We are now booking our coveted 2010 Gifts for the Soul 2010 air time spots! We expect to sell out as usual - space is limited so apply asap!



Next Opportunity: We are now taking applications for GIFTS FOR THE SOUL 2010 SERIES - a popular annual airtime fundraiser networking broadcast on News for the Soul launching on December 2nd, 2010!

Do you have a potentially life changing product or service {workshop, coaching, books etc.] for our audience?? Here is your opportunity to be prominently presented before a huge loyal News for the Soul audience.

SALE ALERT::: Reserve your spot now and receive a special $800 advertising bundle for News for the Soul enews and banner ad promotion for FREE!!

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nicole whitneyOVER A TWO YEAR WAITING LIST TO BE A GUEST on News for the Soul?? Due to the popularity of NEWS FOR THE SOUL, we receive massive numbers of requests to be a guest on the show. As a result of 1000s of emails and calls of this nature over the past decade or so, I now have a huge and growing crowd of potential guests in our 'pending shows' file and the waiting list is now well over TWO YEARS LONG! Because of the volume of requests that continues to grow daily, joining us on the air has now become a much bigger challenge. Publicists may still contact us here, but we can't promise anything... We did, however, come up with a great win win win soul-ution for the interim that helps support NFTS so we can continue keeping our entire audio archives totally free for the world to hear 24/7 AND potential guest want to be's have a chance at getting on the air quickly!



Some of the available Gifts for the Soul Air Dates include:

December 2, 2010 - TIME TBA - Air time spot is available - Apply here > ||| Register here >

December 7, 2010 - TIME TBA - Air time spot is available - Apply here > ||| Register here >

December 11, 2010 - TIME TBA - Air time spot is available - Apply here > ||| Register here >

December 12, 2010 - TIME TBA - Air time spot is available - Apply here > ||| Register here >

NOT ALL AVAILABLE DATES ARE POSTED & SOME TIMES ARE FLEXIBLE TO ACCOMMODATE WORLD WIDE TIME ZONES. All interviews are initially live via phone and after registration you will receive all the details.


book now

SALE ALERT::: Reserve your spot now and receive a special $800 advertising bundle for News for the Soul enews and banner ad promotion for FREE!!


A fee is required to be included in this exciting show lineup.  All proceeds help
News for the Soul grow, reaching more listeners around the world.

FYI News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Radio Show in the
world according to Google & AOL and home to the largest free
life changing audio library in the world. You will be interviewed by Nicole Whitney,
dubbed 'the Oprah of the Internet' by NFTS Listeners!

This is a remarkable opportunity for anyone with a life changing
product, service, or  story to step into the spotlight and directly
address a HUGE like minded  audience!

The spots are 15, 30 or 60  minutes long and they are conducted like any other professional interview on News for the Soul. [no infomercials!]  The interviews are LIVE and after the initial broadcast they are aired INDEFINITELY in the News for the Soul online archive.  The required donation to participate in our networking show is currently 595-  [reg. 795-] for a 15 minute timeslot which includes ALL of the following:::

~ a live broadcast
~ lifetime airplay and archiving on News for the Soul
~ promotion on the News for the Soul home page
~ promotion on the subsequent radio stations we air on
~ promotion in our eNews for the Soul which goes
   out to over 36 thousand like minds around the globe
~ an mp3 copy of your interview for your own use
    on your website or for marketing purposes.


book now

Sale alert:::

Reserve your spot now and receive a special $800 advertising bundle for News for the Soul enews and banner ad promotion for FREE!!

Email Nicole at  nicole@newsforthesoul.com
Or call Nicole at (604) 780 NEWS  [6397]


 How do we approach the interview?

“The interviews are conducted like a normal natural conversation that
Begins at  the typical starting place of 'how did you get involved in
what you do' because the personal story engages the listener so
they can relate to you and follow along from there.   I tell newbies and
nervous ones the same thing - it's not like studying for a test.  You
already know who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you
are passionate about it ... and what's special about your approach.  
You already have all the answers.  Your job is simply to relax, be
yourself and just BE with me on the air.  My job is to steer the ship
and ensure we touch on the high points you desire so the listener
can take the necessary action steps to connect with you further. –
ie:  emailing you, visiting your website etc.

