Six Year Old Starts Her Own Business

Last Update: November 9, 2014 at 8:47 pm

SOURCE Orange Co Uk

Anya Solomon-James /Rex

A six-year-old girl has started her own business selling home-made dog biscuits – and is attracting interest from around the world.

Anya Solomon-James wanted some pocket money to buy ice cream so she launched her own baking business and has been inundated with orders.

The pint-sized entrepreneur is now earning £30 a week and has even set up her own Facebook page which has got hundreds of likes from as far away as Greece and Canada.

Anya, who lives in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and has a pet Bassett Hound called Henry, now spends her weekends cooking batches of biscuits and delivering them to her customers.

“Anya was asking for ice cream and complaining that she wanted to have her own money, but she is too young for a paper round so we came up with the idea of selling biscuits,” said mum Rebecca James, 30.

“She loved the idea and came up with the name and all the writing for her Facebook page.

“We never expected her business to attract so much attention. We thought 50 likes on Facebook would be amazing, but it’s spiralling, she has done really well.”

Anya, who has a younger sister Emme, aged two and a brother Charlie, aged one, bakes once a week and updates the latest flavours and prices on her Facebook site.

She then collects in her weekly orders and spends an hour baking on a Saturday and an hour delivering them on a Sunday.

She looks after all aspects of the business, Anya’s Dog Treat Factory, including money-management and is helped by her parents only with the oven and delivery.