Sparkles of Love with Ana-La-Rai

Sparkles of Love with Ana-La-Rai on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 2pm pacific


Good day everyone and thank you for joining me for the Sparkles of Love Show on News for the Soul Radio!

I am Universal, direct-Source channel, Ana-La-Rai.

I’ll be your divine guide to the other side and host for this hour together.
Sparkles of Love
 is an energetic platform bringing new information and ground-breaking programs for conscious Early-adopters and Love-based leaders dedicated to shifting the consciousness of humanity.

Our unprecedented energetic advancements activate your highest states of being and pure Source connections for your greatest potentials.


More about Ana-La-Rai

I am  Ana-La-Rai, a Universal Channel, Divine Planetary Liaison, Energy Worker, and your guide to the newest opportunities to advance your Awakening.

It is only through the highest vibrations of Love, Pure Source Light, Integrity, Clarity, and Group Consciousness that I work in co-creation with my clients, the Guides, and Source.

Enrich your life by deepening your connection to Self. Experience more of your divinity and align to your unlimited potential with the newest energies, processes, and activations available now!



In private sessions information and visuals flow forth from past incarnations and present day

allowing me to share and assist individuals in the moment. During group workshops new processes, upgrades, and energetic tools are brought forward to assist us in our personal soul growth and evolution.

I am most grateful the Guides trust me to bring through these wonderful new energies to you.

My journey has been many years and lifetimes in the making and still continues.

I believe it is vital to continue to work on myself, to clear my triggers and be as energetically clean as possible to allow these new frequencies into my body, my energetic fields, and my life.

You can  read more about my personal journey through my Blog posts.


As I grow and expand so do my gifts and my abilities. My clients, friends, and Mother Gaia all benefit from my energetic up-grades and shifts, and you can too!

To read client statements about their own amazing transformations through our work together,

click here.


Formal Training

My formal training began in 2002 with my first human teacher, Amarial, and was overlighted by The Council of 12 Overlighting the Healing of the Lovebody & Waters of Earth, The Galactic Federation of Healers, The Angelic Hosts, Dr. Lorphan Head of the Galactic Healers, and Lenduce the Dolphin.

It was through this training that I graduated as the first Water Healer. From there I went on to take my Teacher training (Mumara), and then completed my Mumara’s Mumara training in 2004.

Over the years I have completed workshops and private sessions with Panache Desai, Bryan de Flores and in

 2015 I completed Intuitive Life Coaching with Christie Marie Sheldon, further fine-tuning my skills.  In 2018 I completed Healing Mastery and  the in-person Advanced Healing Mastery with Mas Sajady.

Since then, I have assisted thousands of individuals, and lead many group workshops across Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica, and online.


 Planetary Mission

My planetary mission is to bring people together to prepare the way for united global transformation.

This has been my work with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness as their Channel and Voice since 2013.

Our focus in 2021 is to assist humanity in raising its own consciousness and vibration, both collectively and individually, in addition to our ongoing purpose to support Mother Gaia in her own ascension and

The Great Awakening.

Learn more about The Alchemy’s weekend workshops and Tuesday free weekly meditations here.



In the last couple of years my creativity has flowed from jewellery making to acrylic painting,

while photography remains a constant outlet.

All of my art are also energetic tools, infused with love, joy, flow and more!

I am also offering original artwork for sale as well as digital downloads.

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