What does not work is the following.   Inauthenticity of any kind. 

Pretenses and egoic approaches fall flat with a conscious intuitive
audience like that of News for the Soul.   Also, be present and
speak from the heart (as opposed to reading a prepared dialogue).

Be you.  Be sincere.   Be present.   Be there to serve.

And they will indeed listen - and connect.”


This is a great win win win way to beat our two+ year waiting! Apply now (below) to join us as a special guest to promote your story / product / service. Everyone must apply before being approved for the airtime spot. We are looking for amazing products, people and services to promote on our now infamous on the air networking fundraiser events!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Gifts/Guests for the Soul fundraiser networking broadcasts have become a very popular tradition on News for the Soul in our first 10 years of life changing broadcasts. Gifts for the Soul connects our global community and encourages consciousness around consumerism. The show highlights truly life changing gifts not heard about in mainstream media. This is a remarkable opportunity for anyone with a life changing product, service, or story to step into the spotlight and directly address a HUGE like minded audience!






 Here's what all show participants receive:
.A 15, 30 or 60 minute on the air interview with NFTS host Nicole Whitney
.permanent free archiving and re-airing on the NFTS website
   where your show will be aired indefinitely, heard for years to
come... [includes website audio storage and streaming for free
   on the News for the Soul site!
mican MP3 copy of your interview [burn onto CD, air on a website, use
   as a powerful marketing tool and more...]
mica unique personalized  webpage on News for the Soul which you
   can use to send to clients and potential customers, post on your
   own website or include it in your email signature.
miceNews for the Soul promotion - we send out a special introduction
   about you/your business to over 33,000 listeners via email
mica permanent website link posted beside your show
   driving new traffic to your website on an ongoing basis.

With LIFETIME airplay in the NFTS archives after the initial broadcast, the radio show is only the beginning!

To apply send us a website url and/or brief bio and short explanation about what your SOULution is and what you'd like to achieve by participating on a future broadcast..



This is an incredible opportunity to promote like minded people to like minded listeners on an ONGOING basis for only a one time donation which supports News for the Soul's mission to provide empowering media to the world and keep it free for all to hear!

WHY BUY A SPONSORED GUEST SPOT? Other than the obvious benefits of putting yourself in front of a 200 thousand listener audience and remaining archived for years to come on NFTS, it is the quickest way to secure a spot on the show!. Our waiting list for guests is currently 2 years + growing. We receive 1000s of requests from people wanting to be on the show.

Win Win Win! We air interviews about inspirational people, products and services. No previous on air experience is required. And we make it easy! These special broadcasts bring together like minded people into the Business Networking Meeting format on-the-air to be heard by like minded people in over 222 countries around the world in a WIN - WIN - WIN way!

You win by getting your important message out to a huge global like minded audience - a group that is a targeted niche group that is already interested in hearing what you have to say!

The listener wins IN TWO WAYS - They receive information about special people, products and services they may not hear about through traditional mainstream sources AND they receive inspiration from hearing your story which can motivate them to step up and follow their true passion and purpose in life as well!

And we win too! The airtime donation (special $595 - reg. 795-) for these airtime spots helps to enable News for the Soul to stay on the air and fulfill it's vision to empower and uplift the global community!

Benefits of joining us on the air include - >

. INCREASED EXPOSURE TO LIKE MINDED PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD... We will literally put you in the spotlight for 1000s and 1000s of like minds to see!

. A PROMOTION THAT NEVER ENDS... Usually an on air promotion runs once and that's it - it's over. But not on News for the Soul! Your interview will continue to be heard by our massive online audience indefinitely in the radio show archives online!

. INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC.. Your information and website links will be included on our website accessed by 100s of 1000s of listeners and also in our eNews broadcast to 34,000 like minded weekly subscribers around the world!

