360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

360 Prosperity - 360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez – The Decisions You Make Become Your Truth

May 3,, 2021
with Maria Martinez

4pm pacific:


360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

"The Decisions You Make Become Your Truth "

Have you made powerful decisions? Have you made decisions from self-worth, trust, deservingness, love or from fear?
From every event in your life, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your belief system formulate a decision which becomes your story. Those decisions become your truth and you begin to live and create life from those truths.   Those decisions are often what is holding you back in life, career, success, money, love and personal evolution.
These decisions may seem harmless but what you are doing is sending directives to your subconscious mind. These directives, instructions or commands move you closer to or further away from what you truly desire. They also affect your vibration and your manifesting ability. Today we will explore some of those decisions and how they are moving you forward to your abundance or further away from your abundance in every area of your life.
360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez – 4pm pacific on the 1st & 3rd Mondays at 4pm pacific on NFTS starting June 1st, 2020:   Maria Martinez is a Human Potential Activator, Wealth Consciousness Activator, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Light Language Channel, Medical Intuitive, Business Success Coach & Speaker.  She supports you in identifying your gifts and talents, discovering your Life Purpose, accessing your full potential, and achieving Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity.  She has the unique ability to see, feel, know, and hear your deepest desires and clear anything blocking you from stepping into your greatness.  She is a catalyst for change, healing, and transformation.   As a clear channel for source and 16+  dimensional light beings, she can help remove blocks to having it all, living abundantly, and manifesting your unique extraordinary life.  https://www.360prosperity.com/about-maria.html

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