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We'll start our week right - clearing our blocks to a great week using Emotional Freedom Tapping technique with "EFT Wizard" Brad Yates -- EFT Wizard Brad Yates on News for the Soul - Brad Yates is known on News for the Soul Radio as "The EFT Wizard" due to his profound ability to clear energy blocks on deep levels through the use of EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - often facilitating fast life changing results for News for the Soul listeners around the world. www.BradYates.net - see the tapping points here ------ SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.LoveBeyondBelief.com


CALL IN FOR AN EFT SESSION! (646) 595 4274 … We’ll start our week right – clearing our blocks to a great week using Emotional Freedom Tapping technique with “EFT Wizard” Brad Yates EFT Wizard Brad Yates on News for the Soul – Brad Yates is known on News for the Soul Radio as “The EFT Wizard” due to his profound ability to clear energy blocks on deep levels through the use of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – often facilitating fast life changing results for News for the Soul listeners around the world. www.BradYates.netsee the tapping points here —— SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.LoveBeyondBelief.com

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Brad feels blessed to be known internationally for his creative and
often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT). He
was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation
Institute in Tarzana, CA, where he served on staff. Combining this
background with training in energy psychology and various schools
of thought in the area of personal growth and achievement, he
coaches groups and individuals in achieving greater success, health
and happiness in their lives.

Brad has had the privilege and pleasure of working with a diverse
group of clients, from CEO’s to professional and NCAA athletes, from
chiropractors and psychiatrists to corporate and federal attorneys,
from award-winning actors to residents at a program for homeless
men and women in Santa Monica. For several years he taught a
weekly class using EFT and guided imagery at Sacramento Drug

Brad has also been a presenter at a number of events, including
several International Energy Psychology Conferences and the Walk
On Water (WOW) Fest in Los Angeles. He has presented at Jack
Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success event, and has done teleseminars
with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale. Brad has also
been a featured expert in every Tapping World Summit.

Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s
Wish,” the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips,”
a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution” (along with Jack
Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Bruce Lipton), and
has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk
shows. Brad also has over 500 videos on YouTube, that have been
viewed over 8 million times, and is a contributing expert on the Huffington Post.

For those who have suffered through dry seminars, you should
know that Brad’s eclectic background includes several years as
an internationally performing actor, and (yes… it is true) he is
a graduate of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College,
where he was selected to be the emcee and a featured
performer in the final show under the “Big Top.” :•)

Brad is a caring professional with a sincere interest in seeing
people produce extraordinary results. He lives in the Sacramento
area with his wonderful wife and their two magnificent kids.

Be Magnificent!


Are You Ready to Experience Love Beyond Belief?

PostHeaderIcon Really??

So, if you don’t already have LOVE BEYOND BELIEF in your life, what is stopping it from showing up?

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LOVE BEYOND BELIEF is a powerful instantly downloadable five hour audio program that can change the lives of everyone who uses it.

The LBB program uses one of the most popular subconscious block RELEASE techniques called EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique].

You are about to find out how to release negative old relationship patterns for good!

There are unconscious reasons why things are the way they are. And if they are blocking you from happiness, then it is time to let them go.

Here is a way to release the subconscious blocks that are in your way and begin living the love you deserve – today!


All five weeks of audio trainings are one click away. Go through the program at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. And you can ‘re-tap’ to clear further blocks!

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Throughout this page, you will find several unsolicited testimonials from Love Beyond Beliefers who have tapped their way to new levels of relationship using these audio programs.

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Along with instant access to the full audio program, you will receive several valuable bonuses. See below for more details about the free gifts included with LBB .

PostHeaderIcon You Deserve Love Beyond Belief Now!

From: Nicole Whitney and Brad Yates
Wednesday 11:09 AM

Dear Friend,

We are very excited to tell you about LOVE BEYOND BELIEF!

The Love Beyond Belief Program features five powerful life changing hours of interactive EFT audio sessions designed to blast through your unconscious blocks to true love and happiness.

Hosted by News for the Soul producer Nicole Whitney, the Love Beyond Belief Series features five LIVE empowering release sessions conducted by “EFT Wizard Brad Yates”

“I’ve experienced other EFT styles but there’s something about the way Brad Yates style – about three quarters of the way through – that’s when the magic happens! I call him the ‘EFT WIZARD’!” Nicole Whitney, News for the Soul.

Brad Yates [www.BradYates.net] has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of 1000s since beginning his career as a certified hypnotherapist in 1996. He has been featured as a guest regularly on News for the Soul – the #1 life changing talk radio show in the world according to GOOGLE and AOL [www.NewsfortheSoul.com] – of which Nicole Whitney is the founder, producer and host.

The combination inspired this one of a kind transformational experience – Love BEYOND Belief!

