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Anne Beversdorf is one of the few professional astrologers who uses both western astrology and the Vedic astrology of India in all readings. Your personal consultation will include all the parameters of your natal chart: transits, progressions, dasas, divisional charts with Vedic remedy systems, and more. This makes it possible to see current issues as well as forecast changing conditions in the near and distant future.


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Anne Beversdorf

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself

I’ve been a full-time practicing astrologer, using both Western Astrology and Jyotish, or “Vedic” Astrology from India, since 1993.  Like many, my route to this career has been somewhat varied. The most important thing about astrology, for me, is that it helps me understand things I’ve never before been able to understand. For example, when I was a teenager, my two-year-old sister (my soul-daughter) accidentally drowned. This was the single most important event in my life and one which took me over thirty years to begin to resolve. Many years later, when I was studying the trapped comet Chiron, I realized that my sister’s death was cyclically related, through the Chiron cycle, to the end of my marriage many years later and that another event would come in 1994 that would help resolve that pattern.

As the Cosmic Dance entered 1994, the healing event presented itself. My greatest fear was losing, to death, someone I deeply loved, and now my dearest friend was facing death. There was no way to go but forward. Through my study of astrology, I was able to see that his decision to live and die in my home would bring about my healing… and I could also see how my struggle with my sister’s death prepared me to be the person he needed in his last years.

For me, the meaning of astrology is in its ability to reveal the movements of this cosmic dance: to show us not only the patterns but why and how they create beauty and meaning for our lives. In addition, the traditions of Vedic astrology offer “remedies” to relieve ongoing conditions and prevent future difficulties.  I’ve worked with many people who have faced issues of love and loss, and for each of them, understanding and working with the patterns has given them new hope and healing.

On a more mundane level, for those who would like to know my professional background, I have a BA Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas, Austin; a Master’s degree in Information Science from Indiana University. I’ve studied astrology for many years, under excellent teachers and by reading hundreds of astrological books. I am still an active student of astrology.

In the more distant past, I’ve been a librarian, have owned a successful educational software distributorship, taught computer education at Indiana University and California State University, San Diego, and more recently consulted in marketing and product selection for World Almanac Educational Books. I have worked in fiber arts most of my life (post-grad work at Indiana University) and have a body of work (miniature, be-jeweled tapestries in silk and metallic threads, based on early medieval illuminated manuscripts) that has been exhibited in Texas galleries and purchased by collectors around the country.

My parents were both classical musicians and educators and music is still an important part of my life. I’ve been married and divorced, and married and divorced again and have lived mostly in Southern Indiana, Southern California, and now in the beautiful heart of Texas in Austin, which is the home of the University of Texas, my alma mater and that of both of my parents. Austin also happens to be the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Now that I’m here, I’ve been on the board of directors of the Astrological Society of Austin, and on the Council for the Institute of Noetic Sciences Austin group, both dynamic groups with great people.





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