. POSITIVE ASSOCIATION, VALIDATION & CREDIBILITY... Another reason this is an incredible opportunity is the endorsement that comes with it! These interviews are handled with equal repect, finesse and integrity as the interviews we do with many of the top liminaries of our time. And they are aired right alongside the same. If you've seen who is in the News for the Soul archive, welll... suffice it to say you will be in very good company to say the least.

.A POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL The MP3 copy of your interview which you'll receive after the first live broadcast is a powerful marketing took that will serve you in many ways for years to come. Use it on your website, burn it onto CDs or preload it onto promotional iPods - the possibilities are endless...

*** MARKETING TIP: You can have a link placed on your website that will allow your web visitors to hear your interview on News for the Soul anytime - a great marketing tool that will be available to you as soon as the broadcast airs!! This marketing benefit alone by far makes the donation "worth it" ...

BONUS INFO: Marketing Advice with a Conscious Perspective

bz. SATURDAY JAN 28 at 8pm PST - BODACIOUS SUCCESS and bodacious marketing are the topics tonight as Nicole talks to BZ Riger-Hull about incredible insights into promotion and business growth (with soul!) Whether you're involved in running a business or not, there's value in this broadcast for anyone desiring BODACIOUS SUCCESS! BODACIOUS SUCCESS!! FREE FIVE PAGE HANDOUT -> . . ||. . BZ's website >

Also, if you have not read it yet, we HIGHLY recommend anyone seeking promotion and advertising to read Joe Vitale's book Spiritual Marketing. HERE IS A LINK TO THE FREE E BOOK VERSION >

Read Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale online for free!




 SALE ALERT::: Reserve your spot now and receive a special $800 advertising bundle for News for the Soul enews and banner ad promotion for FREE!!

Sign Up Here

.Registration: The required donation to participate in our next on air Business Networking with Soul broadcast is only $595 usd right now (reg. $795- - SPECIAL HELD OVER!!) This includes everything listed above ~ The air time, the broadcasts, the production, the web hosting and streaming, the web promotion and E News promotion and the optional CD or MP3 copy - it's all included! And one thing we've been told by all participants in our networking shows over the years is we make it a fun and easy pleasant experience! Even if you aren't used to being on the air, you will be amazed at how easy this will be for you! IMPORTANT NOTE: These spaces book quickly so call click here to send us an email now and one of our marketing reps for the soul will be happy to assist you with your application.

Registration Links:


Welcome to the News for the Soul airwaves! To proceed, please click the appropriate paypal button below --->

[click here to register for current special offers]

15 minute talk time segment on special for $595- [FOR ALL NETWORKING SHOWS] [Includes eNews Promotions, web promotion and ONGOING archive airplay after the show!!]:


30 minute talk time segment on special for $795- [Includes eNews Promotions, web promotion and ONGOING archive airplay after the show!!]:


Special One Hour Interview $1111- [Includes eNews Promotions, web promotion and ONGOING archive airplay after the show!!]:




THE FOLLOWING SPONSORSHIP SIGN UP LINKS ARE FOR PRE APPROVED NEWS FOR THE SOUL SPONSORS ONLY. These are pre arranged specially designed packages that have been arranged for special sponsors by invitation via Nicole Whitney at News for the Soul:

Option One:


Option Two:


Option Three:



Questions?? Contact us:




on the airWEDNESDAY APRIL 11TH - Spring 2007 Guests for the Soul!!! Tonight we introduce you to another amazing group of guests with special purposes, lifepaths, products and services that you probably won't hear about in the mainstream. You'll be inspired and informed. JOIN US ON A FUTURE SHOW! More -->


..Bethany Staffieri is a certified Western Herbalist. She is a graduate of the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness training program. Bethany has also trained in the fields of shamanism and energy lightbody techniques with Alberto Villaldo, Connie Grauds, Kajuyali Tasmani and others. She created concentric rings™, an eco-travel business that introduces people to indigenous healing in Central America, South America and Hawaii. ConcentricRings.org


..Darcia Dexter, Founder of California's FeldenKrais Central, an online resource for the Feldenkrais system for health and healing. Feldenkrais (rhymes with paradise) refers to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, an innovator and visionary, specializing in movement. Like Joseph Pilates and many others, Moshe Feldenkrais was a forward thinker, mover and shaker in the first half of the twentieth century. feldenkraiscentral.com


