The Bright Shaman with Iris Meyer


The Bright Shaman with Iris Meyer on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11am pst starting October 12th, 2022!


Iris Meyer is a shamanic healer, mentor, and teacher, specialising in ancestral healing and deep transformation. Her life’s purpose is to help people to discover their own abilities, connect to their inner wisdom, and walk the path to personal freedom and fulfillment. She does this through individual healing sessions, deeper mentoring, and group teaching. A natural intuitive and psychic, Iris has been walking in the realms of spirit her whole life. At the beginning of her formal shamanic training, she was given a call to action by the Ancestors: to empower people to step into their divine radiance and live their true purpose in this lifetime. Her practice is grounded in her experience of both traditional and modern shamanic methods and her direct connection to Spirit.

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Hi, I’m Iris. I’m named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the messenger between heaven and earth. I’m a shamanic healer, a teacher, a seer, a bridge-builder. I speak with the stones and listen to the fire. I sing shadows into light.

As a small child, I saw ghosts, played with fairies, and spoke to plants. I wandered in and out of the spirit realms not knowing that it wasn’t normal. As I grew I realised that I was different and that my abilities were something to be feared. So I kept quiet and tried my best to ignore what I was seeing. Separated from my true essence, I lost confidence and joy.

As a teenager, I started to have terrible nightmares and visions. When my family experienced a significant trauma I built an even larger wall around myself to survive. At the age of 24, I followed my heart’s call to London, where I had always felt I needed to be. I met my husband and settled there permanently. I had a good job as a graphic designer and, in time, a son. On the surface I was happy, but I was also anxious and depressed, plagued by low self-esteem and haunted by past trauma.

After the extremely difficult birth of my son all the walls came crashing down in a spectacular fashion. After two weeks of the same persistent nightmare that left me unable to sleep more than a few hours at a time, I knew I had to take action. I booked a weekend workshop on shamanism that called to me. During that class, the teacher performed a deep and intense shamanic healing on me. After the healing, it was like the sun had come out in my life for the very first time. I felt a sense of peace, greater joy, and new hope for the future. This was the start of my shamanic journey.

Shamanism gave me the vocabulary for what I was experiencing and the tools to channel and refine my natural abilities. Working with a variety of shamanic teachers and practices over the years I learned how to find myself and to be in the world with authenticity and intent.

I stand at the threshold of the realms and welcome you to connect to them with me. Connect to the infinite wisdom of nature. Connect to your Ancestors and helping spirits. Connect to your own true heart to rewrite your story.

Are you stuck or struggling? Are you looking for answers and clarity about your life purpose? Do you feel weighed down by the past? Do you feel you carry traumas that are not your own?

Would you like to learn more about shamanism, ancient practices of earth wisdom, and the spirit world? Do you want to see your guides and power animals for yourself?

Do you have untapped psychic or spiritual abilities that you want to harness? Do you have a calling to help others as a healer but don’t know how to start?

I’m here to help you find your own healing, wisdom, and power.

I offer intuitively guided coaching and meditations, shamanic healing and journeying, ancestral transformation, past life clearing, and spiritual mentoring.

You can book a free 20-minute discovery session to find out more.


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