

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