..Karen Anderson - Starting Monday, 1/8/07, Karen will be hosting a weekly radio talk show "Divine Journeys with Karen Anderson" on www.contacttalkradio.com. The show will air on Mondays, from 1:00-2:00PM PST and will cover many spiritual matters and metaphysical talk straight from the heart. Karen will touch upon many different subjects such as Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Past Lives, Deceased Loved Ones & Heaven, Crystals, Energy Healing, Manifesting, Intuitive Readings and so on. As well as inviting special guest speakers who will enlighten us with their own unique knowledge and personal experiences. - DivineJourneys.net


..."MESSAGES FROM MOMMIE - A CD Set for Babies" - A new resource for Moms n' babies who are never too young to start on the empowering, consciousness path! * This is our personal pick for Best Baby Shower Gift ... Virginia and Susan have developed a CD audio program promoting positive thoughts to kids fresh from the womb on up to 12. Virginia McConnell is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnobirthing Trainer and a Certified EFT Practitioner. Virginia is in private practice in the Dallas area and also provides EFT training seminars for practitioners and individuals. Susan Hammett is a Licensed Acupuncturist with a Masters in Oriental Medicine and a Diplomate in Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture. She is also a hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnobirthing Trainer. She has a clinic in Dallas, Balance Point Healing Arts.  BUY THE CD SET HERE: Messagesfrommommie.com


.. A freshly broken back took future best-selling author, VIRGINIA LEVY, to the edge in 2003. "After all the life-lessons, training, tests and challenges I had been through, I decided to end it all," she confided. Just about to walk inside her house to end her life, a miracle appeared - a two-foot tall, snow-white dove landed on her roof. It told her it was time to share her story with the world: a compelling true story of her journey as one of the keepers of the keys to the Ark of the Covenant. website:  Mastersofsedona.com



..Peter Richardson from Heart of the Initiate - TOPIC: The Ayahuasca Journey. This interview represents part two of a conversation that we first began with Stuart Wilde and Ralph Miller (Heart of the Initiate) in early 2003 about the Ayahuasca experience. Back then we called it 'therapy in a cup'. Today we delve deeper into the discussion and highlight upcoming Brazil ceremonies hosted by Heart of the Initiate. Heartoftheinitiate.com

Hear the original Ayahuasca discussion with Stuart Wilde & Ralph Miller (2003):

Ralph Miller (heartoftheinitiate.com) talks to Nicole about Ayahuasca....Stuart Wilde on News for the Soul.Stuart Wilde & Ralph Miller on Ayahuasca ~ LIVE!! - Dec. 6th, 2003 - The REAL LIFE "red pill" from the Matrix movie... Stuart Wilde and Ralph Miller join Nicole in the studio to talk about a tea found in the Brazilian rain forest that is said to be "inducing consciousness awakening".... - Stuart Wilde, Ralph Miller and the real life Matrix-like "RED PILL" Ayahuasca ... Is this truly "therapy in a cup" - a vine in the Brazilian Rain Forest that facilitates higher consciousness, spiritual awakening? And who exactly is ANTENNA MAN?? A riveting hour you won't want to miss...

 quantum care.Jet Izabella Thurmann of the Quantum Care Center in Denmark: Years ago a heart attack and personal journey to awakening let Jet Izabella Thurmann to her current mission in life. The Quantum Care Center is one of the few centers of its kind in the entire world employing a holistic approach to development in human resources. Workshops and retreats address intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual "intelligences'. Having trained with the likes of Deepak Chopra and ayurvedic masters in New Mexico,the center offers workshops in yoga, meditation and much more... Quantumcarecenter.com

...Vibrational Psychology - A husband and wife team in the Pacific Northwest region have combined mainstream psychology and vibrational healing to create VIBRATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY. Dr. Joseph S. Vizzard, Ph.D. has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for 33 years. During graduate school, he was a Fellow in Rehabilitation Psychology. His Doctorate focused on hypnosis, which has been one of his primary therapeutic tools. Lill Abrahamsen Vizzard, L.M.T. was born with the gift of sight. She concluded that massage therapy was one of the best disciplines in which to apply her natural talent. website: Vibrationalpsychology.com


