Proud Pet Communications with Rose Proud

Proud Pet Communications on the 4TH Thursday of the Month at 2PM PST / 5PM EST beginning MAY 24TH 2018


About Animal Communicator Rose Proud

Rose is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has studied energy healing, meditation, natural medicine and remedies, along with numerous spiritual growth practices. But throughout her entire journey of personal growth, Rose has always felt a particular affinity for the energy of animals.

Even as a child, Rose felt a strong connection to animals. Understanding how they feel has always come natural to her.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Rose took her first Animal Communication class and started to actively develop her natural abilities. Through continued study, practice and dedication, she is now a Certified Animal Communicator.

She is also a dedicated advocate for multiple animal rescues, volunteering her time, and often does readings to help with rescued animals.

In her work, she helps pets with challenging life issues and negotiates effective solutions to increase the quality of their lives.

She is able to communicate with any type of pet; cat, dog, turtle, horse, etc. She has even worked with wild animals.

If you would like Rose to work with your animal friend(s), contact her to schedule a session.


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I offer in person (local) and over the phone sessions. I can also do an entire session of energy healing. To schedule your session, visit:


Animal Communication Sessions

60 Min $133

90 Min $183

Follow Up / Check In -30 Min) – $85 (Same issue, same animal as initial 1/2 or 1 hour session)

Home /Barn Visit -60-90 Min $300

**Additional charge if travel time is more than 30 minutes

Remote Energy Healing

30 Min  $50

*I understand that for some, financial hardship may make the cost of a session difficult. I am willing to offer a sliding scale to those who qualify. Please call or email me with your request.

Mentorship Program

A personally tailored mentorship program that will spark your intuition, help you uncover your unique gifts, remove old beliefs that are blocking those gifts and allow you to begin using your intuitive communication skills. Depending on your unique goals, experiences and gifts, you can choose between a focus in animal communication or a focus in intuitive development to create a completely customized 1:1 mentorship program. Students will meet over the phone and work directly with me once per week for 60-90 minutes for 6-12 weeks.

While each program is uniquely designed depending on the student, there are some fundamental modules we will cover to ensure you are setup and have a solid foundation to hit your individual goals and learn intuitive communication in an ethical, loving and supportive way. In addition, you will receive ongoing support as questions arise in your practice.

Core topics:

Foundation Building: Intuitive Development.

Uncover your unique ways of receiving information + how to recognize intuitive messages.

Grounding: What is it and why it’s important +methods & techniques for grounding and centering.

Chakras: Understanding the energy centers + chakras in our body and how you can use these in readings and healings.

Boundaries: How to set boundaries and balance energetically.

Self-healing:  Techniques to acknowledge blocks, self-heal and expand your intuition.

Release: How to release doubt and judgment and open to your higher-self.

Clearing: Methods for clearing and releasing negative beliefs, energy and blocks. Learn how to keep a balanced energy and emotional system to create a clear channel to receive and share information.

Meditations: Guided meditations for at home practice. Learning to tap into your intuition on your own and practice at home.

Guides: Session dedicated to meeting your unique Guides who are here to support you on your journey. You will learn to to call your guides in, how to ask for assistance and how to build a relationship and recognize your guides.

Receiving Information: Learn and understand how you receive and perceive information and energy.

Deep Healing Hypnotherapy Sessions: At times during a mentorship program, my clients encounter deeply rooted beliefs that have blocked them from accessing their intuition and gifts. While we work through acknowledging and moving those blockages, at times, deeper healing is required for clients to get the results they want. I include deep healing sessions as part of the mentorship where I will use my 27 years of hypnotherapy experience to help you get to the root of a block and shift it so you can access your intuition and spiritual gifts fully, getting you closer to your highest self.

For clients who want choose a focus in animal communication for either personal or professional use, we will cover additional topics:

Animal Communication: Methods of connecting and communication with animals.

Reading Space: Learn how to create a reading space and manage a session.

Animal Chakras: Learn the unique animal chakra system and how to use it to heal and offer loving energy to animals.

Agreements + Soul Contracts: Understand how agreements and soul contracts impact relationships and events in this life and how to interpret each.

Troubleshooting Specific Issues: Learn to manage the common issues clients experience and how to support them through each and resolve challenges.

-Health challenges, aging/end of life, behavioral issues, changes in household, disharmony in household.

Lost Animals: Understand how to connect with a lost pet, manage a “lost pet” session with the human client and how to communicate the message.

Animal Kingdom Specifics:

Unique characteristics of specific animal groups

Practice Sessions: Dedicated practice sessions with real animals so you can experience your unique gifts in action and gain confidence in your skills.

Building a Business: Fundamentals of offering and charging for sessions and turning your new skills into an offering.

Message me to schedule a complimentary clarity call to answer any questions and discuss the mentorship program!

Animal Blessing Ceremony

I am available to perform Animal Blessing Ceremonies at your place of business or event. This is done on a donation basis and the proceeds are donated to local animal rescues.

Contact Me:


828-388-7366 Call/Text

Rose Proud
Certified Animal Communicator

Radio Show-4th Thurs. of the month
2:00PM PST/5:00OM EST
CALL IN LIVE: 646-595-4274


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