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The Zion Collective on the 4TH Wednesday of the Month at 5pm pacific time starting February 26th, 2020.

Spiritual Biography

The Zion Collective


With great honor, love, and appreciation, we wish to introduce the Zion Collective. A team of multi-dimensional nonphysical beings who have united to bring forth multi-dimensional quantum energy healing combined with techniques and technologies using fifth dimensional and higher quantum Light and unlimited Universal energy to assist with the Ascension of humanity and Gaia. For as the human frequency rises, so does the frequency of our beloved Gaia.

The Zion Collective formed a team of human and nonphysical masters to bring forth powerful healing. This process unites the mind and body, closing the gap in understanding between the third dimension and the fifth dimension. As humans fully comprehend the meaning of being nonphysical energy bodies, they become more powerful and begin awakening more fully remembering who they truly are.

There are thousands of Great Ascended Masters holding powerful abilities they offer with love for humanity. When they speak to us, they speak as one voice, as the Zion Collective offering guidance.

Goddess Diana and Goddess Isis as part of the Divine Feminine are a large part of the team who often come forth offering personal assistance to special cases that require their abilities.

Valerterian, a long-term tenth-dimensional master guide to Dyana, also assists by bringing forth clarity to Dyana telepathically in communicating as one mind with Zion during the Medical Intuitive Healings.

The Angelic Host also offers their guidance and assistance in the healing process. Archangel Raphael is one such being as the surgeon performing surgical procedures to demonstrate and teach new surgical procedures to the Human Ascended Masters.  Archangel Raphael then turns the method over to Zion–expanding the healer’s abilities and understanding of the 5D Energy Body.

Archangel Micheal is another who stands by to cut the cords to the past through all time and space with the Sword of Blue Flame, freeing the human from entanglements of the past that perpetuate illness and disease.

Archangel Metatron also steps in to remove and carry off entities and attachments that were undetected in 3D because of contracts between the attachments and the ancestors affecting descendants through many incarnations, unbeknownst to the human.

There have been incidents where historical information not passed down through families is lost. The ancestors step forth in 5D to offer factual information of ancient agreements allowing severance from the past that continues to manifest in grandchildren. Such quantum entanglements are severed, and many humans can then begin to live a life freed from the past for the first time.

The Higher Self of the human will step forward to offer input on specific behaviors and manifested illnesses based on emotional traumas that occurred with no memory on the part of the human, possibly from previous incarnations. In some cases, filling in the historical information for the human allows the cellular memory to be released freeing the human of dis-ease left within the body from the trauma.

Many other nonphysical beings step forward to take the human energy body gently into their care. These nonphysical beings are very thankful for the healing opportunities and seeing the potential of this healing process, may even synchronistically orchestrate the human to receive the healing session in 5D.

Last, but certainly not least, are the Starseed families offering many excellent healing methods through their advanced technological abilities and discoveries mastered over time. There are times in advanced cases where the Arcturians offer Med Beds to the recovering human requiring additional assistance with healing following significant surgery or extractions. If the human body is in a weakened state or has multiple conditions to heal at once, the Med Bed offers a boost to their healing process. The kindness and generosity of the Arcturians and other technologically-advanced Starseed families are much appreciated. Mere words cannot express our gratitude.

All of the members cannot be named as the team is unlimited in number and origination. Our best attempt to date is to point out that the great ones who are part of the Zion Collective often play a considerable part in Humankind’s Ascension and rarely are given the acknowledgment they deserve. We offer this acknowledgment now to express our gratitude, love, and appreciation for all they do.

With great love and honor,

Dyana and Zion



As a child, Dyana was inquisitive about life and concepts far beyond her age.  At the age of 9, she asked, “Does outer space ever end?”   She was always fascinated with the stars, lying in the grass watching the clouds and the stars.  She was a quiet child in a large family, so it was easy for her to live a sheltered existence. She was an adult before she understood that not everyone was like her.

Dyana’s empathic sensitivities guided her through her childhood, and a conscious connection to the higher planes came naturally. She mastered new abilities easily, was a deep thinker, held a sense of wonderment and curiosity, seeking broader understandings, as her natural abilities served her well. Sensing the thoughts and moods of others through their energy and frequency was natural to her.

As an adult, Dyana explored meditation, with a spontaneous connection that later developed into a form of communication through symbolism, automatic writing, and later into telepathic communication. Shortly after she started meditating, mystical experiences began occurring. The first experience involved a visitor from the higher planes, in the form of a very personal, loving, and profoundly moving conversation. The vehicle for this conversation was her best friend, which took her by surprise. The visitor knew of life experiences that no one knew and explained to Dyana that she was on a very important path to become a powerful holistic healer and teacher.

Many other private exchanges occurred over the years through other walk-in conversations, and the older Dyana became, the more frequent such experiences occurred. The message was always the same of foretelling Dyana’s future as a holistic healer and teacher, and of an important mission ahead of her. Dyana now understands the purpose of the encounters was to keep her on her path, as her path guided her to a critical purpose for which she incarnated. The mystical experiences also served the purpose of conditioning Dyana’s mind to possibilities others would not comprehend.