..Jon Mejia at The Simone Zone - Jon C Mejia is a researcher of neuroscience advances and author. Jon’s work led him to examine a wide range of modalities used to combat the suffering caused by irrational fears, from ancient techniques such as meditation, yoga and acupuncture, to the very latest computer generated video-game imagery currently being applied that is designed to distract people from their fears. Tonight we unveil Jon's patent pending online healing experience which you can all try right now for free!!!! : Thesimonezone.com


..A Kinder World - Diane Stech's vision is to help create a kinder world full of more love, joy and peace through promoting her kindness screensavers bearing inspiration images and messages to 'warm the heart'. - As we say on News for the Soul, what you focus on expands. "A Kinder World" hopes to inspire you and your loved ones with their beautiful screensavers and the daily inspirations of "The Morning Mist". And they promise that by practicing their gentle reminders daily, magical and wonderful things will begin to happen in your life. Visit Diane's website to enjoy a free preview and also to find out about affiliation programs, fundraising and much much more: Akinderworld.com


.0.Mystic Cruise and much more with Spiritualist Rev. Rainy Broms - Rainly runs a mystic store in San Marcos, 40 minutes North of San Diego. She teaches spiritualist spirit communication and much more through her store and is now planning her first ever organized Cruise Ship Event scheduled for next November. Only a 50- deposit is required to book now (within the next 3 weeks!) and you will not believe how reasonably priced this Mystic Cruise is considering the events planned for this exciting week on the high seas. website: RainysMystics.com


..DECEMBER 16, 18 & 20, 2006 - LIFE CHANGING GIFTS is this year's theme on Gifts for the Soul 2006 !!! Tune in to find out about life changing gifts you won't hear about in the mainstream media! And if you have a product or service for the soul WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! More >


..Robert Moonsong, healer, intuitive and more... Currently operating from the San Francisco Bay Area of northern CA, Robert Moonsong offers over 16 years of hands-on, real-world results... He specialise in remote healing readings via phone sessions "since the Divine Power that heals is not limited by time or distance". Tune in to find out about Robert Moonsong's gift for the soul, the Blue Star Children and much more.... Website: Robertmoonsong.com


..Healthy Chocolate! With Dr Lana Ford ... Give HEALTHY chocolate this year! Introducing Xocai (pronounced sho-sigh) a health supplement cleverly disguised as dark belgium chocolate.... we're talkin' raw unprocessed cocoa with no preservatives or indigestible fats or unpronounceable additives... unmitigated, uncompromised pleasure of the REAL stuff, processed without the caffeine or other undesirable extras. The cocoa powder in the Xocai products is combined with blueberries and the newest highly rated antioxidant -- the acai berry. They are sweetened with acave nector not processed sugar. CONTACT DR LANA FORD at ( 360 ) 927 - 5517. website >


..Planet Bliss . ca ~ Another inspiring story demonstrates the power of true human spirit as yet another conscious, positive project is birthed out of challenge, in this case with health. Meet Mike - the owner of Planet Bliss!! Our goal of Planet Bliss, an online resource and "bliss store" is to provide access to extensive resources and products in the quest for overall wellness in mind, body and spirit. They "strive to increase awareness and improve your state of wellbeing for a positive existence on our evolving planet." Planetbliss.ca


..Exquisite Crystals with John Van Reese Exquisitecrystals.com began in 1999 as a work of love by John Van Rees Sr. Originally the online store for Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces in Portland, Oregon Exquisitecrystals.com is now a separate business unto its own. Originally a skeptic of the power of crystals, John has done a complete turn around after his own direct experience with that power and crystals now lay at the heart of John's life'swork. Website: Exquisitecrystals.com


..NESS CARROLL of LIFE LOVE & LAUGHTER - Life Changing CDs: lifeloveandlaughter.comAn amazing story with Ness Carroll and highlights of three life changing CDs which Dr Len / Hooponopono fans in particular will LOVE! Breathing.... Laughter .... and "I love you" repeated until you have a powerful direct experience with the power of LOVE! These CDs could be a valuable addition to the tool box for life changing tools in our quest for positive evolution in human consciousness... Immerse in the positive! Tune in to find out about this perfect gift for the soul for anyone you know....


