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Transformational Healing with Jania Aebi on Alternate Wednesdays at 10AM Pacific Time on News for the Soul  –   – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from Switzerland since November 2016 – Jania is known as a very powerful and intuitive energy healing practitioner. She is gifted at helping people to better handle their lives and to get a deeper understanding of their connection with spirit. Her experience is based on decades of study of many true teachings of the world as well as her own search and practice of ancient wisdom, mystical traditions and quantum physics. As a Certified Emotion Code, Quantum Healing & Quick Pulse Practitioner, Jania is now dedicated to assist her clients in solving problems through emotional healing, so they can live a more abundant, healthy, fulfilled and happy life.


Jania Aebi is totally committed to guiding her clients to achieve vibrant health, well-being and happiness, regardless of outside circumstances and what their life may look like at the moment. As soon as they come to realize who they really are, an all-powerful Spirit that incarnated as them for a purpose, they will start turning their lives around and achieving desires they thought impossible up to now.  Her greatest desire and mission is to really start creating a world where people respect each other, allow for differences, appreciate what each has to offer and fully express what they were born to be, and to accomplish.

These words, from Joel Goldsmith, have been an inspiration and a powerful influence in her work:  Of my own self, I am nothing.  There is a Spirit within me that does the work, there is a Presence, there is a Power. I am a beholder of this invisible Presence and Power at work. I watch as it goes before me and witness the miracles it performs.

She has guided countless people to achieve a connection with their soul they thought they never had, has helped them with abandoning their addictions, assisted in removing heart-walls and releasing emotional blocks that were causing physical pain and distress of every description.  And even beyond that, she has opened up ways for them to see how they could stop behaviors and thought-patterns that were causing their issues, so they could take their own health and well-being in hand.

With years of experience working with clients and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, whether in uncovering a conscious connection with Spirit, with leading them into healing their physical issues as well as resolving emotional and mental ones, her mission and commitment is to help you with similar issues, and to discover what your real purpose is for this lifetime.

Even when working with groups, the wordless transmissions she offers work for each person individually, bringing each one what they most need for their highest evolution.  It may not always be what they want, but it will always be what they most need – each person’s own Higher Self knows what is for their highest good.

There is something that you were uniquely designed and born to do in this lifetime, and it is never too late to start discovering, and implementing it.  That will bring you lasting joy and happiness that perhaps, has evaded you so far, while searching for only material gains and ignoring the subtle nudges from your soul.

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The News for the Soul 11 Questions – 11 Things About Jania:


1.  What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

One rainy day, instead of walking to the psychiatrist’s office where I was offering my time to administrative side of things, I took the bus and relaxed, happily looking at the raindrops coursing down the window and thanking the Universe for having a bus that took me from my doorstep right to the doorstep of the office.  How lucky can you get?
The raindrops blurred and became an infinite expanse of pastel blue where there was nothing to be seen, nothing to be felt or heard.  At the same time I knew that I, and everything that was, was in that space but had no label or description differentiating it from anything else. I was no longer a normal 3D being, but a multi-dimensional one, not even a being.
There was just this one field of everything and nothing; and I knew everything, could do anything, was everywhere and at some point got a more focused consciousness of why would I have every capacity imaginable without being able to use it because there was nothing outside of me? No one I could serve, no one I could help, because there was nothing outside of me?  Then the whole expanse showed a kind of a mesh, or a grid and in one of the segments was a black dot.  I was irresistibly drawn to that dot and seemed to be sucked into it. I saw nothing but darkness when before, everything was light. It was too late, I couldn’t go back into the light and I felt a jolt – so to steady myself I put out my hands to grab something but I had no hands, and there was nothing to grab onto either – and I got such a fright that instantly I was back in the bus and back to myself, out of the whole vision.

