With my earliest memories. I was born a highly sensitive child who ‘just knew things’ even when there was no logical explanation as to why. Growing up I learned to hide this from the world but always used intuition to find my way (even if it was in secret). I was often referred to as an Indigo Child.

Educated as an accountant I bucked the traditional ideas of business and used all my gifts working as a tax and small business advisor for more than 15 years. Feeling the pull to do more spiritual work aligned with who I really am, I rekindled my studies of esoteric knowledge & energy dynamics, spiritual practices, and began a daily meditation practice.

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute with a coaching focus on spiritual awakening. I am also trained as a medical intuitive and spiritual/energy healer through the School of Intuition. Many years ago, I was trained in animal communication by famed animal communicator Mary Getten. Being able to help clients find spiritual or emotional blocks and helping them dissolve those blocks to bring about healing is so rewarding. This led to Serenity Intuitive where I help clients feel lighter, raise their vibration to more align with the new Earth energies and allow them to gain more serenity using energy healing techniques and guidance from Spirit.

As a two-time cancer survivor, I’ve done much spiritual work to find and get to my new normal. While cancer is a part of my story is not the defining part, or even the most interesting part. My biggest takeaway: Unfortunate things may happen, you choose how you deal and react to those things and no matter the outcome you can live from a place of peace, joy and love. When you embrace and understand The You that is beyond the body and the mind, a pretty amazing life can unfold, taking you in directions you never imagined.

The current state of our world needs people who help to raise everyone around them to a state of lightness and love. This lightwork is more than a passion for me; it is my true soul work. We all benefit when people awaken to their whole self and start to live their most authentic life — as a whole human be-ing. That’s why I started Serenity Intuitive and why I choose to work with amazing clients who go out in the world and shine!