Sacred Healing with Felice DiAnna



Sacred Healing  with Felice on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 11am PST starting January 28th, 2020



Let me help you get in touch with that deeper purpose within you.

I am a Mystic and Enlightened Healer, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Massage Therapist, a Pediatric Massage Therapist, and a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. I am an Intuitive Life Coach, however my highest qualification is that in 2012 I had the most profound Encounter with The Divine in which I transcended, in waking hours, into the arms of the most Sacred Powerful Loving Energy of Total Perfection. This was REVELATION and ENLIGHTENMENT – A CALL TO SERVICE.  I was given the gift of “SACRED FUSION ENERGY.”

I was given this gift to share with others in numerous ways – through my heart, intuition, hands and words. I am here to help you uncover the gifts buried within you First you have to choose to go on this sacred journey to find out who you really are. I will help you map out the path and together we will dig in the right places. I am here to help you find your peace, love, purpose and wholeness. You will be in awe as you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

I am here to help you to connect to the Spirit that fuels the very life we live. Living with this awareness can dramatically enhance and enrich your life in order to live a more unified human experience.  At the heart of each of us lies something deeper and more profound than can be imagined. To get a glimpse of this Divine power and energy is the most sublime experience a person can have.

I still have challenges in my life but I know that they continue to make me grow and be a compassionate, empathetic human being with a great awareness of the suffering and troubles of every living being. I cannot promise you that it will be easy, but you will be rewarded with the inner strength and the gift of trusting yourself to make better choices to create the life that is your soul’s purpose.

Let me help you get in touch with that deeper purpose within you.




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11 Things About Felice….



  1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

I had had a number of what I would call spiritual experiences when I was young.  I didn’t

realize it then but I was very sensitive to energy and was very intuitive but too busy

surviving life to get deeply into it.  However, the first experience  that was unquestionably beyond 3d normal’ was when I woke up in the middle of the night, sat up in bed and in the bedroom window were the most magnificent pair of white angel wings tipped in gold and one of my beautiful furry babies Sadie, who had crossed over a few weeks before, was being held in the wings to let me know she was okay.   It was glorious, miraculous and I was in awe.


  1. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

My favourite teacher is Carolyn Myss.  My favourite book is Sacred Contracts.  I love watching movies but my favourite is The Shawshank Redemption.


  1. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

It was in waking hours the morning of April 13th 2012 in the presence of two other people. It was supernatural and  absolutely miraculous, amazing, transformational and blissful and it was the day the Sacred Energy of God so very lovingly  introduced itself to me and gave me enlightenment.


  1. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

My Mother suffered from very severe Tourette’s Syndrome.


  1. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

I feel that my true life’s purpose right now is to help people heal on every level in order for

their soul to evolve and for them to know who they really are.  You have to know yourself in order to bring your God given unique gift into the world.


  1. What’s your favourite animal?

I have always loved all animals but dogs take first place. I have been  a rescuer all my life and have had as many as 14 animals living at my home at one time.  Right now we have a precious Chihuahua CeCe, who lights up our lives and goes everywhere with us.


  1. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

Sacred Energy Healing or sitting quietly, playing music that touches my heart and allowing my soul to travel  towards  The Light.


  1. What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

I love to dance to Disco music.  My favorite song is Jimmy Durante singing “Make Someone



  1. What’s your favourite food?

I love a good veggie burger.


  1. What excites your creative juices?

The mystical. The very  powerful  connection that the soul has to God.  Experiencing the brilliance of how it works and the need to know more. I love the synchronicity and how it speaks to me.  To be my part in the oneness of it all and  helping others to become theirs.



  1. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

Distant/Remote or In person Sacred Healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit, to help people

reach their highest potential at the soul level which is needed by all in order to heal the world we live in.

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