360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

360 Prosperity - 360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez on NFTS Oct 4/21 – Abundance comes Knocking

October 4, 2021
with Maria Martinez


4pm pacific:



360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

The Moments of Opportunity When Abundance comes Knocking

The universe  often presents us with opportunities to pivot, shift and transcend however, we often miss them because we are so fixated on how it should look like, what we want it to look like, when it should happen, why it is not happening, and on what we don't have.
When something goes wrong, or becomes challenging we get disappointed, frustrated, angry and give up.  We start believing that abundance, love, happiness, and health are not available to us.   We start believing that it is not available to us and instead of moving forward, we start moving backwards.    However, in those moments of when we feel the universe, God, Source is abandoning us, those are the moments when the door is open to whatever we desire.  That is the perfect, ideal moment we can choose, with an unshakeable belief that we deserve all that we desire.
In that moment of loneliness, pain, sadness, we can choose that we are abundant.  We can choose to surrender to Source to guide us, show us the way.  We can choose to be in divine partnership.  It is in those moments when we don't have the answer that we get to trust that the answer will be shown, delivered, or revealed.
When we stay the course in those moments of fear, pain, sadness, and loneliness the door swings open for us to enter and transcend our current situation, become even more resilient and radically surrender to the universe.  Remember to choose wisely, to choose possibility, to choose your divine right inheritance.
The door is wide open. Stay the course and embody your divine right abundance.
360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez – 4pm pacific on the 1st & 3rd Mondays at 4pm pacific on NFTS starting June 1st, 2020:   Maria Martinez is a Human Potential Activator, Wealth Consciousness Activator, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Light Language Channel, Medical Intuitive, Business Success Coach & Speaker.  She supports you in identifying your gifts and talents, discovering your Life Purpose, accessing your full potential, and achieving Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity.  She has the unique ability to see, feel, know, and hear your deepest desires and clear anything blocking you from stepping into your greatness.  She is a catalyst for change, healing, and transformation.   As a clear channel for source and 16+  dimensional light beings, she can help remove blocks to having it all, living abundantly, and manifesting your unique extraordinary life.  https://www.360prosperity.com/about-maria.html 

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