Successful Scalar Energy Healing Protocols for Ebolavirus Infection

Last Update: November 9, 2014 at 8:46 pm

November 6, 2014

Scalar Energy Sessions Successful for Ebola Infection

I am pleased to report that the scalar energy pathogen cleanse is capable of disassembling and eradicating the Ebola virus. I have been successfully broadcasting the scalar energy pathogen cleanse to people who were infected with the Ebola virus while quarantined in a hospital. Notwithstanding the exceptional medical care that these Ebola patients have received, I remain convinced that the scalar energy sessions have served to alleviate great suffering and possibly death.

Following is a list of individuals that I have successfully broadcast scalar energy sessions to for the Ebola virus. It is my belief that the scalar energy sessions are responsible for their quick and uncomplicated recovery from the Ebola virus infection.

People Infected with Ebolavirus Received Pathogen Cleanse

  1. Dr. Kent Brantly
  2. Nancy Writebol
  3. Dr. Rick Sacra
  4. Ashoka Mukpo
  5. William Pooley
  6. Nina Pham
  7. Amber Vinson
  8. Teresa Ramos
Dr. Craig Spencer

Dr. Craig Spencer received scalar energy sessions.

Additionally, I am broadcasting scalar energy sessions to Dr. Craig Spencer who likewise has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus and is presently quarantined in New York City. The scalar energy sessions have already disassembled and eradicated the Ebola virus from his body and he likewise is showing signs of recovery. (Today, he rode an exercise bike at the hospital.) I predict that Dr. Spencer will make a full recovery from the Ebola virus infection and be released from the hospital.

My point is simple: The scalar energy pathogen cleanse has served to disassemble and eradicate the Ebola virus thereby allowing the aforementioned people to make an accelerated recovery from the infection. It is noteworthy that I have been fortunate to offer these individuals the scalar energy sessions prior to hemorrhaging or organ failure. That is, the scalar energy sessions need to be initiated prior to hemorrhaging as this symptom of the Ebola infection can prove to be life-threatening. In short, the scalar energy sessions can not repair capillaries that have been ruptured and are hemorrhaging.

My hope remains that people will recognize that scalar energy has the potential to disassemble and eradicate the Ebola virus thus offering an effective, simple and painless treatment modality to address the Ebola virus disease.

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