Tightrope Walker Breaks Two World Records In Chicago

Last Update: November 9, 2014 at 8:43 pm

SOURCE:  Orange co uk



A tightrope walker has smashed two world records after completing back-to-back skyscraper crossings above Chicago without a safety net or a harness.

Nik Wallenda first walked up a 19-degree incline more than 500ft above Chicago River, before then crossing between the two Marina City towers whilst blindfolded.

The high-wire artist was watched by thousands of people in the city and the footage was aired live on television, although there was a 10-second delay in case he fell to his death.

It took him six minutes 52 seconds to complete the first stunt as he tackled the 454ft-long wire in winds that were gusting at up to 25mph, reports theBBC.

The 35-year-old was then blindfolded for his second challenge and took only one minute 17 seconds to cross the 94ft gap.

The seventh-generation tightrope walker, whose great-grandfather was killed attempting to walk between two buildings in Puerto Rico in 1978, set records for the steepest incline and highest walk with a blindfold.