Celery Juice: really a benefit? 

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DATE:  May 15, 2019



Celery Juice: really a benefit?

By Dr Holly heard Wednesdays at noon pacific on NFTS:


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Celery Juice: really a benefit?


A big fad recently is celery juice – does it really work? If you read a lot of articles on the internet, celery is the new be-all and end-all – but is this all hype or does it have any substance to it.

Celery does have a good nutritional profile:

  • Fiber – of course
  • Vitamins C and K; B2, B6 and 9 (folate)
  • Minerals: manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium
  • More water than many vegetables

It takes a whole head of celery to make a 16 ounce serving of celery juice. I don’t think the body is meant to eat that much celery on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, most claims about celery juice are anecdotal and lacking in evidence.

There are a number of claims on the internet about weight loss – but that is probably resulting from other things that the people are doing:

  • Eating healthier overall
  • Eliminating process foods, junk foods, microwaved foods, fast foods etc
  • Walking or exercising more

Celery juice prevents cancer? Sorry no current evidence on that either. There are a number of vegetables and fruits that are known to prevent cancers, but celery is not one of them. Although celery does contain a flavonoid called apigenin which does show some chemo-preventative effects, but celery as a whole food has not been demonstrated to do that.

It is important to remember, however, that just because something hasn’t yet been proven doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The point here, is it hasn’t been proven yet.

On the other hand, whole celery is a healthy food to include in your diet. And it is good for the liver, heart disease and gout. But celery juice has not yet proven to be the same.

Remember when you juice a food, you are eliminating the fibers – these fibers are an important part of the food and help metabolize and utilize the food in a number of ways. I simply don’t agree with juicing. You want the whole food, not just a part of it.

When I do make a juice out of a food, for instance, lemons and limes and grapefruit, I include both the skin and the seeds as well as the pulp of the fruit, to get the full nutrient profile. And, I don’t eliminate anything.




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