Grow Your Own Food with Dr Holly – Nov 18, 2020- Sprouting seeds for the winter!

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DATE:  NOV 18, 2020


Grow Your Own Food with Dr Holly – Nov 18, 2020 – Sprouting seeds for the winter!

by Dr Holly, heard Wednesday at Noon pst on News for the Soul Radio

Sprouting seeds for the winter!!!


First off let’s look at the benefits of growing your own sprouts

  1. Sprouts are one of the easiest ways to grow nutrient indoors – over the winter – yeah!!
  2. They require virtually no space. You can use flats or mason jars.
  3. You don’t even need the sunshine – Yeah again
  4. They are cheap – another Yeah
  5. And of course they are incredible nutritional – the biggest Yeah. They increase vitamin C and traces of all the Bs; small amounts of calcium (clover are high), iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium (mung beans are high) and zinc; and all are loaded with fiber
  6. The chance of getting food borne sickness is hugely less when you grow your own sprouts.

Now let’s look at the types of sprouts you can grow.





Clover – various types

Legumes – various types

Lentil – various types






More difficult ones include:

Chia seeds

Flax seeds

Ones that may include toxins you don’t want include:

Kidney beans –

Quinoa – saponins that many are allergic to

Don’t bother with:

Nuts like almonds – unless you want to dehydrate and make crunchy snaking nuts -not for me – but maybe for you

Why should you buy seeds meant for sprouting? Most seeds that come in from other countries are irradiated. Which means like your herbs and spices, they lose all their medicinal compounds. but the seeds also loose their capacity to sprout. This is done with all your lentils to make sure they don’t start sprouting on the grocery store shelf.

So purchase your seeds from a nursery, a health food store, on online from companies whose seeds are packaged for sprouting.

Equipment – none!!!

I use predominantly mason jars. You can purchase the lids that are meant for sprouting seeds or you can simply use a cheese cloth (or similar material) and an elastic band.

The Process???  Simple.

Well yes, I said simple, but it does vary a little depending on the seed you are sprouting.

There are small, medium and large seeds. Depending on the size of the seed determines how long you soak in water. It will also determine how often you rinse and how long before you harvest.

I started to create a chart and then thought, hey, just look it up someone will have done this already!!! Da…

So here is a chart from:

So once you have determined how long you soak the seeds, obviously soak and drain.

Add more water – I make sure the water is on the cooler side but not cold. Swirl the jar a little and drain the water.

Now when I drain the seeds, I simply tilt the jar upside down on an angle in a dish rack. So I can have 12 mason jars with different seeds in a rack – obviously depending on how large your dish rack is.

Remember to rinse the seeds daily according to the chart above.

Also watch the chart for the harvesting time.

Once harvested – I usually wrap them in a paper towel and put them in the fridge.

And Whola – you have sprouted seeds.

I use them predominantly in salads and sandwiches.

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