Baby born weighing 12 ounces is living medical miracle

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July 19, 2017



Baby born weighing 12 ounces is living medical miracle

Emily Rose Hollins is a living medical miracle.

She was born four months premature, weighing 12 ounces — and is the smallest surviving baby born at Integris Baptist Medical Center.

“She was so small, and I had never seen a baby so small,” mother Melanie Hollins said. “I wasn’t really aware that micro-premies existed until now. It was very hard. She was about the size of a Coke can.”

Melanie didn’t think she could have any more children. The 42-year-old woman was diagnosed with diabetes, has high blood pressure and stage 4 kidney failure.

“We were trying to get placed on the active transplant list, and that’s how we found out we were pregnant,” Melanie said.

Emily Rose was a surprise in so many ways, and her chances of survival were slim. Even though she was so tiny, she’s a fighter.

“She even helped me to be braver, knowing what she’s gone through and where she is today. That’s a miracle,” Melanie said.

Emily Rose spent the first five months of her life in the hospital.


“She has come through a difficult course in the hospital in the NICU,” said Dr. Edward Co, the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit medical director.

Doctors and nurses at the Integris Baptist Medical Center’s NICU became like family.


“The nurses and staff have been amazing,” Melanie said. “With the nurses being here, being supportive, being positive, energetic, that helped me be able to give everything I have to her.”

The Hollis family and Emily Rose continue to grow stronger every day, and now, they get to do it at home.


“It’s kinda surreal. It really is,” Melanie said.


Emily Rose was released from the hospital Friday.


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