Each encounter that followed became a form of training acting as guideposts of her progress and experiences to prepare her for her missions, and encounters she experiences in her healing work. She was taught to observe without judgment, to become more aware of people, and through her own life experiences she could put herself in their place, relate to their suffering and understand their conditions with great compassion. She was trained to remain aware of her surroundings at all times integrating past experiences into the present as guiding wisdom.

These and other mystical experiences changed Dyana’s life and gave her the focus required to prepare for what the future would bring. The inner world became her lifeline, teaching Dyana to trust and follow only her internal guidance and how vital this inner guidance was to her success. Her inner world consisted of many guides for whom she held great affection. They have been her teachers for as long as she can recall. The highly intelligent personalities were loving, caring, and playful. Spirit navigated her life by way of this connection that she trusted more than any other, and that has never led her astray. Her acute awareness taught her that humans she met throughout her life were rarely if ever capable of this level of honesty and unconditional love, even some claiming to be healers.

In 2011, Dyana met Saint Germain and Archangel Michael, who became her primary teachers. Each appeared to her and introduced her to the “I AM Discourses,” a twenty-volume course on teachings from the Great Ascended Masters first published in the 1930s and 1940s.  She collected all 20 volumes and has studied them thoroughly over the years.  The books are teachings on Universal Law.  It was later revealed to Dyana that Saint Germain only appears to Ascended Masters incarnate.

In mid-2019, Dyana accepted a mission after being approached by the Zion Collective to work with her friend, Zion, whom she had met in 2018, with whom she has since remained close friends. Their meeting appeared random, but in retrospect, Dyana now understands that the two were guided to one another serendipitously as their joint mission in this incarnation required their meeting to be orchestrated.

Dyana has committed her life to a spiritual path that has been her training to fulfill her missions. The past twelve months of her life resulted in her most significant personal growth and success in achieving the completion of her training and preparation. As the stars have aligned, everything foretold is now coming to fruition. The robust training and loving guidance over the past 25-30 years has unfolded in magnificent, beautiful, and surprising ways!

Dyana lives a life in honor of the loving guidance of the Great Ascended Ones, the Angelic Host, and the Starseed families for whom she serves. She is one of many Starseeds who came to this 3D world to anchor her Divine Feminine Light to Gaia, and to assist humanity in awakening.

Human Ascended Ones, are uniting worldwide, stepping fully into their missions. The time is now. The Ascension is upon us, and our mission is to heal, guide, and ascend taking those who are ready with us into the 7th Golden Age. Dyana’s mission is the same as many other awakened ones prepared to step into their purpose for which they came to fulfill. Starseeds and Lightworkers are ancient beings bringing all their abilities together into this experience of now.

On August 4, 2019, Dyana ascended merging with her Higher Self, Goddess Diana, in physical form. The Divine Feminine energy through the Goddess is anchored to Gaia and is contributing 12D Light to the predominant positive energy now growing stronger each day as more humans awaken. Gaia, fifth dimension Earth, has reached critical mass. We hope you are ready.



Zion remembers the day he knew he was consciously awake as a 7-year-old boy in Haiti. Standing outside on a patio with his Godmother, Zion looked up to see a man standing in the clouds. Zion pointed out the man to his Godmother, but she did not see what he saw. Zion observed other children around who did not notice the man in the clouds. So he asked his Godmother, “Why can’t anyone else see the man?”

His Godmother calmly told him that he could see the man because he was innocent.

Looking up again, the man disappeared and then reappeared as if to show Zion that his Godmother was right, Zion was the only one who could see him.

This experience began Zion’s mystical journey through life and his realization that he was different from others.

As a teenager, Zion moved to New York, when he began receiving communications from the higher planes. He would ask a question, and the answer would come in one of many different ways. The answers always lit up his consciousness, pointing out the response to his mind. For instance, a billboard would flash a reply to him, or a bus passing by with an advertisement on the side would flash an answer. At other times, an answer came forth as an overheard conversation.

The responses stood out to him, and his intuition pointed out answers to him. As Zion gave more focus to the messages, they continued to come forth and developed in new ways in his experience.

Such experiences expanded his concept as a connection to the higher planes. The teenage Zion kept his ability to himself.

As an adult, Zion joined the Navy and moved to Hawaii, with the innate understanding that Hawaii is part of old Lemuria. While there, riding in a cab, the cab driver said to him, “What are you doing? Get out of my head!”

Zion asked, “What are you talking about?”

At this point, he learned that he was telepathic and could project his mind into the mind of others. The cab driver was also telepathic and called him out on the eavesdropping. Realizing he did not understand what he was doing, she explained the phenomenon to him. The incident revealed a new ability to Zion, a natural ability within himself that he learned others did not possess.

