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Soul Awakening” at NOON PST on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month  starting December 21, 2021


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“Soul Awakening” with Chrissy at NOON PST on the third Tuesday of the Month  


Chrissy is very spiritual and strongly believes in a higher power.  It is that higher power that guided her to investigate her intuitive abilities.  When she was young she was very intuitive but didn’t realize what was happening.  She would feel that she “knew” things about the people involved in a situation or the situation itself.  As a child, she had no outlet or support for this, so she kept it inside.  As she got older, she ignored it, to a large degree, but it was always there.

When Chrissy was in her mid-twenties, she began investigating this intuition.  The experience of knowing something without being told could no longer be ignored.  Now, she was in a place where she had people to talk to about it.  With some loving support, she was able to continue her discovery of this gift and further develop it both through the guidance of others like her and through the experience of working one on one with many people.

Chrissy considers herself an Intuitive and a Medium, she offers very detailed, very accurate information.  When you work with Chrissy, you will know that she is reading for you.  She will give you information that will help you to confirm it for yourself.

For over ten years Chrissy has been working in Occupational Therapy.  She has worked in multiple venues with many types of people.  From helping children following hospital stays, treating hand injuries and doing home health to working in a school for autistic children and working in nursing homes.  She has helped a lot of people get their lives back.






What is an Inuitive Reading?


Intuitive Counseling and Mediumship
Intuitive Counseling is a spiritually guided approach to handling common problems in life.  Using intuition and Spiritual guidance Chrissy will help you investigate the challenges you’re experiencing and assist you in making decisions.  While the decisions in your life are always up to you, including an Intuitive in your process can be very revealing.Could you benefit from:
*Increased clarity
*Personalized guidance
*Deeper understanding of self
*Confirmation of life decisions
*Connection or closure with a loved one who has passed onIntuitive Reading and Mediumship sessions with Chrissy are by phone or Skype.  Readings include any form of information that arises in the course of a session.  For most sessions this means Intuitive Guidance on a concerning issue in life, Medium contact with a loved one and may include other forms of intuited information or suggestions for improving a life event.  Each session is personal and private and the results will be kept between Chrissy and the client(s).

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