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TESTIMONIAL: "Just wanted to let you know that NFTS is 12% of our website hits after the ads were placed! We have had a lot of good responses from our ad. Very Happy." Donna at MTB Events

Here's your chance to be seen by 1000s of like minds every week !!

TESTIMONIAL: "I have gotten quite a few calls for sessions from the show we did so I am pleased with that. And of course your listeners are the kind of people I love to work with. I love to work with anyone but especailly people who already have some understanding. Thanks," Fraeda at




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The News for the Soul Core Values:

Creating a Community of Openness,

Inspiration, Education,

Integrity, Respect, Trust,

Unconditional Gratitude, Love

& Empowering Growth & Exploration.




..Brad Yates - "EFT Wizard" - bi-weekly on NFTS since 2010 - "The opportunity to be on News for the Soul is one of the best things  that has happened in my career.  It's been great exposure, allowing me to reach many more people so that I not only have a greater impact, but have greatly increased my customer base. Plus, I love the interaction with Nicole - and the NFTS audience is wonderful."






.Kerrie O'Connor - Master Intuitive - weekly & bi-weekly on NFTS since 2006 - "News for the Soul is the best program for providing listeners with information for empowerment and expanding their knowledge during these accelerated times. As a sponsor, I especially appreciate how News for the Soul has expanded my clientele to higher levels. Nicole is the best!" ~ Kerrie O'Connor.





LElle Tara - 'Enlightenment In The City - bi-weekly on NFTS Since 2011 - "I LOVE being on News for the Soul Radio.  It's world wide exposure gives me access to clients and callers, who otherwise I may have had to wait years to have contact with.  Knowing I can be there to Serve in a Global Community for those who need or resonate with the show the most, makes this an extremely fulfilling program to be a part of. "





eva-maria moraEva Maria Mora - Quantum Angel Healing - Thanks to wonderful Nicole, we all have News for the Soul, a worldwide platform with inspiring guests, who share the wisdom of their hearts & souls. We are here to remind you of your own greatness and divinity. Together we can shine, enjoy and create heaven on earth. Love to speak with you soon!
Eva-Maria Mora.




"Hello Nicole, Thanks for making a difference in people's lives with your program. I have people from different part of the world came to me via Skype for sessions from my interviews with you. I am very grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to share my message with the world. I like the way you ask me questions and your enthusiasm.

Thanks Again!"

Rita Soman
Founder and Director of Belief Mantra and Addictions & Family Counseling.


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