There was no mistake at this point, Zion knew he was different. He continued to keep the knowledge to himself because no one would believe him or accuse him of attention-seeking.

At this point, Zion began hearing voices speaking to him and discovered the Collective. The first incident occurred when he was on his way to a bus stop. He heard someone loudly say to him, “RUN!” It took him by surprise, so he started running, and ran and ran until he reached the bus stop just as the bus arrived. He understood that he needed to run to catch the bus on time. The experience taught him that he was having conversations with others besides himself, as others were responding to his thoughts. At this point, Zion became acquainted with many nonphysical beings conversing with him.

At times, if Zion feels lonely for home, he climbs up on the roof of his home to watch the stars. Stargazing always brings him comfort. It tames the loneliness within. Over time, Zion accepted who he is, made peace with who he is, and did not want to be like other people. He observed the life of other people and how they individualize themselves. His observations made his experience enjoyable, studying human behavior, and why people behave the way they do.

For instance, Zion failed to understand the mentality of “an eye-for-an-eye,” despite living in a toxic environment. His ability to remain totally nonjudgmental allowed him to navigate through terrible areas of town with ease.

Zion saw certain places people would not go when living in Haiti. Yet he was able to walk into any space and feel no fear and faced no problems, as if the danger does not see him. As he walks through life, he observes everything and puts the bits of knowledge together into higher understandings. He fully understood how humans mis-create through their thoughts because they do not yet understand how powerful their thoughts can be and what one focuses their attention upon is what they create.

Zion’s life accelerated into finding pieces of the puzzle of life, as the mystery comes together. He has learned who he is and where Zion came from and why he is here now. The past life incarnations benefit him from abilities he now brings forth. He has a wide-open mind that continues to gather the bits and pieces of the puzzle of life–remaining nonjudgmental allows this ability.  Zion developed many abilities over the years through experimentation. He learned to talk to the elements and has always been fascinated with the stars. Zion can see the past, present, and future, and can view fifth dimensional energy bodies of humans.  Zion learned that he can create with his thoughts. If he can think it, he can create it.  In this way, he can also heal and take away pain in another, view and remove entity attachments, and communicate with the nonphysical in higher dimensions.



This information reveals many revelations of who Zion is and his mission uniting with Dyana to perform the 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing for humanity. Zion and Dyana reunited in this incarnation bringing forth their unique abilities which both have accepted under the direction of the Zion Collective. Both are Rainbow Warriors who never back down and believe for every problem there is a peaceful solution.

For years, both Zion and Dyana worked with Saint Germain as a central guide, training in the Mystery School under this Great Master, as their entire lives have been training for this mission. Their work is very empowering and rewarding, as is always the case in accepting one’s life mission for which both were born to fulfill.

Learning to remove judgment is essential to ascension, as when removing judgment, one becomes more aware of surroundings and environment, because judgment is a form of cloud that prevents one’s ascension. This is what allowed Zion to walk into any space, walking through hell without judging others.  In that dimension, he could travel without being a threat because he was not judging them. Judgment is a form of threatening emotions to others.

When you stop judging people, you will see more, become more, and everyone should learn this.





We Are Accepting New Clients

Both Zion and Dyana possessed strong intuitive abilities early in life. Their talents drew them into healing and healthcare professions. Experience has included Quantum Energy Healing in numerous leading-edge modalities for over 20 years. Both are Certified Reiki Masters and Practitioners in multiple Reiki modalities, are Teachers, as well as a trained Spiritual Life Coach.  

Zion developed unique quantum healing methods taught to him by his Healing Guides and Angels known as the Zion Collective. Under the guidance of the Zion Collective, the team’s work includes Past Life and Chakra Healing with the assistance of ancestors and Higher Self who come forth during the healing session to assist.  

As a natural Medium, Zion communicates with the Ascended Masters and other Celestial beings who provide ongoing assistance to include 5D surgical procedures such as entity removal and organ transplants.   

From an early age, Zion practiced a unique combination of highly accurate medical intuition and quantum healing modalities with clients worldwide and that he has successfully taught to Dyana. 

​During the healing session, the team researches the Akashic Records for historical information to explain the cause of whatever health challenge is present. The team will clear any viruses, bacterias, pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, etc. that are present.

The team first performs a focused, in-depth medical intuitive reading. Historical information is provided in the Akash and from ancestors and guides of the client. The purpose is to seek the root causes of the health problems experienced. 

Humans have four bodies. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are all interconnected. Emotional distress begins in the mental and emotional bodies first, which results in physical dis-ease in the physical body. The four bodies must remain in balance at all times to obtain perfect health.

When humans suffer an emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalance or blockage, the negative energy travels through all the bodies. These issues may be conscious or subconscious based on beliefs, intentions, thoughts, and emotions that create every human experience in 3D.  If negative thinking, feeling, understanding, or blockage is not determined and rooted out quickly, health issues will develop caused by energy stuck in the physical body blocking the life flow through the body. This process is how dis-ease develops. 