..Kimberley Martin and Pharmanex This segment focuses on the gift of health. You'll discover a biometric scanning device that calculates your antioxidant and immune system levels and what you can do aboutimproving your health overall. Find out which 44 countries around the world have these scanners and where you can access one. PHARMANEX WEBSITE: www.pharmanex.com TO CONTACT KIMBERLEY DIRECTLY: here > or call 888 230 5130.


..Kryta Deere - An inspired women's retreat in Montreal, Canada ~ Kryta Deere is a holistic Retreat Center dedicated to the nurturing, healing, consciousness-raising and wisdom-sharing of women. Through our programs and activities, focused on the Art of Soulful Living, we strive to help our clients integrate Body, Mind and Spirit. Located just an hour's drive north ofMontreal, on the outskirts of the quaint Laurentian village of Morin Heights, Quebec, Kryta Deere Retreat Center is an oasis of serenity and beauty where you can relax and rejuvenate your body, bringing peace and tranquility to your heart, mind and soul; connect with your inner Self to nourish your Spirit within; unleash your creative forces; celebrate life, honor the earth and moon, share the wisdom and enjoy the company of like-minded women. Website: KrytaDeere.com


..Meditation Master Pragito Dove Using the principles she teaches, Pragito Dove transformed her fear, anger and pain into love, creativity and freedom. Now she shares these secrets with others and has put together a very special and lifechanging Gift for the Soul just for News for the Soul listeners!!. To find out more about her special gift for NFTS listeners from Pragito, website >>


. .SATYEN RAJA (Warrior Sage) Well, we certainly saved the MOST AMAZING gift for last! Satyen offers a $3,000- gift TOTALLY FOR FREE to 30 News for the Soul listeners during this broadcast!!! Here's an opportunity to give the gift of 'illumination' to yourself or someone special. We stated our intention of bringing you life changing gift choices this season and ... this one takes the cake! Website::: go here>> * NOTE: to claim this amazing FREE gift you need to call the toll free number given at the end of this interview!!


..Psychic Medium Intuitive (& More) Kerrie O'Connor has remained actively clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since birth. In addition to being a Reiki Master, an Incan Shamanism Initiate, a Medium of the Doreen Virtue School, and a certified teacher/practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®, Kerrie is the singular resource for all LightStreamÿ guidance and related energy work, as well as the originator of the 12:12 Trinity Love Activationÿ modality. Tune in to hear the AMAZING reading Kerrie does on Nicole !!!!! - LISTEN >


t harv eker - peak potentials..T HARV EKER / Steve Keough, new executive director of Peak Potentials' Success Tracs program in Vancouver. NFTS founder & host Nicole Whitney attended ST for over 3 years while building News for the Soul's foundation. Find out more about this life changing coaching program today. Successtracs.com


.. We find out about an amazing healing mat with surprising properties from Rachel Goodkind and Lisa Barone and Lightning Spirit online. Lightningspirit.com.


..Vailshali of Purple Haze Press (pronounced Wa-shawl-ee). Hear about an amazing book and free download for NFTS listeners - "You Are What You Love". www.purplev.com



.. Saturday Feb 25th, 2006 PLUS RE AIRING MONDAY FEB 27th 8pm PST - GIFTS FOR THE HEART & SOUL 2006 A special night to meet special people and l earn about people, products and services not promoted in the mainstream and maybe even be inspired to follow your own true path!


