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Join Merrily on her Super Soul Solutions show–now airing every other Thursday at 4:00 p.m.!  Check back here to see what’s coming up next or connect to an archived show.










Hourly sessions for Q&A, sharing perspectives, or offering effective solutions for you, are available for $100 per hour. Contact me below with your consulting request and please include your phone number as well. At the time we schedule your appointment, you will prepay for the session. (A Sliding scale is considered for truly ‘hardship’ cases.)

I would be honored to assist you with your concerns covering a wide variety of topics – a few of which are below.

1. Personal health and healing SUPPORT sessions

2. Questions you may have on Health, Healing, and Happiness

3. Learning How to Bodywhisper with your own body

4. Intuitive Healing Coach support

3. Getting clarity on your soul’s purpose in this life

4. Wanting additional perspectives on any experience you have had

5. The 3 Easiest Simple Steps for truly Manifesting

6. The latest research in advanced 4th Phase, EZ water and, where to buy some.

7. Regenerative healing modalities and where to get some of the self-help devices.

8. Learning about a much larger galactic perspective – The Big Picture view

9. Desiring greater spiritual understanding and overview of the 4 proverbial questions on the Home page

10. 3 Easiest Simple Steps for Manifesting … and it works!

11. QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) Sessions MUST be done in person; not Skype (Visit QHHT page)

12. Crank-Ups – Skype video only or in person



Merrily R. Milmoe, CMT, QHHT, CLYT

Mill Valley, Ca.

(510) 410 – 8717 



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