The Zion Collective traces the physical dis-ease back to the origin or root cause that is then cleared. Based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect once the root cause in the energetic body is removed, then the body is healed on the physical level.  

In our coaching sessions, Dyana teaches how the body communicates symbolically and guides you in understanding the language of your body.  Once you understand this language, you will understand how to prevent dis-ease in the future.


What happens in a healing session?


​During the initial session, the team performs historical research of the Akashic Records based on the client’s

  • Health history
  • Presenting complaints
  • Health challenges
  • Intentions of the client. 

Following this assessment, the entire Zion Collective Team will confer with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides on the best course of action to resolve all issues.  


 Healing methods may include: 


  • Healing therapies employed to diseases, conditions, damage, or injuries present.
  • Healing is performed to all cells, tissues, nerves, fascia, muscles, bones, broken bones, replacement of musculoskeletal deterioration, repairing, rebuilding and healing all areas and body systems of the body required. 
  • Clearing of all bacterias, viruses, parasites, yeast and fungus, Candida, mycoplasmas, pathogens of any kind, infections, clearing any toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, clearing any pathogen based diseases (for ex. Lyme disease or co-infections, etc.), emptying gall bladder stones and sludge, bladder and kidney stones, harmful calcium deposits, blood clots, arterial plaque, cholesterol or arterial blockages, etc.
  • All intuitive health information seen during the session is presented to the client following treatment in a written report to support your care by your regular healthcare physician. Please be clear that our focus is on healing and is not meant to take the place of more complete and focused medical care.  
  • Our work involves clearing the root causes of illness and other issues (conscious or subconscious beliefs), blocks, and life changes that appear while working with an illness or health challenge. 
  • Stabilizing energies in your body, clearing any negative energies, clearing, rebuilding, and repairing the aura is our focus as well.
  • Any nutritional imbalances or needs revealed while working in the body. 
  • Repair, regenerate and heal all telomerase and chromosomes to be youthful, repair any defective DNA.











When you click on the BUY NOW button, you will be directed to the next screen listing all the categories of illness, injury, or disease that is treated for that healing service.  Once you ensure your health issue is listed on the page and a thorough description of every service with full details.  Once you make your choice of the service best suited to your needs, follow the link provided to start your order.




If you have a health condition not on this list, you are welcome to communicate with the team to receive a consultation at the 5D General Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing $75 price.  We are always working to expand our knowledge and abilities and welcome all clients.

We invite you to scroll down to add your name and email address to our MAILING LIST to receive updates on our studies and findings at the CONTACT FORM BELOW page.



Below are other services that are offered.  By choosing the BUY NOW button, you will be taken to a new page describing the service in detail to determine the service best suited to your needs.























When you transform your beliefs, you transform your life.





Are you distressed continuously at not having enough money, and do you long to have abundance and financial security?

Are you bombarded with life struggles or desire to eradicate blockages or other issues?

Are you eager to discover your twin flame, improve communications with others, or long for loving relationships you deserve?

Then stand ready to free yourself through a personal journey within and release the layers of life that hold you back!

Dyana provides quantum healing therapies with rapid and straightforward results. Such treatments include clearing of inner blocks, issues, beliefs, fears, and traumas that are holding you back!

Her methods are not typical talk therapy! Dyana is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and an empath. Over 20 years, Dyana established from personal experience efficient and powerful tried-and-true methods. Are you ready to unblock and release the baggage holding you back in all aspects of your life?

Struggle no longer. Join Dyana for the inner healing of your past creations that are today affecting your life. You will find that when you transform your beliefs, you will then transform your life!

What happens in a session?

~ Please be well hydrated before your meeting and keep a glass of water with you. 

~ Dyana will first inquire of you the area in your life with which you wish to focus including related circumstances, including your feelings and beliefs surrounding you. Come prepared with a brief overview of your description — as extensive detail of your life stories are not necessary for the methods employed.

~ Next, Dyana will perform a clearing energetically of the blocks, issues, erroneous beliefs, fears, phobias, traumas that are at the root cause of the problem. Your concerns can be conscious or subconscious and can be from your adult life, childhood, birth trauma, past lives, or ancestral beliefs.

~ The process does not require you to re-experience the original injury.

~ Dyana will repeat the clearing process multiple times over 24 hours to completely clear the energy.

~ Dyana will perform healing on the areas of concern.













Greetings and blessings, Dear Ones,

Updates to this website will continue as we progress in our studies and research into new and more powerful healing methods and findings.

We will gladly answer your questions and inquiries and invite you to review our testimonials from clients who have already undergone this process.

You may submit your questions through the contact form below.

Please keep your emails and questions brief as long emails may be delayed in receiving a response.

We ask that you keep your questions related to 5D Quantum Energy Healing, coaching, and services we offer.

You may also visit the ABOUT US page to read more about the team and their backgrounds and history.