..Cheryl Booth is a psychic medium whose extraordinary gifts allow her to bring peace, healing and compassion to you as she communicates with your loved one who have passed on into the world of spirit. She also accesses contact with angels and spirit guides to seek clarity for issues serving your Highest Good. Cherylbooth.com

..Zen DeBrucke - Zen DeBrücke is a public speaker, business leader and inspirational teacher who has coached hundreds of business leaders and individuals to success in every arena. As the visionary founder of Pranaology, Zen is blessed with the opportunity to build on 15 years of research and study on the subject of manifestation. Visit Zen online where you can access free conference calls and audio archives and much more: PowerManifestation.com


..THE HEALING CENTER ~ Ellyn Hilliard NE, MS, is a Certified Nutritional Educator and Doctorate Degree candidate at Clayton College of Natural Health. Ellyn helps clients to identify areas of nutritional need and focuses on whole foods and the relationship between the quality of the diet and disease prevention. Nutritional cancer treatment options are her specialty. She has taught nutritional classes at Kaiser Roseville Oncology Center, Sacramento Waldorf School, East West Book Store, Creative Living Options, The Healing Center in Fair Oaks, and serves as an advisory board member to the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. Ellyn Hilliard is dedicated to public health education and non-pharmaceutical options to healing. Ellyn Hilliard can be reached for appointment at (916) 966-8872. Thehealingcenter.info


..Carollyne Conlinn - Coach and creator / visionary behind the Great Question Game ... Carollyne Conlinn is one of Canada's most skilled and sought-after business coaches. A 30-year veteran of the corporate world, she developed her original Excelerator Coaching ™ Program in 2000, now licensed and facilitated by professional coaches internationally. Carollyne developed Great Question ! ™ to introduce people to the best of Coaching skills in an easy and engaging way. Greatquestiongame.com


..PLUS! In the 2nd hour, meet Bonnie Thorne, another founding member of Life Changing TV and the creator behind the new GarbhaInstitute.com . (formerly The Diamond Heart Foundation) ... The Garbha Institute, formerly the Diamond Heart Foundation of Canada, was created in 2005. Our mission is to support individuals, organizations and communities as they give shape, form and expression to their visions of healing. More >


Meet the amazing guests of GIFTS FOR THE SOUL 2005 [aired Saturday, Dec 17th/05 - 8pm PST ]

..Psychic Medium Intuitive (& More) Kerrie O'Connor has remained actively clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since birth. In addition to being a Reiki Master, an Incan Shamanism Initiate, a Medium of the Doreen Virtue School, and a certified teacher/practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®, Kerrie is the singular resource for all LightStreamÿ guidance and related energy work, as well as the originator of the 12:12 Trinity Love Activationÿ modality. Tune in to hear the AMAZING reading Kerrie does on Nicole !!!!! insideout-outsidein.com


..Books for the SoulRingingCedars.com With no advertisement other than word of mouth the Ringing Cedars Series has become an international bestseller. Having sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone and translated into 20 languages, it has made Vladimir Megre into one of Russia's most widely read authors. The books, which read like a fascinating novel, have an authenticity of a documentary account and present spiritual insights of incredible depth, are believed to be a most significant masterpiece of Russian literature and one of the most important revelations in the history of humanity. . * Denver lightworker Aurelia is the interviewee for this feature.

..KiaraWindRider.com - "The night is always darkest before the dawn, and we are certainly experiencing a great deal of darkness in these times. Yet there is also a rebirth of consciousness and planetary culture taking place. The various articles in the writings section provide perspectives on this process of planetary rebirth, covering cycles of ancient prophecy, geological research, cosmological theories, metaphysical perspectives, and multi-dimensional models of time and reality. More than ever before, we are discovering hat it means to create new worlds based on our highest visions of possibility." Read more > * Denver lightworker Aurelia is the interviewee for this feature

..Liana Carbón, PhD, the founder and president of The Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, is a Cuban-born shamanic practitioner with a private healing practice in Tucson, AZ. Liana is an Ordained Minister and Earth Steward with IASHES, the International Association of Spiritual Humanists and Earth Stewards, and is an accredited member of the World Association of Holistic Shamans and the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

.. 'WHAT IF' FOR TEENS - a new reality show for teens offering a more empowering and conscious perspective of life. Today we talk to host and creator Julie Halsey who teamed up with Instinct Productions to put together a pilot episode of What If For Teens which is now being pitched to the networks. Tune in to find out more about this and other visionary projects in the works...


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