Spirit Speaks with Lisa Virtue


SPIRIT SPEAKS with Lisa Virtue on Alternate Wednesdays at 10am Pacific time starting MAY 8TH, 2019


Lisa Virtue’s journey to working with the angels both on stage and in private, personal sessions is filled with twists, turns and miracles.

The daughter of a diplomat, she was raised living in a variety of countries, providing Lisa with an international perspective and appreciation.  This helped her to develop an innate understanding that no matter our station in life or circumstances, we are all fundamentally the same underneath.  This understanding carried through her career path, including being a video editor and director, only to become even more profound when she began connecting with people’s higher selves and the greater divine spirit.

One day the Universe decided it was time to get Lisa on a new path and bing, bang, boom things happened quickly.  A trip to a massage therapist led to a grounding workshop, which led to trading services with a respected energy healer.  From there her exponential journey took off as her extrasensory perceptions began to blossom.  Before you know it, Lisa is encouraged to open her own healing practice.


Miracles and angel teachings came forth, particularly with Archangels Metatron, Michael and Raphael. They each came to teach her new healing and connecting methods: as Lisa lovingly calls it “Archangel School”.

Today Lisa is living her life following the compass of her inner truth and trust in divine guidance.  She feels great joy as she permits Spirit to channel through her voice to deliver uplifting messages and helpful guidance to those in need.  She also works directly with Spirit providing healing at a deep level to aid in positive transformations in people’s lives.  Lisa remains ever grateful for the gifts, blessings and miracles in her life, and knows that each and every person has the ability to access the same.  It is now her desire to help people live their authentic life and open to the majesty and miracles available to them.

Lisa enjoys learning and, in addition to the continuing teachings from the angels/Spirit, she has studied a variety of modalities.

2 year Crystal Shamanism program

Vibrational Healing

Animal Communication

Plant Communication

Huna Level 1

Awakening the Illuminated Heart


Crystal Healing

Magnetic Healing


Muscle Testing






The wisdom of the angels, guides and divine realms flows through the conduit Lisa offers, to your ears. Tools, insights and new perspectives are shared to assist and uplift you in your life’s journey.

Lisa transmits the dialogue as it comes through, without editing.  You may ask what you wish as what and how Spirit answers is up to them.  In Lisa’s experience, Lottery numbers and other specifics tend to be outside Spirit’s intention for these communications.  If it is in highest good for a message from a deceased loved one to come through, Spirit will make it happen.  It is recommended to hold that type of connection as a bonus though.




Find out more at https://www.lisavirtue.com/channelling

11 Things About Lisa …


  1.    What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?


Like many people, I started reading books and watching videos as my curiosity grew. However, the first direct experience I remember having was when I attended a workshop on intuition a friend was developing. There was a moment when he pointed out a feeling I had deep within me and called it intuition. Once he pointed it out, I realized I had felt it all of my life, but never knew it was anything. It had no frame of reference as it was never recognized or developed. That was a huge moment of awakening for me.


Later in the class we were asked to tune in to a particular person in another city. When I used my newly found intuition to do this, I felt a very strong negative sense about the person, and began feeling it physically. My friend had me stop immediately and commented on how strong my natural ability was.


It certainly turned out to be so. I am very grateful to have been able to cultivate it over the years, and continue cultivating it, so I can put this beautiful talent to good use in the world.



  1.    Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?


I have a fond spot for Esther Hicks, as she and Abraham, who she channels, played a big role in my awakening.


At the time I was working as a director and editor in film/tv/video. I was asked to do editing work on some of the Abraham-Hicks DVDs. I had never heard of them, or channelling, before.


The content blew me away. It was so profound to me that my enthusiasm in sharing it got a bit much for some people. Soon after working on the videos I had the opportunity to either go to her workshop in Boston or take a directing workshop at home in Ottawa, Canada. I decided to take the directing workshop.


Right away, as the class members were introducing themselves, one of them said he was looking for help making some videos. I practically jumped out of my chair to say that I could help him as the fit seemed perfect. We met up at break time and I found out he was actually a channeller and medium! Instead of going to Esther, I got my very own local channeller!


We arranged for me to film his channelling, and I remember thinking how impossible it seemed for me to ever be able to channel. Little did I know what the Universe had in store. This man is the one whose intuition workshop I would end up attending.


As far as books go, Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch, was one of the early books in my journey. In fact I’m reading his latest in the series right now, Book 4. I find the wisdom in those books aligns with the messages Spirit shares when I channel.


  1.    What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?


Funny, things I used to find strange have become so normal for me now! There’s so many beyond-normal experiences to choose from.