The team has been approached by the Ascended Masters to expand the healing modality to groups in order to assist individuals in greater numbers. We have opened up the service in this sense through the Group Meditation Healing Session.

Thank you for your interest, as we are here in Service-To-Others and to assist with the Ascension of all Humanity to the Fifth Dimension.

Sending you great love and gratitude,

Dyana, Zion, and the Zion Collective



11 Things About Dyana & Zion …




1.    What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

2.    Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

3.    What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

4.    What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

5.    What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

6.    What’s your favourite animal?

7.    What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

8.    What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

9.    What’s your favourite food?

10.  What excites your creative juices?

11.  What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?


Describing her first moment of ‘beyond 3D normal awakening,’ Dyana explains. “From a very young age of four years old, my earliest recalled memories are of two friends I named Arnie and Arnelle, presenting to me as disembodied voices. We played games, sang songs, laughed and played. My mother asked me who I was talking to, and when I told her, she replied, ‘they are not real,’ calling them imaginary friends. I wasn’t convinced. I remained connected to Arnie and Arnelle until I was seven years old when tragedy suddenly struck, altering my life immensely. I never spoke to Arnie or Arnelle again.”


Next, Zion shares his first moment of ‘beyond 3D normal awakening.’ “When I was seven years old, I saw a man in the clouds. I pointed him out to my Godmother, who couldn’t see him. I noticed other kids playing outside could not see him either. I asked my Godmother why no one could see him but me. She said it was because I was innocent. After this experience, I never spoke of such experiences again. I didn’t want people telling me I made it up or treat me differently, so I kept everything to myself. It was later in life when I found out that not everyone had the same experiences I had. ”


In response to ‘who is your favorite teacher?’ Dyana then explains, “‘ Many favorite teachers have blessed me.’ First, of course, are Arnie and Arnelle. Next, I include my 7th-grade algebra teacher, Mrs. Walker. As a quiet child, I didn’t like calling attention to myself. One day in algebra class, Mrs. Walker wrote an algebra problem on the blackboard asking a volunteer to come up and solve the problem. When no one stepped forward, so she called on me. I pretended I didn’t understand the math, hoping to escape the embarrassment; however, Mrs. Walker knew I was sandbagging. She cared enough to ignore my protests and ordered me to come up to the blackboard anyway. She proceeded to walk me through the problem to the correct conclusion proving to me that I could do the math.”


“After class, Mrs. Walker, smiling kindly, said, ‘I knew you were bright. You didn’t fool me.’ She wanted me to believe in myself, demonstrating I could do anything if I committed myself. Because she took the time to care, she changed my life by believing in me and refusing to let me hide my Light. Her kindness and love affected me deeply, and she was my role model. She made me feel good about myself. I’ve always thought of her as an angel.”


Dyana shares, “My next favorite teacher entered my life in 2011 by appearing in my family room in front of me. Sensing his energy, I wasn’t frightened by the apparition. Mystical experiences were familiar to me, so my curiosity was stimulated. Studying each other for several minutes, I did not recognize this man, and I sensed he was introducing himself to me. Just as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared.”


“Later in meditation, I asked, ‘Who is this man?’ I heard, ‘Saint Germain, your Master Spirit Guide.’ Under his guidance and teachings, my frequency skyrocketed as I studied under this great Ascended Master for several years following this event.”


“In 2018, once my frequency reached a higher point, I met another great teacher. Valerterian, a tenth-dimensional nonphysical Ascended Master contacted me. Valerterian has been with me my entire life and throughout many incarnations as a teacher, protector, and much more, and he remains with me today. Valerterian is who taught me to meditate in the nineties, how to understand symbolism—a language of the nonphysical, automatic writing, and finally, channeling. He has remained by my side and is most responsible for making me who ‘I AM.'”


Zion describes his favorite teacher from his youth, also named Mrs. Walker, a guidance counselor when he was 16 years old. “She is a human who took the time to focus on me, to guide my life, lift me out of the negative experiences I suffered as a small child, helping me understand nothing was my fault. She helped me believe in who I AM and that I AM an individual worthy of all the love I could desire.”


Both Dyana and Zion agree that their lives were enriched by the Mrs. Walkers, whose focus on upon them taught each to believe in themselves as infinite beings and lifted them up with love and compassion.


Mrs. Walker showed them that ‘what we think is far more critical than the people who put us down because that is not who we are.’ More importantly, they learned that ‘there is more to life than what we see as far as human behavior is concerned.’ Zion says, “I used to think everyone was terrible and bad people, but my teacher opened my eyes to see so much more and how judging others would be judging me.”


Dyana describes her favorite book is not one book, but 20 books-The Saint Germain Discourses. “The books called to me after the visitation from Saint Germain. The first book, The Unveiled Mysterieshad been in my library since 2008. Early one morning in 2011, I awoke at 4:00 a.m. To not disturb my sleeping husband, I quietly began sorting my books stacked in piles by genre and author. I picked up The Unveiled Mysteries, volume one of The Saint Germain Discourses when the book vibrated in my hand. Curious about the significance of this book, I began reading it, marking a pivotal moment in my life.”


