Spirit Connections & Healing with Kayla & Monique Gagnon



Spirit Connections & Healing with Kayla & Monique on the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 11am PACIFIC time starting on February 25th , 2020!



Monique Gagnon is a certified spiritual medium and psychic reader, as well as an Angel Card reader. Her psychic abilities were already present in her life at a young age. As a child, she could always sense and feel spirits around her, and would always have deceased loved ones come to her in dreams, after their passing. Monique has always been drawn to helping people. She became a nurse for 18 years, then transitioned careers and became a personal trainer and yoga instructor. Monique then felt a strong pull in her life, to further explore her psychic abilities. She has taken numerous spiritual courses and workshops over the last 7 years and continues to do so. Monique also became a “certified” medium through the spiritual school of Carmel Joy Baird  in 2017 and by Kristel Kernaghan (Divine Clarity) in 2018.




Kayla Gagnon is a certified Reiki master, certified ThetaHealing practitioner, a certified medium by Kristel Kernaghan (Divine Clarity) in 2018 and a psychic and Angel Card reader. Kayla was always interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical. Kayla has always had the ability to sense and feel spirits, as well as read the energy of others. Kayla received her first Reiki attunement at the age of 16, and has continued to receive further spiritual courses and certifications over the past 10 years. Kayla works as an elementary school teacher, and loves sharing her passion for healing with children and adults alike.





Mediumship Reading

 Mediumship is the process of communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.  As mediums, Monique and Kayla will connect with spirits who have crossed over and  provide the client with evidential information, as well as messages of healing and comfort.


Psychic/Intuitive Reading

 Monique and Kayla will tune into the client’s aura or energy field to gather information about the past, present and/or future.


Angel Card Reading

 Kayla and Monique will use a deck of Angel Cards which reflects the client’s energy field  to communicate information about the past, present, and/or future. Angel Card readings tap into angelic presence to guide the client towards their best life.


Reiki Session

 Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. Reiki is a gentle therapy in which Kayla will gently place her hands lightly on or over  the client’s body to facilitate the client’s healing.


ThetaHealing Session

ThetaHealing is a healing modality in which Kayla will help to uncover and release key beliefs that may be holding physical, spiritual, and/or emotional issues in place. Kayla connects to the energy of Creator to help in removing beliefs that are not for your highest good and replacing them with positive and life-affirming ones.


Intuitive Guidance Session

In an intuitive guidance session, Kayla and Monique will use their intuition and channeled guidance from Spirit to assist the client in living their highest expression. This session is a unique opportunity for a “back and forth” conversation in which the client may share whatever they wish to with the goal of receiving guidance through Monique or Kayla.


Find out more at https://spiritconnectionsandhealing.com



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