2. Who is your favorite teacher, book or movie?

I love learning, I love reading, and also movies; why should I pick one? But let’s just pick books for now. Then comes the next choice: just one of the thousands I have read in my life, or the hundreds that fill my shelves?
Periods of my life correspond with very different kinds of books; when at London University, literature, ancient civilizations, and Erich von Daniken books on legendary times of our history.
When I went to live in West Africa, they were all about nature, animals and science fiction – even if I worked a normal job, I had the week-ends to explore remote villages and forest stretches between them. When I lived in bush, a 6-hour drive from the nearest store, which looked pretty much like the stores we see in the old John Wayne movies – there were not many books there!  I had to order them specially, and they took 3-4 months to arrive by ship.  How incredibly lucky we are now, with instant on-line books and Amazon and book-stores everywhere!
And then after my husband died in a plane crash and I had to leave Africa for good my reading changed again.  I turned to spirituality, in an effort to understand why tragedies happen, and how we can rise above them.  When the next tragedy hit, the death of my son, nothing I had learned so far even came close to allowing me to be at peace with my feelings.  That’s when I was gifted, in a pretty miraculous way, with the teachings of Kryon and from then on, I hardly read anything not related to spirituality.  The writings of Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Louise Hay, Melchizedek, Eckhart Tolle, Esther & Jerry Hicks, among so many others. At this moment, my favorite book that I keep reading, in which I find ever new depths, is Joel Goldsmth’s The Art of spiritual Healing.

3.             What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

My strangest experience happened when I was staying at a friend’s house in London.  She was away for a week, I had the house to myself, and being tired after travelling, went to be early.  At an arm’s length from my bed there was a massive bookcase, filled with books and I looked through them, endeavoring to find something I would enjoy.  There was one book, much smaller than the others that drew my attention. Leather-bound, with gold lettering on the back that said: The Council of Trent.  Perfect! In recent weeks, I had been wondering where to find some information on what, precisely, did the Council of Trent change, or take out of the Bibles then in existence?   I took the small leather-bound book, obviously quite old – even the pages were a little thicker and rough than what is usual nowadays – and started reading.  I never put it down until I finished it, at 7 am – it was fascinating! It answered my every question, and much more.  I put the book back on the shelf without getting out of bed, and fell asleep.
When I woke up it was 2 pm, my head still filled with all the information I had gathered and reached for the book again, to re-read some of its passages.  To my surprise, it wasn’t there.  I must have put it back on another shelf, I thought – so looked through the shelves above and below the one it should have been on. It wasn’t there. I got out of bed, looked through all the shelves – it wasn’t there.  I took out all the books, one by one, shelf by shelf – the book had simply disappeared.  It was impossible, I was alone in the house, and yet, there was no such book.
When my friend came back a few days later, I diffidently asked her whether she remembered having a small, old, leather-bound book in the bookcase of the guest room.
–  “No,” she said, “I never had such a book – but what was it called?”
–  “The Council of Trent.”
–  “Oh no, I never had such a book,” she repeated, “but even if I had, it wouldn’t be in that bookshelf.  I only keep light reading in that room for my guests!”
Well, I had spent all night reading a book that simply appeared, and then disappeared, and which answered all the questions I had on a particular subject!

4.            What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

I was the first, and only woman ever to have played in the men’s table-tennis team of my college.  After the first three matches, all the other colleges requested that the statutes of the University add a clause that barred women from playing on a men’s team; and that was duly done in record time. I only played one more match!

5.             What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

Most of my life I thought my life purpose was to just live my material life with honesty and integrity and according to the principles my family and religion had given me. That this was not sufficient never entered my mind, until all the material structures of my life started falling apart.  Including a health challenge that forced me to start asking God for a solution, since nothing else seemed to work.  Then my true life purpose, unlikely as it was, flashed into my conscious mind, together with the knowing that if I did not implement it, my condition would keep getting worse.  “You are a healer, but whether you accept it or not is your choice” were the words of a shaman and a healer to me, some years back, on our very first meeting.  I did not accept it then, it seemed ridiculous, I knew nothing about healing. Now I realized that if the issue I had was to heal, I would have to accept the shaman’s words.  So I committed to doing what it took, whatever it was; and within 36 hours, the health challenge was completely gone. If corroboration was needed, there it was, but I did not require it – I knew, for sure, what the purpose of my soul for this lifetime was – but not yet, how to do it!