“Over the following year, I collected all 20 volumes. The books taught me about alchemy, personal power, the power in affirmations, and cemented my relationship with the “I AM Presence” within me. ”


Dyana says, “My favorite movie has to be “The Matrix.’ I watched it 11 times in a row. This movie spoke to me. I knew as soon as I saw it, it would change me forever.” Zion agrees that ‘The Matrix’ had an equal impact on him as well.


As for my favorite music, both Dyana and Zion again agree. Dyana clarifies, “I have never been a hard rock music lover only because it is too loud, and I prefer softer, kinder, more loving music. I support the protest of the time which remains today, but I’m not an angry person and prefer more delicate music, less intrusive.


Dyana says, “I sing all the time, mostly songs that move me and raise my frequency.” Zion agrees, and his favorite musician is Enja while Dyana favors Eva Cassity. Dyana enjoys singers with a wide range, as she absorbs the beauty in the tones. “I also love songs from the era of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. This music was from a different period of innocence when life was kinder, reminding me of my mother.”


Dyana describes one of the stranger, mystical experiences of many. “In 2007, I was in my garden planting flowers as I have great affection and a connection to flowers. A local pest was devouring my garden in the form of a large green and black grasshopper that could eat its weight overnight, and the more this grasshopper ate, the bigger it grew. One day I had snakes on my mind after a considerably giant snake attacked my husband as he was trimming the hedges. The hedges were home to this snake, and the hedge trimming incited this very aggressive creature. A rather intense battle ensued, ending in the demise of the snake. Feeling slightly paranoid about snakes afterward, I kept looking over my shoulder while gardening. One day working under a giant cypress tree, I saw a small snake. It was fat but rather short, about 12 inches in length, lying in the shade. I stood staring at this odd green and black snake. I was frozen and couldn’t run as I stood to stare at the snake frozen to the spot. The snake began slowly moving, but only the back end of the snake moved. I observed the snake’s body begin to grow shorter and shorter when all of a sudden, the snake turned into a grasshopper. I recognized my nemesis – the horrible giant grasshopper devouring my flowers. All I could think was, ‘What the heck?!'”


Then I heard, “You always see what you expect to see.”


“I recognized this strange occurrence was a teachable moment. I’ve never forgotten it. At this point, I began understanding how what we believe, what we intend, think, and feel is how we create our reality.”


Zion then relays his strange occurrence. “I found myself walking through the lower dimension, and saw darkness spread to make a path for me, nonthreatening as if it didn’t see me. I was amazed that this place is nothing like what people say it is. I could only justify my experience. What humans portray as the astral plane or hell is where I have been. I asked a being I met there, where am I? It told me that this place is equal to what humans call hell. Because I had removed all judgmental thinking within me, I see no need for judgment. There is no ‘bad’ or ‘good,’ ‘there just is.’ I didn’t see these beings as bad or good, only as themselves, so I was nonthreatening to them.”


Zion continues, “I had this experience to teach me that humanity must find a perfect balance within themselves between darkness and Light. Both exist within each of us, and we cannot eliminate it. Humanity is fearful of the dark only because they are programmed to fear it. To indeed exhibit ‘free will’ as intended, requires both the Light and the shadow within. Just like yin and yang, both dark and Light are part of who we are. Once humans understand how to balance both equally, they will appreciate the value of each.”


“Many books discuss embracing the shadow self. What this demonstrates is that to own your power indeed requires that you have a right to be strong and stand up for yourself, to defend yourself. Your shadow side allows you to do this. Do not allow others to abuse you and belittle you because we are all equal. Refuse to buy into the programming.”


“Until humans learn not to label others or qualify people as good or bad, they will not reach a full understanding of Oneness. We should not be labeling things according to our perception and experience or programming by society. Humanity will learn that once labeling or judging is no longer part of our creation, everything becomes One. This type of focus and understanding is 12th-dimensional teaching, more fully understood as humans ascend. This concept is an example of the higher consciousness teachings we introduce.”


Dyana and Zion offer one interesting topic no one knows about them.


Dyana offers that she and Zion have seen the past, present, and future, and they have a relationship in each. The Zion Collective revealed to them that Dyana is Zion’s mother in the future. Since time does not exist, all incarnations are simultaneous.”


Another revelation from the Collective is that Zion is a high priest in Lemuria. Zion explains, “Through a vision, I saw who I was in a past incarnation. Both Dyana and I were in Lemuria, as well as other roles in many embodiments. Three other seers later confirmed the same. Two shaman confirmed this in Arizona. A third shaman then shared this experience with me when performing my initiation into shamanism.”


When asked, “What do you believe your true life purpose of being,” Dyana responds first.