One that stands out is the first time I channelled. I did so in the privacy of my office so I wouldn’t feel inhibited. One by one my guides took turns speaking through me, introducing themselves. My voice changed for each. As they merged with me, I could feel the sensation of the energy of my face shifting to be more like them. Like the image of them I was seeing with my inner vision.


It was definitely strange, but felt amazing and positive the whole time.


  1.    What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?


Something that surprises people is that I drive a sports car on the racetrack in lapping events. It’s definitely a departure, but once I tried it I had fun. For me, the self-development that goes on as I learn to push my boundaries in the car, parallels the spiritual/personal development I experience outside of the car.


  1.    What do you feel your true life purpose to be?


This has a few answers, for me.


  1. I believe we are here to simply experience. This realm is one in which we can experience concepts in the physical. So, as Abraham-Hicks says, “You can’t get it wrong and you can’t get it done.”


  1. Enlightenment pulls me like a moth to a flame.


  1. I feel that I am also here to assist others in their “enlightenment journeys”.  How this is done shifts and morphs over time and in conjunction with my own journey. I regularly feel like I’m being “upgraded” to a more and more profound divine connection and “abilities”. I have had visions and journeys that allude to my playing a large, positive role in the spiritual shifts going on. However, I simply move forward day by day with humility, following my guidance the best I can, allowing life to unfold in the way it is called.



  1.    What’s your favourite animal?


Ooooh, I love animals so much! Living in Costa Rica right now, my boyfriend and friends have come to know that if we encounter a cool animal, I will be stopping for quite a while to admire it. (And often talk to them if I can calm my excitement enough. LOL.)


I’d say cats are my favourite. I’ve had cats my whole life up until this recent travelling journey. My deepest love was with a cat I had who passed a couple of years ago. It felt like we were part of the same soul. I miss her greatly and have felt so blessed to have her visit my dreamtime on a few occasions where I get to feel as if I’m really holding her again – very real and impactful.


Here in Costa Rica the toucans came as totems for me during the first part of our stay. Lately the Scarlett Macaws are prominent  and treat us with formation flying displays. The flocks also decorate the trees like colourful Christmas ornaments.


Another amazing moment for me was when a sloth passed through our yard one day, the mascot for my Restorative Yoga classes. 🙂


Animals are always delivering messages and I love the cute and cuddly ones. The creepy crawlies I appreciate and love as divine beings, but let’s just say the attraction is not quite there. Ha ha ha.


  1.    What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?


There’s a meditative grounding exercise I teach in my Connect with your Guides and Angels workshop that I find to be very helpful for me, and my students.


We use visualization, breath and intention to support our chakras and energy flow, and connect with the Earth and the Divine.


My favourite part is the amazement students express when I have them practice maintaining this state while dealing with real world circumstances. Discovering that you have far more control and positive influence in your life and situations, with such a simple practice, is very empowering.


Definitely the most useful tool of them all. I feel the world would be a better place if everyone could be so grounded and aligned all of the time.


  1.    What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?




My favourite is actually the singing bowls, chimes and gongs sounded by my boyfriend, Mark Daniel.  He is a Master and it is a delight to indulge in one of his sound baths.


I like to listen to Deva Premal and Snatam Kaur for chanting/spiritual music.


Now and then I’ll put on some rock/pop when I want to feel upbeat or just play. Or if I have a chore to do, it makes it more fun.


  1.    What’s your favourite food?


Chocolate ice cream for sure. Followed by brownies, chocolate devil’s food cake, chocolate desserts, then desserts in general. 😀


  1.  What excites your creative juices?


Coming up with ways I can share all the spiritually-type stuff I’m interested in with others excites me. I’ve never been much of a talker in my life, but when it comes to this stuff, you’d never know it! Definitely my passion.


Since I’m so highly empathic, if someone else I’m with is excited about a project, I can get swept up into that energy. I’ve learned to discern when it’s all their energy or if it’s sparking my own for the same thing, or is a catalyst for energizing me for my own creations.


Spirit is really great at placing opportunities in my path that are aligned for me. So it’s easy to get excited and creative with them. Like News For The Soul, for example.


  1.  What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?


One-on-one channelling sessions over the phone or internet. This allows us to explore things that are personal and meaningful to you.


Your spirit guides have the opportunity to converse directly with you, via my voice. Invited in are also any angels, archangels, divine masters and, as a category, high vibration divine beings that are in highest good to channel through for you.


You can ask them any questions you have, or simply allow them to share their wisdoms. They love to offer you tools to help you in your life and can be applied to many circumstances. They love you so very much and cherish connecting with you.


It pleases me greatly to be able to facilitate this dialogue for you.


Visit Lisa online at https://www.lisavirtue.com/

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