6.            What’s your favourite animal?

It’s really hard to choose one animal above all others, since a huge smile breaks out on my face whenever I see any animal, wild or domesticated. Even if the smile is less pronounced with certain species!  I have had dogs, cats, a tortoise, a monkey and a parrot, but have had a special, and very brief connection with a mountain lion and I think he deserves a special mention. I saw this wild animal appear at a distance of maybe 7 of 8 meters on a forest trail looking at me. I stopped, appreciating how perfect and beautiful he was.  Time also stopped for me until I found myself looking at an empty path. He went as silently as he came and the sense of connection with him was beyond what I had ever experienced before, whether with wild animals, or my own pets.  I feel lions, particularly mountain lions, are a favourite for me.

7.            What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

For many years now, I have had a practice of connecting with universal energy as well as with my Presence every morning, and as needed throughout the day.  First feeling a ball of energy in my hands, then placing it on top of my head, to slowly slide down along my spine and rest at the root chakra, filling that whole space.  Then I reach for my Higher Self, that crystal light a foot or so above my head and ask it to come down through the top of my head and as it sinks down behind my eyes, along my spine, it also spreads and fills the totality of my being – my head, neck, chest, arms, hands, abdomen, filling every cell, going past the ball of energy at my root chakra.  It keeps going down my legs and anchors itself in my feet, making that connection with the Earth, so that the energy of the Earth can start flowing up through me as the energy of my Higher Self flows down. I become a conduit connecting the Heavens to the Earth filled with both energies, radiating them through my open hands and heart to all of creation.

8.            What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

I have always loved classical music, particularly Chopin – hardly surprising since I am Polish! – so his music can move me to tears.  But I also love the light classical music of Johann Strauss, especially when rendered through the concerts of the violinist and conductor André Rieu, the famous Dutch musician.

9.             What’s your favourite food?

As a child, I remember being asked what would I like for lunch on my birthday and my answer was always “spinach and hard-boiled eggs”!  Since then, I have started eating many other things with great pleasure, but the one thing that stands out for me and which cannot be ordered in any restaurant I have ever been to, is a home-cooked dessert:  blueberry-filled raviolis, shaped in a half-moon, sprinkled with sugar and covered with thick, double-cream.

10.            What excites your creative juices?

The wonder and awe I feel when taking a photo of a landscape, a tree or just a sunset – then seeing on the developed picture light orbs, or shapes that were not there before but are a symbol of something very real, makes me want to somehow share with the whole world that there is a bigger dimension to our reality. Being in the company of people with a similar outlook on life, exchanging ideas, learning from their experiences while sharing mine expands my eternal bond with all that is to a conscious place.  Being of service in whatever way makes me want to do more, and share more. Observing the astounding diversity of nature, of the way some plants respond to being touched, respond to a tragic event or to love proves to me that every creature and every thing has a level of consciousness we normally don’t suspect. A desire to express what I observe, even just to myself, on a blank page, takes hold and may never go any further; but for me it’s enough.

11.            The one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?
Certain qualities have been developed in me because of living through the challenges of World War 2, a varied education in three different countries and languages with its inevitable gaps and omissions; because of more than 27 years in administrative work during the ethnic wars and disturbances of West Africa; because of the tragic loss of my husband and later my son.  They are resilience, the ability to forgive, to listen, to commit and never give up; to always learn and question my every belief. Those allowed me to become who I am and start a new, unprecedented life at an age when most people finish theirs. So I can truly relate to most of the challenges people are going through; show how they can be overcome without resorting to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Show that there is nothing unforgivable, that the power to make your life what you want it to be is within you and you activate it by identifying with who you really are rather than with the small material self.  You don’t have to experience the trials and tribulations I have been through to achieve it – you can stand on my shoulders and have an even greater and better life than you have ever dreamed of.

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