“I know what my life purpose is, and I have been living it, as it is part of my nature. I was told in 1994 that I am a teacher, that ‘the knowledge spreads through me, then I shall spread the knowledge.’ ‘Knowledge’ is power because by understanding one’s truth, a life lived in full service to others creates a life lived in purpose — what I prefer to call missions. Every experience in my life has been to teach me, especially the most difficult and painful experiences encountered in 3D. I can look back at my life now and see that every experience I have lived prepared me for many missions on this planet. I no longer dwell on adversity or the past but choose to see the good that came from these experiences, to be thankful for them, and use them to teach others how to take control of their lives and live the dream life they have always desired.”


“We are each a creator in our own right and incarnated here to create as an extension of Source. Once we fully understand and embrace this concept, we take full control of all outcomes in our future. You are never a victim; you have been in school learning how to believe in yourself again, how to change your perspective on every experience, and use your knowledge to better yourself and your life. Each person has been living their life purpose since birth, as in the energy you hold, the Light codes you possess, and the codes you energetically pass off to everyone you meet. You are to awaken others, give them the desire to seek higher understandings. We each plant seeds in others to awaken. The Light you hold anchors into the planet where you live to assist Gaia in her Ascension. Many of you are Divine Beings, Ascended Masters Incarnate, Gods, and Goddesses. The Light codes you receive from others are to help you awaken to your truth to your path to Ascension. This process is one of the life missions you have performed since birth, unaware.”


Zion describes his life purpose. “Like Dyana, I have multiple purposes. One mission is to transmute energy from the planet to a higher realm. Another is to awaken others to return to the specific tasks each one came here to perform. Our missions change as we each acquire and possess unique abilities and training. Once Dyana and I complete a purpose, we are assigned another. So we do not have just one purpose.”


“Every time we meet someone, our mission changes. Some we meet, as we are only to heal them. Others seek awakening to their purpose in life. Some have a path to go out and wake other people. We believe all those guided to us come for specific reasons that include awakening, healing, remembering who they are, what they are, and what their missions are on this planet.”


As far as my favorite animal, Dyana explains. “I have had a special relationship with many animals that endure all time and space. My precious Sadie Dog would be offended if I did not designate her as my favorite. Sadie has reincarnated twice in my current incarnation. Four months after she passed away at the age of 15 as Jenny, my beloved English Setter, she came to me in spirit one night to tell me, “I’m back, I’m close, and I will find you.” I calculated time unsure if she meant she was now reincarnated or conceived in utero to determine the timeline as to when we would be reunited.”


“There are miraculous ways people around me are used to guide me. My mother-in-law had left a magazine open on the kitchen counter featuring a Boykin Spaniel. Walking past the magazine, I stood frozen as I looked at the dog’s face. I knew this was the breed into which Jenny had reincarnated announcing her return to physicality. She was signaling me, saying, ‘I’m here.’ Although I had never seen nor heard of a Boykin Spaniel, the faces of both breeds are similar. I began calling breeders around the country, unsuccessfully. Then I remembered her message, “I am close,” so I started seeking breeders closer to me. I found a breeder 100 miles away with a brand new litter. One pup was left. I asked without hesitation, ‘May I have her – sight unseen?” The breeder agreed, and I wired the money to hold the pup for me.”


“One week later, I picked up my new pup. Shopping online in preparation for the pup’s homecoming, while filling in information for a purchase, there was a question, “What is your pet’s name?” I stopped, realizing I had not named her. Then, very clearly, I heard a faint voice in my head say, ‘Sadie.’ So ‘Sadie’ it shall be. I knew that my Jenny/Sadie had given me her new name. Sadie is now 12 years old. She is like a guardian angel, and we communicate clearly. She has brought so much joy in my life, teaching everyone unconditional love, what it is, and how to give it. Also, death is not permanent. There is no death as humanity sees it. It’s a chance for an upgrade to a new vessel.”


Zion answers regarding his favorite spirit animal. “The black panther — in my dreams, I am either a dragon, an eagle, or a black panther, but I mostly associate with the black panther.”


Considering their “personal consciousness’ or energy ‘exercise’ that helps Dyana and Zion stay connected, grounded, and ‘tuned in,’ Dyana describes, “In 1991, I began meditating initiated from inner guidance. After many years of meditation, affirmations, and connecting to spirit through dreams, visions, and channeling, I realize that I was never disconnected.”


“Today, merely raising my frequency through quiet inner focus, I connect. Goddess Diana tells me that it is only in our mind that we are separate. She has always been there in Oneness with me. Once I shifted my beliefs from programmed thinking, we now coexist. I know that my Higher Self is me, and I am my Higher Self, totally integrated into Oneness. Believing in who I AM and trusting the connection to the other side, I simply turn my focus inward, acknowledging my Higher Self. I now bypass all rituals, merely shifting my focus allowing the flow to begin.”


