The Light Doctor with Susan Jamieson M.D.




The Light Doctor with Susan Jamieson, M.D., on Alternate Fridays at 5pm Pacific starting October 30, 2020.



The LightDoctor, with Susan Jamieson, M.D.,

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Medical Intuitive  – rapid transformation through consciousness, energy, and light.




Helping you move from dis-ease, stress, and anxiety to joy, peace, and well-being. She’s a

medical doctor with over 100,000 hours in masterhood of integrating light quantum healing with

wellness, incorporating the ancient wisdom of ‘The Power of Three’.


From the Highlands of Scotland, she uses Ancient Celtic wisdom combines with Eastern

Philosophy techniques, so blending indigenous wisdom with quantum neurology and biophysics,

to connect with your inner light, your inner resources.



An Intuitive Physician…

Larry Dossey, MD:

“Dr. Susan Jamieson’s insights into the role of light in healing are both profound and rare in today’s

medicalized, technological world. Her knowledge is based on solid science, much of which has been neglected in conventional medicine.”


Susan teaches other practitioners to expand their practice by integrating knowledge of quantum

consciousness and the body’s energy into their practices, as she educates on the “new frontier” of well-being, light.





“Thank you, it’s truly a blessing to have met you and my whole life has changed

ever since I met you for the first time. I feel much more energetic and just happier in

general and much healthier. So, a big thank you to you, thank you.”

Beatrice Young, Hong Kong


Click below to watch Beatrice’s video:

‘Be Your Own Light’



Recognized as “The LightDoctor”, this ability to integrate and perceive helped Dr.Jamieson treat

and help thousands, including some very famous personalities, Sir Elton John, Sir Mick Jaggar,

Greenday, The Eagles, and more.






It’s just a jump to the left… as the song went in the classic 70s musical The Rocky

Horror Show.



The scientific explosion of recent years has opened us to the infinite possibilities of

morphic fields; holographic reality and non-locality in relation to our beingness. We have

an awareness of the non-physical reality so important and yet just so hard to describe and define.


A medical doctor of many years of both research and practicing experience, she

describes how to utilize a particular state of consciousness. In her area, for wellbeing,

however also explaining the areas of intuition and other phenomena such as distant viewing and psychic ability.


The premise is based on light fields – that we are inherently attuned to a quantum

process and we interpret/interface with these surrounding energies unconsciously on a

daily basis. The scientific and biological/physiological basis of this is that our bodies are

regulated by and communicate through a light network on a DNA, cellular, and enzyme

basis. As DNA has been proven to release photons of light, we can begin to understand

all the quantum possibilities we have the potential to access,


Simple and yet ineffable, this “altered state” of access is always with us, just requiring

shift in consciousness – a ‘jump to the right’!



To move one’s consciousness back and fore through time and space may sound like the

stuff of science fiction, however what if we can track the light threads back to the origin of

‘dis-ease’ to mend the disharmony?


Susan teaching this, also running courses for improving intuition, and accessing tranquillity

and also has a limited number of private sessions.



We understand her Celtic origins in her deep atonement to the natural world. She truly

believes in an oneness between ourselves and the planet and of our interlinked fate. In

particular to help down-regulate and balance the nervous system she has embraced the world

forest bathing and become a forest bathing practitioner as well as an equine therapist.






As a complimentary introduction, I will give you:

  • Instant Access to the “Breathing in the Light” Workbook & Meditation.

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The breath, or our ability to breathe, is basically the difference between a live and dead body.

The breath is life. How we breathe is directly related to how we live. We breathe as much as we want to live. 

It helps, doing all the exercises to remind yourself that you’re breathing in the light of life, and to remind yourself that each breath how important it is.


I currently have some opportunities to offer energy healing therapy, and have some available slots for my sessions – which are all 30 minutes. Please contact me to arrange a session, telling me where you live, and a few sentences about the problem, and we will get together on skype or zoom.

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11 Things About Susan Jamieson M.D. ….


What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

I’m very connected to nature,and remember as a baby lying in  my pram looking up at the
light filtering through the trees in our garden. I completely merged with the light! There was a
knowingness of oneness and interconnectedness. Something I now teach !

2. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

As an M.D., I’ve always connected to Deepak Chopra, with whom I worked 20 years ago – I
think he was very brave in those days. Also Eckhart Tolle – I quote him in my book, as
someone, when I hugged him, completely radiated light!
Movie- I think ‘Being There’ ( Peter Sellers)

3. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

Had a bad night's sleep in a small village middle of Sweden, as I was woken by what we in
the East call ‘Hungry Ghost’ (discarnate Earthbound entities wanting to ascend to the light).
I’m used to this, it’s my service, so I asked for my usual spiritual master helper (Chinese kick –
ass God called Wong Tai Sing). However , I guess because I was in Europe not China, out of
nowhere Jesus popped in! Unasked- suddenly there was an image. Of course I asked for
him to do it … later that day I was told that this village had been the centre of witch burning in
Sweden.. which wound explain all the unhappy entities who needed my help!

4. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

Spirit has sent me every major rock star in the world as client! Interestingly, they were the
ones that I liked and was personally, in my little British way, interested in, such as Sir Elton
John and mick Jaggar.

5. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

Teach about Light in wellbeing; help people be happier and transform in consciousness. From
an MD background this seems unusual, but I guess I have very solid experience.


6. What’s your favourite animal?

Dog- I have two. Also adore horses, and have a big past in representing my country Three
Day Eventing.. now I just want a Shetland pony in the garden I can kiss a lot!

7. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected,
grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

Absorbing light through the crown of my head. It’s been proven that even thinking of light we
radiate more from our bodies .

8. What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

So hard! Like Folk rock; Indie; Trance; Adele;

9. What’s your favourite food?

Honestly -sugar but I try not to!

10. What excites your creative juices?

Anything creative ! Dance mainly – tango, swing, salsa, ecstatic, but also

11. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

My online sessions and courses:  I’m running courses for improving intuition, and accessing tranquillity.

And I also have a limited number of private sessions.

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