Modern Day Medium with Julie Zdravkovska


“The Modern Day Medium” at 4PM PST on the 2nd Friday of the Month starting January 14th, 2022








“She’s a modern-day medium, the girl next door with this extraordinary gift…an original healer”

Hi, my name is Julie Zdravkovska and I’m a natural-born Medium and Healer working with the LIGHT; channelling messages and healing energy from SPIRIT.

I’ve been fortunate from an early age to be able to communicate with SPIRIT to help guide those in need and assist in the necessary changes required so that people can live a more fulfilled and energetic life.

My first recollection of communicating with SPIRIT and those who had passed over was around the age of 3. I would speak with my mum about what I was sensing and seeing and this information that I had shared with such detail occurred before I was even born. It was later at age seven that I had a better understanding of what was happening to me which started my journey through spirituality and the SOUL.

After years of exploring, developing, growing and learning, I’ve been blessed to have my SPIRITUAL LINEAGE include St. Joachim (MAIN GUIDE) along with his ANCESTRAL LINEAGE;

St. Anne, Mother Mary and Jesus, who all step forward in my sessions plus helping me evolve safely through to the next phase of my journey. In conjunction with those from the ‘Highest Light Counsel’ (Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Universal Beings) I am able to offer practical, insightful and detailed information to help guide you through life and experience the magic that is being connected to your inner-soul.

Using natural healing and mediumship abilities, I have dedicated my LIFE to helping many breakthrough physical, emotional and mental traumas and grief which can present itself as anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, mood swings, shame, self-blame, withdrawing from others, feeling disconnected or numb just to name a few. I have seen spiritual GIFTS help free people from this pain.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria and offer my services in-person as well as online using Zoom.













“…loved every minute of being in your space
and your teachings… absolutely amazing… I have a completely different energy running through me.”


Do you want to enhance or begin the journey to understanding and working with your intuitive gifts? Do you want to be part of a fun, interactive and welcoming group of people?

Come explore the wonders of spirituality, crystals, meditation, numerology and astrology just to name a few. Each month holds a different theme filled with teachings, healings and psychic readings.

  • Energy Teachings

  • Spiritual Development

  • Dimensional Meditation

  • DNA Sound Healings

  • Soul-Inspiring Connections

Each month will be working with a specific theme.

There will be exercises that we will go through to help you connect and gain as much guidance and information as possible for healing and clarity. We will spend time channelling, writing and giving readings about what we sense.

Every month I choose a different crystal to work with and discuss its benefits, uses and healing properties.

We also look at other aspects of Spirituality such as the Chakra System, Numerology, Modalities, Tools and Astrology

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(Age appropriate 16+ years)

Medium, Healer & Spirit Channel | | Australia




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