“My beloved Valerterian was the teacher who called me to meditate and worked with me to strive for higher consciousness because, as we expand our understandings and beliefs, we evolve. He taught me that practices from 1996 would not work today because neither he nor I are the same and have grown from that point. In my early meditation practices, I would go through rituals that others taught me how to connect inward. Then, one day, Valerterian told me, ‘you do not need rituals to connect. You are always connected. Raise your frequency to match mine, and we are in Oneness.’”


“When we try too hard, we are blocking our connection — conforming to such rituals only made me frustrated, which is a lower frequency emotion, thus creating a blockage because it dropped my frequency. So relax.”


“Once you use your programmed brains less and connect through the heart, your connection becomes stronger, like flexing a muscle. The more you use it and trust what you feel, it grows stronger. The experience of continually practicing raises your frequency and consciousness. Once your heart connects, you achieve an inner shift to a higher consciousness and maintain a continuous higher vibration recognizing you’re already connected, and always were. Then the ceremony and rituals are no longer needed. When you reach this point of understanding, you simply step into the flow of Oneness with ease. The point to the lesson is that ‘you are always tuned in.’ Your [programmed] beliefs made you think you weren’t.”


Zion shares that “actuating my energy while I breathe deeply and meditate, is a powerful connection that has the power to stop pain and heal on a profound level. I teach how to use your breath and the elements to improve your body, reduce pain, and connect to the higher realms.”


Dyana discusses her favorite music, song, and musical artist. “Any music that is soothing to my soul and matches my frequency is soothing. Typically, I enjoy classical music, soulful music, and older songs. Eva Cassidy is a multi-genre, soulful singer with a wide range, and her music is my favorite. I live a tranquil existence, and quiet is under-rated. The sounds of nature can be a symphony. I love to meditate outside and have had the most profound meditations listening to the sounds of a waterfall, the wind blowing, and birds singing.”


Zion states, “The music of Enja is my favorite. Music-wise, there is no favorite because I listen to anything that doesn’t have a lot of talking in it. I resonate with the music, not the words.”


As far as favorite foods, Dyana is a pescatarian eating fish but otherwise no flesh. Raw fruits and vegetables and nuts are my favorite meals. “Some cheeses I will eat once in a while, but no milk. I avoid white foods such as sugar, potatoes, rice, and especially flour and anything processed.”


Zion says, “I don’t have a favorite food, but I prefer to eat fruits over anything. A variety of fruits and vegetables is what I prefer.”


What excites my creative juices? Dyana responds. “Every morning, as I awaken, I always ask, “‘ What is the perfect thing for me to do today?’ I wait to see what flashes before me. My body begins moving in that direction. Also, when someone simply asks a question, the creative juices flow in the form of spontaneous channeling either through automatic writing or verbally. I feel a connection and begin seeing flashes of symbolic responses followed by an energetic or emotional understanding. I respond to many emails generating automatic writing in the form of perceptions that flow from my fingers onto the keyboard. The thoughts flow quickly without forethought as if my body is a tool performing a function. Once I begin a response to an email, channeling begins. Sometimes the client’s Higher Self is channeling through me, and sometimes my Higher Self offers assistance. It feels as though energy takes over, and I step back and allow the response to come forth. Many times my creative juices flow with spontaneity to impart a message to one who is seeking. What you seek also seeks you, and I am a conduit through which knowledge flows.”


“Both Zion and I have a connection to the Akashic Records. When a client asks for information, the asking is permission for the Akash to allow past data to surface within us as a ‘knowing.’ ”


“Singing also raises my frequency quickly. When performing direct healing, a form of light language comes through known as the Pleiadian Song of Love and Compassion. Singing Light Language is not talked about as much as speaking Light language. I feel powerful energy that takes over my body and brings in the Collective to assist in healing. I also play the crystal bowls, which is another magic ingredient to my creative juices.”


Zion states, “Gardening and placing my hands in the soil or just being out in nature energizes me.”


What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self-promote” here today?


Dyana responds, “I desire to assist you in spontaneously raising your frequency and teach you how to access your higher wisdom, while not becoming dependent on another to feed you just enough information to keep you hooked. I desire to set you free by teaching you how to go within and seek your answers from your inner being and to comprehend higher understandings. Once you embrace who you indeed are, you may then go forth and teach others through your example and inspire others to desire to ask for assistance. Each person needs to know how to tell the difference between their truth and deception. Anyone who instills fear in you is not of the Light. Learn the warning signs.”


“Furthermore, you must understand that your truth resides only within you. Guard your soul with great care. For this reason, you should only believe and invest in yourself. I am merely a teacher. I wish to guide you to your truth within. We may become lifelong friends, I welcome this connection and love you unconditionally. I am here to support you and help you ascend to the fifth dimension.”


Zion expresses, “Everything Dyana said about our goal is to teach you to understand that you are higher beings and are more than you know or remember. We wish to show you how to bring out the God and Goddess in every one of you. Our most rewarding and essential mission is to awaken people to who they are as higher beings who can then go out and wake up others, spread the knowledge-creating a domino effect. Our most rewarding and essential mission is to awaken the people of this world and show them who they are.”


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