Rayzen Energy with Sarah Lascano

RAYZEN ENERGY on the 2nd  Friday of the month at 10am PST starting in September 14, 2022


About Sarah


My own health challenges led me to found RayZen Energy, where I am an energy healer and medical intuitive.

I’d love to introduce you to my precision energy medicine that gets results fast, without having to relive your past. I use my own unique heart-centered method of healing that lets the body show the way and gently release blocks keeping it stuck.

Since I opened my practice eight years ago, I have provided over 4,000 personalized healing sessions to clients all over the world using my organic collection of certifications, training, skills, knowledge, and firsthand experiences.


I battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, and multiple food sensitivities. I was sensitive to more than 80% of the foods I was eating.

I visited several doctors and was told there was no way to treat my symptoms. Frustrated with the lack of answers, I decided to take ownership of my health.

I started learning about the mind-body connection and the body’s energy system. I experimented with supplements and food as medicine, as well as naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and holistic healing.

You can learn more about my personal journey in the bestselling book “The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women,” available for purchase. Contact me for information.


The most powerful transformation I experienced in my health was from energy healing.

I dedicated myself to learning more. It brings me joy to share my knowledge and skills with others to help speed their own path of healing. I know the frustration when one is told there are no answers. It is my passion to help you realize there indeed are answers, even to symptoms and illnesses deemed untreatable.

By taking into account your entire system – body, mind and spirit –  we can heal what seems untreatable. My clients notice physical improvements in as little as 1 to 3 sessions.

Come experience healing power like no other: customized just for you, by listening to your body’s unique needs, in each and every expert energy medicine session.



Credentials and Training






No matter what else has failed or what you’ve been told.


“When our energy becomes blocked, we become disconnected, setting the stage for illness. As we remove these blocks, your body can recover and heal.”


Did you know we can heal your body by working with energy?

We can change your health, your experience, and your life. If you’ve been told:

▪ Your health problems are all in your head

▪ Symptoms come back no matter what you try

▪ Nothing seems to help you feel better

▪ You feel stuck and are unsure of your next step


By looking at the root cause, not just treating symptoms

▪ With an approach that takes all of you into account – mind, body and spirit.

▪ With client-centered healing that listens to your body’s unique needs and lets it lead the way each and every session

▪ With powerful healing that moves blocks fast with no side effects, medications, supplements, or invasive therapies.

▪ With an approach that is 100% safe and complements all other therapies – no negative interactions with other therapies or medications.



Your innate wisdom knows how to heal. I move the blocks keeping this part of you stuck. As we lift off blocks, your body immediately begins to heal. Leave behind anxiety, pain, infections, digestive problems, food sensitivities, excess weight, burnout, low energy, and more. Ready to welcome health? I can help you get there.


FIND OUT MORE HERE:  Work with Me (rayzenenergy.com)


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