LBB is an ‘amazing tool’:


Hi Brad and Nicole: I just wanted to thank you both, individually, and together for the incredible series. It was very powerful Brad and honestly, the fifth and last two round were incredible and it was indeed channeling at its finest. So, the person I’ve been dealing with for the past several months finally said ‘ i do not wish to hear from you – do not contact me’. So this was harsh to hear today and no doubt i’ll be tapping through her message. I’m sure there is a higher purpose for this and will re-cap the last several sessions I’ve participated in, and find my truth. Thanks for providing some amazing tools. I’ll look forward to more of you both. Life is friggin’ amazing isn’t it! cheers and regards, Lynn


You are about to discover a one of a kind hands on program that can help you release your deep-seated negative conditioning that’s blocking you from the love you want and deserve.

In just hours you can see truly life changing results.

Love Beyond Belief provides participants with the opportunity to end negative relationship patterns forever. You will have INSTANT access to five one hour MP3s which you can download, burn onto CD, listen to in any MP3 player, or tap along with us right on your computer!

And unlike a regular EFT session with a coach, you can RE-TAP over and over again – every day if you like. Delving deeper and removing those negative blocks through repeated use will give you deeper cleansing and more dramatic results and long term positive change.

Fast, healing results…

Brad and Nicole: Last night I got a call from a woman from the professional women’s networking group to which I belong. She’s a relationship coach. She said she’d been meaning to contact me for a while. We talked for a long time. She’s trying to get me to be her client. It occurred to me that those who buy your recordings will of course have the great advantage of doing repeats. I say this because, although she said otherwise, she was telling me I was “doing something wrong.” In my case she thought I was too friendly with everyone so that guys would not think I was available. Acting like the mysterious woman is completely contrary to my constant striving to always be an open book so that people know where they stand with me. That is what I want from others and the way I try to live my life. I’m babbling. I just wanted you to know that the Universe sent me a fast message. I just haven’t quite figured out how to interpret it. Much joy to you, and, again, thank you for the opportunity. Hot diggity! That was such a healing session yesterday. Looking forward to the next one. – Elizeth in California



LOVE BEYOND BELIEF BEGAN ON VALENTINES… as a one time experimental event.

On Valentines Day 2006, Brad and Nicole aired a live and interactive EFT session for romance which went over so well they conducted their first teleconference in collaboration with Enlightened Dating called Getting Ready for Romance.

The dramatic results experienced by the initial listeners inspired the creation of Love Beyond Belief full program..


And now the Love Beyond Belief Program is here for YOU! The LBB program contains ALL of these hour-long audio sessions:





  • love beyond belief“There’s Nothing Wrong In this call, we will clear up the feeling that there is something wrong with being single. Such a thought creates desperation – and who wants to use the Law of Attraction radiating desperation? Clearing that creates the freedom to attract a healthy relationship.


  • love beyond belief“Clearing Up the Relationship Baggage” – Sometimes it is hard to create a relationship because, well, you aren’t really single. While you may have technically ended a relationship, you are likely still in relationship energetically – probably with many if not all of the people you’ve dated in the past. Time to make room for that new relationship by purging the past.


  • love beyond belief“Worthy Of Love” – The extent to which we do not experience something we say we want is the extent to which we are resisting it. Some of the biggest resistance comes from a misconception that we aren’t worthy or deserving of that which we desire. Allow yourself the chance to know how magnificent you are – worthy and deserving of love and every other good thing this Universe has to offer.


  • love beyond belief“Manifesting Love” – Having cleared the block, it is time to activate the Law of Attraction to create the relationship you truly desire.




  • love beyond beliefBonus Follow Up Call – We have added in an extra full session with a bonus follow up call for Love Beyond Belief.

Fast Results:

“Things happen fast after your sessions, like, within 24 hours. Thanks for the opportunity and industrial-strength tapping guidance.”

E Labega


You deserve to love and be loved now.

Participants in this series experienced dramatic results throughout the five weekly sessions and you can too.

Tapping along in this five part series can enable you, beginning immediately, to transcend your previous negative conditioning originating from your belief system and previous relationships in your life.

Tapping along will not only help you with your love life but your whole life. Your negative beliefs about relationships affect EVERY area in your life – not just the romance. This program truly is LIFE changing!

And the Guided Imagery sessions each week contribute to your wellbeing now.

And it’s not done in five hours. You can revisit each session as often as you need to, over and over so that you can benefit from repeated use by experiencing deeper and deeper cleansing.

And most importantly, you will adopt a KNOWING that you are truly worthy and deserving of all wonderful things in life now!

You are mere moments away from having INSTANT access to all FIVE HOURS of audio plus powerful bonuses!



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Because the News for the Soul platform is all about self empowerment and responsibility, please note that the opinions expressed on any of these programs are those of the hosts and participants and are not intended to and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of News for the Soul or Enlightened Enterprises or any of its owners and agents. All listeners are advised that neither News for the Soul, nor its owners and agents shall be held liable for the content of programs, including any readings or advice that is given. All listeners are advised to make their own good choices that are right for them and take full responsibility for those choices and decisions.